Carestream DRYVIEW 5950, TRIMAX TX55 Laser Imaging System Service Manual

Service Manual Carestream DRYVIEW 5950, TRIMAX TX55 Laser Imaging System.
This manual is in the english language, in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Laser Imaging System.
Table of contents:

1. Adjustments and Replacements
Check the Processor Drum Temperature
Adjust the Processor Drum Temperature
Check and Adjust the Image Start Delay
Check and Adjust the Page Start Delay
Remove the Top Cover
Remove the Left Cover
Remove the Right Cover
Remove the Back Cover
Remove the Display Screen Assembly
Remove the Interlock Switch-Top, Front, and Filter Covers and Film Supply
Remove the Processor Drum
Remove the Drum Drive Belt
Remove the Processor Drive Motor
Remove the Upper Fan Assembly
Remove the Lower Fan Assembly
Remove the Felt Pad Assembly
Install the Felt Pad Assembly
Remove the Film Diverter Assembly
Install the Film Diverter Assembly
Remove the Processor Cover
Remove the Densitometer Assembly
Remove the Cooling Drive Motor
Remove the Nip Feed Roller Motor (Upper and Lower)
Remove the Feed Roller Nip Drive Belt (Upper and Lower)
Remove the Nip Feed Drive Motor(s)
Remove the Rollback Motor (Upper and Lower)
Remove the Rollback Assembly (Upper and Lower)
Replace the Film Cartridge Detect Sensor (Upper and Lower)
Remove the Vacuum Pump
Install the Vacuum Pump
Remove the Pickup Assembly (Upper and Lower)
Replace the Suction Cup
Replace the Pickup Home Sensor
Replace the Film Contact Sensor
Remove the Imaging Assembly
Install the Imaging Assembly
Separate the Optics and Exposure Transport
Remove the Power Supply Board
Replace the Machine Control System (MCS) Board
Remove the DRE Motherboard Bracket
Remove the DRE Motherboard
Remove the Solid State Drive
Remove the DRE

2. Preventive Maintenance
PM Intervals
Modifications During Preventive Maintenance
Necessary Materials for Preventive Maintenance
Access the Error History File
Error History File: Software before v2.0.b5 (WINDOWS OS)
Error History File: Software v2.0.b5 and Later (WINDOWS OS)
Error History File: LINUX OS
EM Call Checklist
Perform the PM
Measure the Air Flow with an Air Flow Meter
Complete the PM
Set the Time Interval, Print Counts, and Filter Counts

3. Illustrated Parts List
Main Assembly
Cables and Harnesses
Transport Assembly
Vertical Transport Assembly
Pickup Assembly
Feed Roller Assembly
Processor Drum Assembly
Imaging Assembly
Local Panel (Display Screen) Assembly
Electronics Assembly
Rollback Assembly

4. Diagnostics
Use the Service Switch
Display Screen Symbols
Display Screen Symbols-Detailed Descriptions
DICOM Status Messages
Machine Control System (MCS) Imager Status Messages
Film Supply Status Messages
Job Manager Status Messages
Condition (Error) Codes
Error Code Subsystems
Error Code Severity Levels
List of Condition (Error) Codes on the Imager
Film Jam Areas
Interlock Areas
Roller Knobs
Film Path
Sensor Locations
Clear Film Jam in Area 1 – Error Code 116 (Portal code 21116/23116)
Clear Film Jam in Area 2 – Error Code 302 (Portal code 26302)
Clear Film Jam in Area 2 – Error Code 325 (Portal code 26325)
Clear a Film Jam in Area 2 or 3 – Error Code 326 (Portal code 26326)
Clear a Film Jam in Area 3 – Error Code 543 or 544 (Portal code 26543 or 26544)
Functions of the MCS Board Test Points, Jumpers, and Switches
Motor Positions and Sensor States
System Log Types
Error History Review
Application Log
Access the Application Log
Log Keying Functions
Contents of the Log
Log Filtering
How to Filter Logs – WINDOWS
How to Filter Logs – LINUX
Change Log Levels

5. Additional Service Procedures
Connect to the Service Ethernet Port
Log On to the Service Tool
Log Off from the Service Tool
Configure Advanced Settings
Set the Language
Check the Values for the DICOM Source Communications
Set the Imager to be a Destination
Set the System Clock Manually
Set the Clock with a Time Server
Set the Host Name and the IP Address
Configure MCS IP Addresses
Set the Service Tracking
Check Film Type and Film Settings
Configure the SCP Services
Adjust Image Quality
Enable Remote Management Services (RMS)
Edit the Service History Log
Back Up and Restore Configurations
Make a Configuration Backup (Service Tool)
Restore the Configuration (Service Tool)
Upgrade Software and Firmware
Update a Portable Flash Drive with a New Version of System Software
Upgrade the Imager Drive with a New Version of System Software-Reimaging
Upgrade the Firmware in the Microcontrollers