HP DesignJet 4500, DesignJet 4520, Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List HP DesignJet 4500, DesignJet 4520;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP DesignJet 4500, DesignJet 4520 copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service & Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP DesignJet 4500, DesignJet 4520 photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Troubleshooting System Error Codes
Performing a Service Test on a Failed Assembly
Performing the Necessary Service Calibrations
Solving Print Quality Problems
The Printer does not Power ON
The Printer Continuously Rejects Printheads
Cover Sensors are not Working
Troubleshooting Media Jams/Printhead Crashes
The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media
Troubleshooting Shutdowns
Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes
Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions
Printhead Crashes/Smears on High Density Prints Using Coated Media
Banding due to Ink Cartridge replacement while printing
34″ Rice Paper not supported
Cut Sheet rice paper loading failure
Worm marks on HP Coated media with light area fills
Problems Loading Media into Roll Module 2
Using the Buzzer at Power-up to Troubleshoot
Using the Power-up Sequence to Troubleshoot
Using the Power Switch LEDs to Troubleshoot
Using the PCA LEDs to Troubleshoot
How to Interpret the Service Information Pages
Current Media, Printhead and Ink Information
Printer Usage Information
Event Logs
Calibrations Status

Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
Printer System Error Codes
Stacker System Error Codes
System Error Codes and Warnings – Explanation

What are Ink Supplies?
Ink Cartridges
Printhead Cleaners
General Information About the Ink Supplies
General Precautions When Handling Ink Supplies
Priming the Ink System
When Should You Replace the Ink Supplies?
Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information
Obtaining Printhead Information
Ink Cartridge Status Messages
Ink Cartridge Status While Printing
Ink Cartridge Status While Replacing
Printhead Status Messages While Printing
Printhead Status Messages While Replacing
Printhead Cleaner Status Messages While Printing
Printhead Cleaner Status Messages While Replacing
Summary of Solving Ink Supplies Problems
Troubleshooting Printhead Error Codes
Carriage Interconnect Wiper
Warranty Information for Ink Supplies
Warranty Information for Printheads

Diagnostics – Self Test
Diagnostic Tests
Entering the DiagnosticMenu
1. Scan Axis Test
2.1 Media Drive Test
2.2 BT Arm Test
3. Electronics Module Test
4. Carriage Assembly Test
5. Sensors Test
6. Ink Delivery System Test
7. SVS/Aerosol Fan Test
8. Air Pump System Test (firmware
9. Vacuum Fans Test
10.1 Others >>> Bag Broken Recovery
10.2 Others >>> IO Information
10.3 Others >>> Unit Information
10.4 Others >>> Check Ink Supplies
10.5 Others >>> Roll Module Config
10.6 Others >>> Stacker Test
10.7 Others >>> Enable Connectivity
11. EEROM Reset
12. Set Unit Configuration
13. Error 71:19 Recovery
14. I/O Tests
15. Log Management
Service Utilities
Entering the Service Utilities Menu
1. Turn Drive Roller
2. Prime Tubes
3. Set SN
4. Reset Life Counters
5. Diagnostic Print
6. Sleep Mode
7. Replace Cutter
8. Set RTC Clock
9. PHC Maintenance
10. Media standby behavior
11. Backup print mode
12. Feed Roller Material Change
13. Sanitize Level
14. Disk Wipe

Service Calibrations
Entering the Service Calibrations Menu
1. Scan Axis Calibration
2. Service Station Calibration
3. Paper Advance Calibration
4. Drop Detector Calibration
5. Line Sensor Calibration
6. Vacuum Calibration
7. Carriage Setup

Print Quality
Print Quality Troubleshooting Actions
Choosing the Correct Print Quality Settings
How to Use the Service Image Quality Diagnostic Print
What is the Service Image Quality Diagnostic Print?
Considerations for Printing the Diagnostic Print
Printing the Service Image Quality Diagnostic Print
Diagnostic Part 1: Alignment Test
Diagnostic Part 2: Printheads & Paper Advance Test
Diagnostic Part 3: Printhead Problems
Nozzle Print Test
Troubleshooting Print Quality Problems
Horizontal Lines Across the Image (Banding)
Advanced Banding Troubleshooting for Experts
Dark Light Zone Banding (DLZB)
No Printing Defects Found in the Diagnostic Print
Force Drop Detection Tool
Print Quality General Advice
Lines are Missing or Thinner than Expected
Solid Bands or Lines Printed Over the Image
Problems with Graininess
Print Smudges when Touched
Paper is not Flat
Defect Near the Top of the Print
Problems with Stepped Lines
Lines are Printed Double or in Wrong Colors
Lines are Blurred (Ink Bleeds from Lines)
Problems with Color Accuracy
Problems with PANTONE Color Accuracy
Color Matching Between Different HP Designjet Printers
Problems with Image Clipping
Image is Completely Blank
Output Only Contains a Partial Print
Image is in One Portion of the Printing Area
Image is Unexpectedly Rotated (PostScript Driver)
Print is Distorted or Unintelligible
Print is a Mirror Image of the Original
One Image Overlaps Another on the Same Sheet
No Output from the Printer
Pinchwheel Marks when using Glossy Media
VLS in 1 Pass Printmodes
VLS in First 3 Meters after a Media Load
Bubbles (Only occurs in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)
Black Printhead: Decap Problem
Paper Expansion – Paper Advance (PEPA)
Bidirectional Offset in Light Color Density Areas
Ink Contamination on Yellow Printhead
Satellites in Black Lines

