Oki B410 Oki B420 Oki B430 MPS420B Service Manual and Parts List Manual for B410 Series

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Oki B410 Oki B420 Oki B430 MPS420B;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Oki.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Oki B410 Oki B420 Oki B430 MPS420B. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 System Configuration
1.2 Printer Configuration
1.3 Optional Configuration
1.4 Specification
1.5 Printing display
1.5.1 VCCI label, Serial No. label
1.5.2 Warning label
1.5.3 Warning / Caution display

2.1 Electrophotographic process mechanism
2.2 Printing process
2.3 Toner entrance detection

3.1 Preparation for parts replacement
3.2 Parts layout
3.3 Parts replacement method
3.3.1 LED Head
3.3.2 Roller-Transfer
3.3.3 Cover-Side-R
3.3.4 Cover-Side-L
3.3.5 CU Board
3.3.6 Motor-DC-Main
3.3.7 OPE Cover-Assy
3.3.8 Ope-Board
3.3.9 MPT-Assy (In case of B410dn, it is Manual-Assy)
3.3.10 Front-Guide-Assy
3.3.11 Roller-Assy-Feed
3.3.12 Guide-Paper-Duplex
3.3.13 Stacker-Cover-Assy
3.3.14 Fuser-Assy
3.3.15 Rear-Cover-Assy
3.3.16 Frame-Assy-Lower
3.3.17 High voltage / Low voltage power board
3.3.18 Plate-Bracket-Motor
3.3.19 Roller-Back up
3.3.20 Roller-Resist
3.3.21 Lever-In-Sensor
3.2.22 Lever-Eject-Sensor/Photo-Interrupter
3.3.23 Lever-End/Lever-Duplex/Lever-Cassette/Gear-Assy-Clatch
3.3.24 Paper feeding roller (Roller-Pick-Up,Roller-Feed-NOW,Roller-Assy-MPT)

4.1 Category and function of maintenance mode
4.4.1 User maintenance mode (Administrator Menu)
4.1.2 System maintenance mode (System maintenance menu)
4.1.3 Engine maintenance mode
4.1.4 Environment mode setting
4.1.5 EEPROM Initialization
4.2 Adjustment at part replacement
4.2.1 EEPROM data upload / download method

5.1 Periodic Replacement Parts
5.2 Cleaning
5.2.1 Cleaning of LED lens array
5.2.2 Cleaning Page Function

6.1 Troubleshooting
6.2 Points to be checked before modifying printing problems
6.3 Points to be checked when the printing problems are modified
6.4 Preparation for Troubleshooting
6.5 Troubleshooting Flow
6.5.1 LCD Status Message/ Trouble Table
6.5.2 LCD Message Troubleshooting
6.5.3 Print Troubleshooting

7.1 Connection diagram
7.2 Board Layout
7.3 Resistance value

Appendix A Centronics Parallel Interface
Appendix B USB Interface
Appendix C Maintenance Manual for Second Tray unit
1 Overview
1.1 Function
1.2 Exterior and Parts Name
2. Description for Operation of Second Tray unit
3. Part Replacement
3.1 Precautions on replacing parts
3.2 Arrangement of Parts
3.3 How to Replace Parts
3.3.1 Roller-Pick-Up, Roller-Feed-Now
3.3.2 Guard-Connector. Connector (9715S-08Z02-G4C)
3.3.3 Roller-Feed
3.3.4 Board-OT7
3.3.5 CONN Cord-AMP8P-AMP8P
3.3.6 Gear-Assy-Clatch
3.3.7 Frame-Assy-Retard, Spring-Retard
4. Cleaning of Paper Feed Roller and Separation Roller
5. Procedure for Troubleshooting
5.1 Precautions for Troubleshooting
5.2 Preparation before Troubleshooting
5.3 Troubleshooting Method
5.3.1 LCD Status Message List
6. Connection Diagram
6.1 Connection diagram
6.2 Board Arrangement
Appendix D Network Interface


Content for B410 Series, PARTS LIST:
Main Unit
Base Assy
Lower Frame Assy
PCB Assy
Front Guide Assy
Manual Feed Assy
OP Cover Assy
Rear Cover Assy
Stacker Cover Assy

Number of pages: 195.