Canon LC800, L1000, L3000 Series, Service Manual

Service Manual Canon LC800, L1000, L3000 Series;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Canon.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Canon LC800, L1000, L3000 Series. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 System Construction
1.1.1 System Configuration
1.1.2 System Configuration
1.2 Product Specifications
1.2.1 Names of Parts External View (Front) External View (Rear) Cross-Section
1.2.2 Using the Machine Turning On the Power Switch When Turning Off the Main Power Switch Control Panel Control Panel
1.2.4 Maintenance by the User User Maintenance Items Cleaning
1.2.5 Safety Safety of Toner Safety of the Laser Light CDRH Regulations Handling the Laser Unit Point to Note about Fire Cautions as to the replacement and disposal of lithium battery Storing and Handling the Cartridge Before Unpacking Storing or Handling the Cartridge After Unpacking
1.2.6 Product Specifications Product Specifications Product Specifications ADF Specifications ADF Specifications Fax Specifications
1.2.7 Function List Printing Speed Types of Paper

Chapter 2. Installation
2.1 Making Pre-Checks
2.1.1 Selecting the Site of Installation
2.1.2 Before Starting the Work
2.1.3 Checking the Contents
2.2 Unpacking and Installation
2.2.1 Unpacking and Removing the Packaging Materials
2.2.2 Installing the Toner Cartridge
2.2.3 Setting the Paper
2.2.4 Connecting the Cable
2.2.5 Connecting the Cable
2.2.6 Checking the Image Quality
2.2.7 Setting the Date and Time
2.2.8 Checking the Network Connection
2.2.9 Connecting to the Telephone Line
2.3 Installing the Hand Set
2.3.1 Checking the Contents
2.3.2 Installing the Hand Set
2.4 Installing the Stamp Unit
2.4.1 Checking the Contents
2.4.2 Installing to the Host Machine
2.4.3 Checking the Operation

Chapter 3. Basic Operation
3.1 Construction
3.1.1 Functional Construction
3.1.2 Functional Block Diagram
3.1.3 Image Processor PCB
3.1.4 DC Controller PCB
3.1.5 Reader Controller PCB
3.1.6 Power Supply PCB
3.1.7 NCU PCB
3.1.8 Modular Jack PCB
3.1.9 Modem PCB
3.2 Basic Sequence
3.2.1 Basic Sequence

Chapter 4. Original Exposure System
4.1 Basic Constraction
4.1.1 Specifications, Control Methods, and Functions
4.1.2 Specifications, Control Methods, and Functions
4.1.3 Major Components
4.1.4 Major Components
4.2 Basic Sequence
4.2.1 Basic Sequence at Power-on
4.2.2 Basic Sequence after Depression of Start Key (One Sheet of Original)
4.3 Various Control
4.3.1 Enlargement/Reduction Magnification Change in Vertical Scan Direction Magnification Change in Horizontal Scan Direction
4.3.2 Dirt Sensor Control Outline
4.4 Parts Replacement Procedure
4.4.1 Copyboard Glass Removing the Stream Reading Glass Removing the Stream Reading Glass Action after Replacing the Stream Reading Glass (if equipped with the SEND Functions)
4.4.2 Reader Controller PCB Removing the Reader Controller PCB
4.4.3 Contact Sensor Removing the Contact Image Sensor Removing the Contact Image Sensor Action after Replacing the Contact Image Sensor
4.4.4 Contact Sensor HP Sensor Removing the Contact Image Sensor Unit HP Sensor

Chapter 5. Original Feeding System
5.1 Basic Constraction
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Drive Mechanism
5.2 Basic Operation
5.2.1 Outline of Operation Mode
5.2.2 Document Size Detection
5.2.3 Document Size Detection
5.2.4 Paper Pickup Operation
5.2.5 Reversal Operation
5.2.6 Delivery Operation
5.3 Detection Jams
5.3.1 Overview
5.4 ADF
5.4.1 Pick-up/Feed Roller Unit Pickup/Feed Roller Unit
5.4.2 Pick-up Roller Removing the Pickup Roller
5.4.3 Feed Roller Removing the Feed Roller
5.4.4 Pick-up Motor Removing the ADF Pickup Motor
5.4.5 Read Motor Removing the Read Motor
5.4.6 Document Set Sensor Removing the Document Set Sensor
5.4.7 Document Length Sensor Removing the Document Length Sensor 1/2
5.4.8 Document width sensor Document Width Sensor
5.4.9 Document Edge Sensor Removing the Document Edge Sensor
5.4.10 Registration Sensor Removing the Registration Sensor
5.4.11 Separation Sensor Removing the Separation Rear Sensor
5.4.12 Delivery Sensor Removing the Delivery Sensor
5.4.13 Release Solenoid Removing the Roller Release Solenoid
5.4.14 Shading Clutch Removing the Shading Clutch
5.4.15 Pick-up Clutch Removing the Pickup Clutch
5.4.16 Separation Pad Removing the Separation Pad

