Caterpillar TH314D, TH417D Service Manual (Version May 2020)

This Caterpillar Telehandler service manual cover models: TL642, TL642C, TL642D, TH357D, TH408D, TH3510D, TH514D, TH414C GC, TH417C GC, TH314D, TH417D

Serial Number
SN TBK00100 to Present
SN THG00150 to Present, SN THL00150 to Present,
SN ML800150 to Present, SN MLG00150 to Present,
SN TD600150 to Present, SN TD700150 to Present,
SN TH900150 to Present, SN TH400150 to Present,
SN TH200150 to Present, SN TH300150 to Present,
SN MWG00150 to Present, SN MWY00150 to Present,
SN KRF00150 to Present, SN LYN00150 to Present,
SN NAB00150 to Present, SN NMM00150 to Present,
SN MYT00150 to Present, SN MYF00150 to Present,
SN MLZ00150 to Present, SN MKY00150 to Present

Type of machine: Telehandler
Print No: 31211009 UENR6271-04, May 2020
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Table of contents:
Section 1
Safety Practices

Section 2
General Information and Specifications

Section 3

Section 4
Checking Wear and Replacing the Braking Discs

Section 5
Steering Knuckle Adjustment

Section 6
Steering Knuckle Adjustment (Heavy Duty)

Section 7
Double U-joint

Section 8
Planetary Reduction Gear

Section 9
Planetary Reduction Gear (Heavy Duty)

Section 10
Steering Cylinder

Section 11
Steering Cylinder (Heavy Duty)

Section 12
Differential Unit

Section 13
Bevel Pinion

Section 14
Manual Emergency Release

Section 15
Mechanical Parking Brake

Section 16
External Hydraulic Negative Brake

Section 17
External Hydraulic Negative Brake with Quick Release

Section 18
Incoming Drum Brake

Section 19
4″ Incoming Brake (2 and 3 Function Versions)

Section 20
Normal Differential Unit

Section 21
Limited Slip Differential Unit (25% and 45%)

Section 22
Hydraulic Differential Lock

Section 23
Hydraulic Negative Brake

Section 24
Incorporated Reduction Gear and Pinion 602 & 603

Section 25
Counter Revolution Sensor (Drop-in Type)

Section 26
Special Tools