Duplo DF-920/DF-915 Service (Maintenance) Manual and Parts List Manual

Service (Maintenance) Manual and Parts List Manual Duplo DF-920/DF-915 Paper Folder;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Duplo.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this service manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Duplo DF-920/DF-915 Paper Folder.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Chapter 1. MECHANISM
1. Outline of Machine
1-1. Names of Parts
1-2. Layout of Folding Plates and
Folded Size by Folding Mode
2. Outline of Mechanisms and Adjustments
2-1. Folding Section and Drive Mechanism
2-2. Paper Feed Tray
2-3. Separating Mechanism
2-4. Paper Feed Inlet
2-5. Paper Ejection Mechanism
2-6. Folding Plates
2-7. Exterior and Detection Switches
3. Periodic Inspections
3-1. Inspection Points and Procedure
3-2. Other General Precautions
4. Troubleshooting Guide (Mechanical Causes)
4-1. When Paper is Conveyed Skewed
4-2. When Paper Wrinkles
4-3. When Abnormal Sounds (Metal Sliding Sounds) are Produced During Rotation of Folding Rollers
4-4. When Stacker Belt Rotates Heavily
4-5. Stopping Position of Paper Lead Edge Does Not Stabilize During Paper Feed, and Paper Jams Near Paper Feed Inlet Sensor
4-6. When Paper Slips Frequently
4-7. When Continuous-feed Occurs
Frequently with Small Paper (B7, INV, etc.)
4-8. When Stacker Belt Slips
4-9. When Folding Stopper Moves Abnormally Slow
4-10. When Folding Misalignment Along Vertical Length of Paper is Large
4-11. When Folding Misalignment Along Sides of Paper is Large
4-12. Paper Jams at Folding Unit or Flattening of Folded Line Occurs During Single Folding and When Thick Paper is Used, or Folding Wrinkle Line is Formed at Folded Line with Thin Paper
4-13. Paper Jams at Folding Unit or Flattening of Folded Line Occurs During Folding Modes Other Than
Single Folding and When Thick Paper is Used
4-14. When Motor Lock of Folding Plate 2 Occurs

1. Block Diagram of Structure and Outline of Each Block
1-1. MC Unit
1-2. Control Panel
1-3. Paper Feed Inlet Sensor
1-4. Paper Ejection Outlet Sensor
1-5. Paper Switch
1-6. Top Cover Switch
1-7. Side Cover Switch (DF-920 only)
1-8. Paper Ejection Cover Sensor (DF-920 only)
1-9. Paper Feed Tray Upper Limit Detection Switch (DF-920 only)
1-10. Paper Feed Tray Lower Limit Detection Switch (DF-920 only)
1-11. Folding Plate 1 Set Switch
1-12. Folding Plate 2 Set Switch
1-13. Folding Plate 1 Index Sensor A/B
1-14. Folding Plate 2 Index Sensor A/B
1-15. Folding Plate 1 Home Sensor
1-16. Folding Plate 2 Home Sensor
1-17. Main Motor
1-18. Paper Feed Tray Up/Down Motor(DF-920 only)
1-19. Folding Plate 1 Motor
1-20. Folding Plate 2 Motor
1-21. Stacker Roller Moving Motor
1-22. Stacker Roller Home Sensor
1-23. Paper Feed Clutch
1-24. Paper Ejection Clutch
1-25. Main Motor Index Sensor
1-26. PS P.W.B. Unit
1-27. Paper Feed Tray Set Switch (DF-915 only)
1-28. Switching Power Supply
1-29. Power Switch
1-30. Power Inlet
1-31. Power Cord
2. Errors and Causes
2-1. When Paper Jams Occur
2-2. Troubleshooting
2-3. Other Condition Messages
2-4. Emergency Measures When the Paper Switch Damages
3. Maintenance Mode
3-1. Entering the Maintenance Mode
3-2. Setting the Maintenance Mode
3-3. List of Maintenance Modes
3-4. Precautions for Setting Folding Stopper Fixed Mode (DF-920 only)
4. Backup Data Form
5. Initializing the Memory
6. Precautions on Replacing the MC Unit
7. Upgrading the Program Version
8. Overall Schematic Diagram (DF-920)
9. Overall Schematic Diagram (DF-915)
10. Wiring Diagram 1/2 (DF-920)
11. Wiring Diagram 2/2 (DF-920)
12. Wiring Diagram 1/2 (DF-915)
13. Wiring Diagram 2/2 (DF-915).

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