Chapter 6. Laser Exposure
6.1 Overview/Configuration
6.1.1 Specifications and Control Mechanism
6.1.2 Main Components
6.2 Parts Replacement Procedure
6.2.1 Laser/Scanner Unit Removing the Laser Scanner Unit

Chapter 7. Image Formation
7.1 Overview/Configuration
7.1.1 Specifications and Control Mechanism
7.1.2 Outline
7.2 Image Formation Process
7.2.1 Cross-Section (Main body)
7.3 Parts Replacement Procedure
7.3.1 Transfer Charging Roller Removing the Transfer Charging Roller

Chapter 8. Pickup and Feed System
8.1 Overview/Configuration
8.1.1 Outline
8.2 Detection Jams
8.2.1 Jam Detection Outline Outline Types of Jams
8.3 Cassette Pickup Unit
8.3.1 Outline
8.3.2 Retry Pickup
8.3.3 Detecting the Size of Paper
8.4 Duplex Unit
8.4.1 Outline
8.5 Manual Feed Pickup Unit
8.5.1 Outline
8.5.2 Retry Pickup
8.5.3 Detecting the Size of Paper
8.6 Parts Replacement Procedure
8.6.1 Cassette Pickup Roller Removing the Cassette Pickup Roller
8.6.2 Cassette Separation Roller Removing the Cassette Separation Roller
8.6.3 Cassette Paper Sensor Removing the Cassette Paper Sensor
8.6.4 Cassette Pickup Solenoid Removing the Cassette Pickup Solenoid
8.6.5 Paper Feed Roller Removing the Cassete Feed Roller
8.6.6 Manual Pickup Roller Removing the Manual Pickup Roller
8.6.7 Manual Feed Tray Paper Sensor Removing the Manual Tray Sensor
8.6.8 Manual Pickup Solenoid Removing the Manual Pickup Solenoid
8.6.9 Manual Separation Roller Removing the Manual Separation Pad
8.6.10 Registration Roller Removing the Registration Roller
8.6.11 Registration Sensor Removing the Registration Sensor
8.6.12 Duplex Pick-up Solenoid Removing the Duplex Pickup Solenoid
8.6.13 Registration Clutch Removing the Registration Clutch
8.6.14 Main Motor Removing the Main Motor

Chapter 9. Fixing System
9.1 Overview/Configuration
9.1.1 Specifications, Control Mechanisms, and Functions
9.1.2 Outline
9.2 Various Control Mechanisms
9.2.1 Controlling the Temperature of the Fixing Unit Outline
9.2.2 Controlling the Fixing Film Temperature Controlling the Fixing Film Temperature Target Temperatures by Mode
9.3 Protection Function
9.3.1 Outline
9.3.2 Failure Detection
9.4 Parts Replacement Procedure
9.4.1 Fixing Unit Removing the Fixing Unit Installing the fixing unit
9.4.2 Fixing Film Unit Removing the Fixing Film Unit
9.4.3 Fixing Pressure Roller Removing the Pressure Roller
9.4.4 Fixing Delivery Paper Sensor Removing the Delivery Sensor
9.4.5 Delivery Full Sensor Removing the Delivery Full Sensor

