Canon W6400 Series Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Canon W6400 Series;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Canon W6400 Series copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Canon W6400 Series photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Product Overview
1.1.1 Product Overview
1.2 Features
1.2.1 Features
1.2.2 Printhead
1.2.3 Ink Tank
1.2.4 Cutter Unit
1.2.5 Roll Holder
1.2.6 Consumables
1.3 Product Specifications
1.3.1 General Specifications
1.4 Detailed Specification
1.4.1 Printing Speed and Direction
1.4.2 Interface Specifications
1.5 Names and Functions of Components
1.5.1 Front
1.5.2 Rear
1.5.3 Carriage unit
1.5.4 Internal part
1.6 Basic Operation
1.6.1 Operation Panel
1.6.2 Change of Printer Status
1.6.3 Main Menu
1.7 Safety and Precautions
1.7.1 Safety Precautions Moving Parts Ink Electrical Parts
1.7.2 Other Precautions Printhead Ink Tank Handling the Printer
1.7.3 Precautions When Servicing Printer Stored Data Firmware Confirmation Precautions Against Static Electricity Precautions for Disassembly/Reassembly Self-Diagnostic Feature Disposing of Lithium Battery

2.1 Basic Operation Outline
2.1.1 Printer Block Diagram
2.1.2 Print Signal Sequence
2.1.3 Print Driving
2.2 Firmware
2.2.1 Power On/Off
2.2.2 Power Off
2.2.3 Print Control
2.2.4 Print position adjustment
2.2.5 Head Management
2.2.6 Overheating Protection Control of Printhead
2.2.7 Pause between Pages
2.2.8 White Raster Skip
2.2.9 Sleep Mode
2.3 Printer Mechanical System
2.3.1 Outline Outline
2.3.2 Ink Passage Ink Passage Ink Tank Unit Carriage Unit Printhead Purge Unit Maintenance Cartridge Air Flow
2.3.3 Paper Path Outline Paper Path Cutter Unit
2.4 Printer Electrical System
2.4.1 Outline Overview
2.4.2 System Controller System controller components
2.4.3 Engine Controller Engine controller components
2.4.4 Carriage Relay PCB Carriage relay PCB components
2.4.5 Head Relay PCB Head relay PCB components
2.4.6 Power Supply Power supply block diagram
2.5 Detection Functions Based on Sensors
2.5.1 Sensors for covers
2.5.2 Ink passage system
2.5.3 Carriage system
2.5.4 Paper path system

3.1 Transporting the Printer
3.1.1 Transporting the Printer Transporting The Printer
3.1.2 Reinstalling the Printer Reinstalling the Printer

4.1 Service Parts
4.1.1 Service Parts
4.2 Disassembly/Reassembly
4.2.1 Disassembly/Reassembly
4.3 Points to Note on Disassembly and Reassembly
4.3.1 Note on locations prohibited from disassembly
4.3.2 Manual carriage movement
4.3.3 Units required for draining the ink
4.3.4 Outer covers
4.3.5 Driving unit
4.3.6 Ink tube unit
4.3.7 Carriage unit
4.3.8 Feeder unit
4.3.9 Purge unit
4.3.10 Head management sensor
4.3.11 Ink tank unit
4.3.12 Boards
4.3.13 Opening the Caps and Moving the Wiper Unit
4.3.14 Opening and Closing the Ink Supply Valve
4.3.15 Draining the Ink
4.4 Applying the Grease
4.4.1 Applying The Grease
4.5 Adjustment and Setup Items
4.5.1 Adjustment of head holder tilt lever
4.5.2 Adjusting Feed Roller Eccentricity
4.5.3 Adjusting the Registration Sensor Optical Axis
4.5.4 Adjusting the Head Management Sensor Optical Axis

5.1 Regular Replacement Parts
5.1.1 Regular Replacement Parts
5.2 Consumables
5.2.1 Consumables
5.3 Regular Maintenance
5.3.1 Regular Maintenance

