HP LaserJet 1160 printer and HP LaserJet 1320 Series printer Service Manual

Product Information
Chapter contents
Printer configurations
HP LaserJet 1160 and HP LaserJet 1320 Series printers base models
HP LaserJet 1160 printer
HP LaserJet 1320 Series printer
HP LaserJet 1320n printer
HP LaserJet 1320tn printer
HP LaserJet 1320nw printer
Physical specifications
Printer capacities and ratings
Memory specifications
Port availability
Electrical specifications
Acoustic emissions
Environmental specifications
Print media specifications
Supported media sizes
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Hewlett-Packard software license agreement
Print cartridge limited warranty
HP LaserJet printing supplies
Declaration of Conformity statements
Country/region-specific safety statements
Laser safety statement
Canadian DOC regulations
Korean EMI statement
Laser statement for Finland

2. Installation
Chapter contents
Operating environment
Printer connections
Supported operating systems
Software for Windows
Software for Macintosh computers

3. Operation
Chapter contents
Printer control panel
Status-light patterns
ENWW iii
Printer information pages
Demo page
Configuration page
Supplies Status page
Network Configuration page
Using the HP Toolbox
Supported operating systems
Supported browsers
To view the HP Toolbox on Windows systems
To view the HP Toolbox on Macintosh systems
HP Toolbox sections
Other links
Status tab
Troubleshooting tab
Alerts tab
Documentation tab
Advanced Printer Settings window
Network window
Using the embedded Web server
To open the embedded Web server
Information tab
Settings tab
Networking tab
Other links
Wireless printing
IEEE 802.11b/g standard

4. Maintenance
Chapter contents
Replacing the print cartridge
To replace the print cartridge
Cleaning the printer
Cleaning the print-cartridge area
Cleaning the printer media path
Changing the pickup roller
Cleaning the pickup roller
Changing the printer separation pad
Cleaning the printer separation pad

5. Theory of operation
Chapter contents
Internal components
Engine control system
Laser/scanner system
Pickup/feed/delivery system
Image-formation system

6. Removal and replacement
Chapter contents
Removal and replacement strategy
Electrostatic discharge
User-replaceable parts
Required tools
Before performing service
Pre-service procedures
Parts removal order
Left-side cover
Right-side cover
Back cover
Duplexer tray
Top cover
Control panel
Memory-tag-reader assembly
Duplex-drive PCA
Duplex-drive gears/face-down gears
Duplex solenoid (SL3) (HP LaserJet 1320 Series printers only)
Interlock assembly
Main motor
Pickup and feed assemblies
Transfer roller
Registration assembly
Main gear assembly/tray 2 pickup solenoid
Print-cartridge door
Wireless communications card

7. Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
Basic troubleshooting
Paper-handling problems
Paper jam
Print is skewed (crooked)
More than one sheet of media feeds through the printer at one time
Printer does not pull media from the media input tray
Printer curled the media
Printed media does not exit to the correct path
Print job is extremely slow
Paper-path troubleshooting
Solving print paper-feed problems
Printed page is different than what appeared on screen
Garbled, incorrect, or incomplete text
Missing graphics or text, or blank pages
Page format is different than on another printer
Graphics quality
Status light patterns
Fatal error secondary messages
Accessory error secondary messages
Troubleshooting postscript (PS) errors
Image troubleshooting
Print cartridge problems
Solving image-quality problems
Clearing jams
Print-cartridge area
Input trays
Output bin
Straight-through output path
Automatic two-sided printing (duplexing) path
Functional checks
Engine test
Printing an engine test
Half self-test functional check
To perform a half self-test check
To perform other checks
Drum rotation functional check
Heating element check
High-voltage contacts check
To check the print cartridge contacts
To check the high-voltage connector assembly
Wired network setup problem solving
NVRAM initialization
Cold reset
Troubleshooting tools and reference diagrams
Repetitive image defects
General timing chart
Circuit diagram
Switches and sensors
Rollers and pads

8. Parts and diagrams
Chapter contents
Ordering parts and supplies
Related documentation and software
Consumables and accessories
Assembly locations
Internal assemblies
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list