Chapter 10. External and Controls
10.1 Control Panel
10.1.1 Outline
10.2 Fan
10.2.1 Outline
10.3 Power Supply
10.3.1 Power Supply Outline Rated Output of the Power Supply PCB
10.3.2 Protection Function Protective Functions
10.4 Parts Replacement Procedure
10.4.1 External Cover Exteranal Covers Removing the Rear Cover Removing the Left Middle Cover Removing the Left Front Cover Removing the Left Rear Cover Removing the tray Lower Cover Removing the Right Cover Removing the Front Cover Removing the Document Feeder Tray Removing the Document Delivery Tray Removing the Delivery Tray
10.4.2 Main Drive Unit Removing the Main Drive Unit
10.4.3 Pick-up Drive Unit Removing the Pickup Drive Unit
10.4.4 Fixing/Duplex Drive Unit Removing the Fixing/Duplex Drive Unit
10.4.5 Operation Panel Unit Removing the Operation Panel Unit
10.4.6 Image Processor PCB Before Installation (Backup of Data) Removing the Image Processor PCB Procedure after Replacing the Image Processor PCB
10.4.7 RAM Removing the SDRAM
10.4.8 DC Controller PCB Removing the DC Controller PCB
10.4.9 Powwer Supply PCB Removing the Power Supply PCB
10.4.10 Relay PCB Removing the Relay PCB
10.4.11 NCU PCB Removing the NCU PCB
10.4.12 Modem PCB Removing the Modem PCB
10.4.13 Modular Jack PCB Removing the Modular Jack PCB
10.4.14 Filter PCB Removing the Filter PCB (230V model only)
10.4.15 Network PCB Removing the Network PCB (if equipped with the network functions)
10.4.16 Send PCB Removing the SEND PCB (if equipped with SEND functions)
10.4.17 Capacitor PCB Removing the capacitor PCB
10.4.18 Interlock Switch Removing the Interlock Switch
10.4.19 Fan Removing the Heat Discharge Fan Removing the Reader Fan
10.4.20 Speaker Removing the Speaker

Chapter 11. RDS
11.1 RDS
11.1.1 Overview
11.1.2 Application Operation Mode
11.1.3 Communication Test
11.1.4 Communication Log
11.1.5 Detail of Communication Log
11.1.6 Initialization of e-RDS
11.1.7 SOAP Communication Function
11.1.8 Retransmission at the time of SOAP Transmission Error
11.1.9 e-RDS Setting Screen
11.1.10 Report Output of Communication Error Log
11.1.11 Sleep Operation
11.1.12 Alarm Filtering, Alert Filtering
11.1.13 CA Certificate
11.1.14 Settings of Network Connection (Installation/Maintenance)
11.1.15 Settings of e-RDS (Installation/Maintenance)
11.1.16 Troubleshooting
11.1.17 Error Message list

Chapter 12. Maintenance and Inspection
12.1 Periodically Replaced Parts
12.1.1 Periodically Replaced Parts
12.2 Consumables
12.2.1 Durables
12.3 Periodical Service
12.3.1 Periodeical Service Items

Chapter 13. Measurement and Adjustments
13.1 Image Adjustments
13.1.1 Image parallelism adjustment
13.2 Scanning System
13.2.1 Action after Replacing the Contact Image Sensor
13.3 Electrical Adjustments
13.3.1 Procedure after Replacing the Image Processor PCB
13.3.2 Actions to Take before All Clearing (Backing up the User Data)
13.4 ADF
13.4.1 Outline Outline Preparing a Test Sheet for Adjustment
13.4.2 Adjusting the Electrical System Adjusting the Magnification Adjusting the Horizontal Registration Adjusting the Horizontal Registration Leading edge registration adjustment

Chapter 14. Correcting Faulty Images
14.1 Initial Checkup
14.1.1 Site Environment
14.1.2 Checking the Paper
14.1.3 Checking the Placement of Paper
14.1.4 Checking the Durables
14.1.5 Checking the Units and Functional Systems
14.1.6 Others
14.2 Outline of Electrical Components
14.2.1 Clutch/Solenoid/Motor/Fan List of Clutches/Solenoids/Motors/Fans
14.2.2 Sensor List of Sensors
14.2.3 PCBs List of PCBs
14.2.4 Others List of Lamps, Heaters, and Others

Chapter 15. Error Code
15.1 Error Code
15.1.1 List of Error Codes
15.2 Jam Code
15.2.1 Jam Codes (Main body)
15.2.2 Jam Codes (ADF)
15.3 Fax Error Codes
15.3.1 Outline Error Code Outline
15.3.2 User Error Code User Error Code
15.3.3 Service Error Code Service Error Code

Chapter 16. Service Mode

Chapter 17. Upgrading
17.1 Outline
17.1.1 Overview of Upgrade
17.1.2 Overview of Service Support Tool
17.2 Making Preparations
17.2.1 Connection
17.2.2 Registering the System Software
17.3 Downloading System Software
17.3.1 Downloading the System Software Downloading Procedure
17.3.2 Downloading the Boot Software Downloading Procedure
17.3.3 Otehr Upgrade Methods Downloading the SEND Software

Chapter 18. Service Tools
18.1 Service Tools
18.1.1 Special Tools

Number of pages: 324.