6.1 Troubleshooting
6.1.1 Outline Outline of Troubleshooting
6.1.2 Troubleshooting by the Phenomenon Incorrect Value: Check Value Offline: Load Roll Media Offline: Load Cut Sheet Offline: Remove Cut Sheet Offline: Open Upper Cover Printer Setup: Open Upper Cover Printer Setup: Open Right Cover Printer does not turn on The power goes off during power on or while printing Network is not connected Right cover does not open Printing problems (ink is full) Printing problems (ink is not full) Other printing problems
6.1.3 Troubleshooting When Warnings Occur Ink Check (W01000/ W01001/ W01002/ W01003/ W01004/ W01005) MTCart Full Soon (W01006) Feed Limit Incorrect Media (W01021) No full bleed (W01022) W01030/W01031/W01032/W01034/W01035/W01036/W01037/W01038/W01039: GARO W0103x (number is indicated by x)
6.1.4 Troubleshooting When Errors Occur E02000/ Roll media end error E0200D/ E02016/ Cut sheet end error E0200A/ E0200B/ E0200C/ E0200E/ E0200F/ E02010/ E02017/E02018/ Registration sensor error E02015/ Cutter error E02400/ E02401/ E02402/ E02403/ Path mismatch error E02405/ E02406/ E02407/ Borderless printing error E02500/ E02501/ E02502/ E02503/ E02504/ E02505/ Ink empty error E02506/ E02507/ E02508/ E02509/ E0250A/ E0250B/ Ink tank uninstalled error (during ink tank replacement) E02520/ Ink level unknown error E02521/ E02522/ E02523/ E02524/ E02525/ E02526/ Ink level low error E02530/ Ink type error E02800/ E02801/ E02802/ E02803/ E02811/ Printhead error E02804/ E02805/ E02806/ E02807/ E02808/ E02809/ E0280A/E0280B/ E0280C/ E0280D/ E0280E/ E0280F/ Ink tank error E02812/ E02A00/ E02A01/ E02A02/ E02A03/ Engine controller internal error E02813/ E02814/ Head management sensor error E02816/ E02817/ E02818 /E02819/ Maintenance cartridge error E02820/ E02821/ E02822/ E02823/ E02824/ Adjustment error E02B04/ Upper cover sensor error E02B05/ E02B07/ Right cover sensor error E02B06/ Carriage cover sensor error E02B08/ Paper release lever error E02D00/ E02D01/ E02D0A/ E02D0B/ Sensor error in purge unit E02D02/ Carriage homeposition error E02D03/ Feed motor error E02D05/ Air flow fan error E02D06/ Ink supply valve switching error E02D07/ Feed roller home position sensor error E02D09/ Suction fan lock error E02E01/ E02E05/ E02E06/ Carriage motor error E02E10/ IEEE1394 error E02F00/ System controller internal error
6.1.5 Troubleshooting When Service Call Errors Occur Outline Printhead error! (E04000) Scale read error! (E04002) Turn Power Off!! (S04010) Turn Power Off!! (E02777)
6.2 Connector Positions and Pin Arrangement
6.2.1 System Controller
6.2.2 Engine Controller
6.2.3 Carriage Relay PCB
6.2.4 Head Relay PCB
6.2.5 Power Supply
6.2.6 Printhead
6.3 Version Up
6.3.1 Firmware Update Tool
6.4 Service Tools
6.4.1 List of Tools
6.4.2 Using the Cover Switch Tool

7.1 Service Mode
7.1.1 Service Mode Operation
7.1.2 Map of the Service Mode
7.1.3 Details of Service Mode
7.2 Special Mode
7.2.1 Printer Special Mode

Chapter 8. ERROR CODE
8.1 Outline
8.1.1 Outline
8.2 Warning Table
8.2.1 Warnings
8.3 Error Table
8.3.1 Errors
8.4 Sevice Call Table
8.4.1 Service call error list

Number of pages: 201.