Printer Support
Center Covers
Electronics Module
Right Hand Cover
Left Hand Cover
Right Hand Assemblies
Left Hand Assemblies
Carriage Assembly
Scan-Axis Assemblies
Drive Roller and Media-Axis Motor
Paper Path Assemblies
Pinchwheel Assembly
Rear Path Assembly
Roll 1 Module (Front Path)
Roll 1 Drawer Assembly
Roll 2 Module
Roll 2 Drawer Assembly
Miscellaneous Parts

Stacker Stand
Covers and Sensors
Stacker Paper Trays
Rollers and Transport Belt
Roller Bushings
Drive Motor
Electronics Module
Input Trays

Screw Types
Right Cover
Left Cover
Left Trim
Right Trim
Top Cover
Rear Door
Right Connector Cover
Left Connector Cover
Front Panel
Service Station
Vacuum Fan
Aerosol Fan
Drop Detector
Trailing Cables
Ink Supply Tubes
ISS to Cartridge Cables
Cutter Assembly
Ink Supply Station (ISS)
APS Assembly
Most Left Spittoons
Middle Left Spittoons
Encoder Strip and Encoder Sensor
Carriage PCA
Carriage Flex Cables
Carriage Assembly
Belt Assembly
Scan-Axis Motor
Media-Axis Motor
Printer Interconnect PCA
EIO to PCA Interface Card
Memory Module
Main PCA Formatter
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
PrintMech PCA
Formatter Battery
Electronics Module
Line Sensor Assembly
Output Platen
Center Platen
Rear Path Mylar Strip
Cartridge Trays
Main Media Sensor
Main Media Sensor
Encoder Disc and Sensor
Drive Pinch Lever Assembly
Drive Pinch Lever Sensor
Pinchwheel Assembly
Drive Roller
Roll 1 Right Drawer Cover
Roll 1 Left Drawer Cover
Roll 1 Drawer
Roll 1 Drawer Bar
Roll 1 Right Spindle Support
Roll 1 Left Spindle Support
Roll 1 Module (Front path assembly)
Roll 1 BT Arm
Roll 1 Media Feed Motor
Roll 1 Feed Roller Assembly
Roll 1 BT Arm Encoder Disc
Roll 1 BT Arm Encoder PCA
Roll 1 Paper Load Lever Sensor
Roll 1 Media Sensor
Roll 1 Drawer Sensor
Roll 2 Right Drawer Cover
Roll 2 Left Drawer Cover
Roll 2 Drawer Bar
Roll 2 Drawer
Roll 2 Module
Roll 2 BT Arm Assembly
BT Arm Finger
Roll 2 Pinch Rollers
Roll 2 Feed Roller Assembly
Roll 2 Paper Load Lever
Roll 2 Media Feed Motor
Roll 2 Left Drawer Sensor
Roll 2 Right Drawer Sensor
Roll 2 Drawer Sliders
Roll 2 Right Spindle Support
Roll 2 Left Spindle Support
Roll 2 BT Arm Encoder Disc Assembly
Roll 2 Paper Load Lever Sensor
Roll 2 Interconnect PCA
Roll 2 Media Sensor
Rear Path
Right Cover
Left Cover
Top Cover
Lower Front Cover
Pinch Wheels
Drive Motor
Front Cover Sensor
Safety Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor PCA
Media Sensor
Extension Tray
Receiving Tray
Printer Interlocks
Paper Infeed Platen
Electronics PCA
Power Supply Unit
Heating Lamp
Heat Roller
Stacker Transport Belt

Moisture on the Printer
Noisy Carriage Bushing
Belt Swelling
Cleaning the Printer
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Drive Roller and Overdrive
Cleaning the Center Platen
Applying Oil to the Overdrive
Lubricating the Carriage Assembly
Scheduled Maintenance
Level of Printer Usage

Number of pages: 663.