Epson Business Projector EB-E01/EB-X06/EB-W06/EB-E10/EB-X51/EB-W51/EB-E20/EB-W52 Service Manual

Service Manual Epson Business Projector EB-E01/EB-X06/EB-W06/EB-E10/EB-X51/EB-W51/EB-E20/EB-W52.
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Epson. English language.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1) Product Description
1.1 Product Description
1.2 Specifications
1.3 Dimensions
1.4 Ceiling Mount

Chapter 2) Troubleshooting
2.1 Required Tools
2.2 Troubleshooting Procedure
2.3 Exterior Check
2.4 Troubleshooting from the Device Names
2.5 Error Indication and Problem diagnosis
2.5.1 Troubleshooting based on LED Indications
2.5.2 Troubleshooting by Error Names
2.5.3 Troubleshooting without Error Indications
2.5.4 Troubleshooting on image abnormality
2.5.5 Cable connection on the MA Board and error symptoms
2.6 Parts Layout Diagrams

Chapter 3) Disassembly and Assembly
3.1 Precautions
3.1.1 General Cautions in operation
3.1.2 Precautions
3.1.3 Workflow
3.1.4 Tools Tool List Recommended Tool List
3.1.5 How to unlock connectors for FFC/FPC
3.2 Flowchart
3.2.1 Standard operation time
3.3 Disassembly and Assembly
3.3.1 Air Filter
3.3.2 Lamp
3.3.3 Front Foot
3.3.4 Rear Foot
3.3.5 Rear Case
3.3.6 Upper Case (Assy) SW Board H Key Assy/Upper Case Shutter Upper Case
3.3.7 WFD Board
3.3.8 P3dash Module
3.3.9 RTC Board
3.3.10 MA Board Assy Speaker 16W IF Board
3.3.11 Optical Engine (Assy) Auto Iris Assy Focus Ring/Zoom Ring
3.3.12 EX Duct (Assy) EX Fan/TH Board
3.3.13 Lamp Fan (Assy) Lamp Fan/Speaker 5W
3.3.14 PS Ballast Assy
3.3.15 P4combo Module
3.3.16 INT Duct (Assy) IR Board INT Fan/TH Board
3.3.17 Filter Boards
3.3.18 Lower Case/IR Board
3.4 Shortest removal procedures of identified failed parts
3.4.1 Speaker
3.4.2 IR Board
3.4.3 LMP Thermistor
3.4.4 EX Fan
3.5 Individual Function Check After Repair
3.5.1 Safety Check after Servicing Insulation resistance test Ground continuity check Illumination check
3.5.2 Initialization
3.5.3 Operation Check for control panel
3.5.4 Operation Check for remote controller
3.5.5 Operation Check for video input/output
3.5.6 Operation Check for audio input/output
3.5.7 Communication Check
3.5.8 Internal Cable Connection Check
3.5.9 The service tools and the adjustment tasks list which required before
and after parts replacement
3.5.10 Service tool list
3.6 Writing the DR Data
3.6.1 Overview
3.6.2 Preparation
3.6.3 Operating Procedure Workflow Check in advance Replacing the Optical Engine Replacing the MA Board
3.7 G Sensor Calibration
3.7.1 Overview
3.7.2 Preparation
3.7.3 Procedure
3.8 LCD Alignment
3.8.1 Overview
3.8.2 Pixel color shift confirmation method
3.8.3 LCD alignment activation method Adjustment method
3.9 Part Names List

Chapter 4) Appendix
4.1 AS (After Service) Menu
4.1.1 How To Display the AS (After Service) Menu How to enter the AS menu Menu Contents
4.1.2 Confirmation method using IPS tool Preparation Confirmation method which connects PC with projector Confirmation method using a USB memory
4.1.3 Initializing (Resetting)

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