Fujitsu FI-4120C2 FI-412PR Service Manual

Edition 2004,
Service Manual Fujitsu FI-4120C2 FI-412PR;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your scanner/imprinter (option).
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Fujitsu FI-4120C2 FI-412PR.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Chapter 1. OVERVIEW
1-1 Overview
1-2 System Configuration
1-3 Unpacking the scanner
1-4 Installing the scanner
1-4-1 For safety installation
1-4-2 Installation
1-5 Basic Operation
1-5-1 Turn On/OFF the Scanner
1-5-2 Loading Documents on the ADF for Scanning
1-6 Daily Care
1-6-1 Cleaning the ADF
1-7 Replacing the consumables
1-7-1 Consumables
1-7-2 Pad ASY replacement
1-7-3 Pick roller replacement
1-7-4 Pick roller replacement

2-1 ADF unit
2-2 Reading station
2-3 Controller
2-4 Electric Component Block Diagram

3-1 Self-diagnosis function
3-1-1 Scanner status display and self-diagnostics at power-on
3-1-2 Online self-diagnostics
3-1-3 Self-diagnostics in Maintenance mode
3-2 Temporary errors and Alarm detection algorithm
3-2-1 Temporary errors
3-2-2 Alarms
3-2-3 Flash memory status display
3-3 Troubleshooting
3-3-1 Scanner does not turn ON (No display on the operator panel)
3-3-2 Scanning does not start
3-3-3 Scanned image is distorted
3-3-4 Resolution or gradation of scanned image is unsatisfactory
3-3-5 Reserved
3-3-6 Reserved
3-3-7 Reserved
3-3-8 Too much jitter on scanned image with ADF scanning
3-3-9 Scanned image is misaligned with ADF scanning
3-3-10 Scan magnification factor abnormal with ADF scanning
3-3-11 Vertical streaks appear in scanned image
3-3-12 When calibrating white of scanned image
3-3-13 Frequent paper jam error
3-3-14 Error detection of “No paper on the Chute unit”
3-3-15 Error detection of “U4: ADF cover open”
3-3-16 Frequent multi feed error
3-3-17 “E2 or E3: Optical alarm”
3-3-18 “E4: Motor fuse blown”
3-3-19 “E6: Operator panel alarm”
3-3-20 “E7: EEPROM alarm”
3-3-21 “E8: SCSI fuse blown”
3-3-22 “E9: Image memory alarm”
3-3-23 “Ec: RAM alarm”
3-3-24 “Ed: SPC alarm / Image transfer error”
3-3-25 “F: ROM sum check alarm”
3-3-26 “Imprinter does not initially operate” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-27 “U6: No print cartridge” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-28 “EA: Imprinter alarm” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-29 “No printing / Printed letters are distorted” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-30 “Print form is disty distorted” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-31 “Printing is interrupted in process” (only when the Imprinter is installed)
3-3-32 “E5: Imprinter motor fuse blown”
3-3-33 “EF: Background changeover unit failure”
3-3-34 Driver error

4-1 For the safety operation
4-2 Maintenance
4-2-1 Periodic maintenance
4-3 Cleaning
4-3-1 Cleaning Optical unit (for front side)
4-3-2 Cleaning glass of Dust cover ASY (lower glass)
4-3-3 Cleaning Optical unit (for back side)
4-3-4 Cleaning glass of Upper ASY (upper glass)
4-4 Maintenance tool
4-5 Non disassembly parts Parts that should not be Disassembled
4-6 Removing / Installing the Chute unit
4-6-1 How to remove/install the Chute unit
4-6-2 How to remove/install the Stacker Unit
4-7 Removing / Installing the PCB Unit
4-8 Removing / Installing the Upper Unit, the Guide P ASY and the Base Unit
4-9 Removing / Installing the parts in the Upper Unit
4-9-1 How to remove/install the Panel PCA
4-9-2 How to remove/install the Lamp Inverter
4-9-3 Removing / Installing the ADF motor
4-9-4 Removing / Installing the Optical Unit (for ADF backside)
4-9-5 Removing / Installing the Lamp (for ADF backside)
4-9-6 Removing/ Installing the Sensor LED
4-9-7 Removing / Installing the Sensor EM (for Empty detection)
4-9-8 Removing / Installing the Upper ASY
4-10 Removing/Installing the parts of the Base Unit
4-10-1 How to remove/install the Guide A ASY
4-10-2 How to remove/install the Lamp Inverter (for front side scan)
4-10-3 How to remove/install the Sensor PTR and Sensor TOP (for leading edge detection)
4-10-4 How to remove/install the Lamp (for ADF front)
4-10-5 How to remove/install the Dust Cover ASY
4-10-6 How to remove/install the Optical Unit (for ADF front)
4-10-7 How to remove/install the BW Motor
4-11 Removing/Installing the Control PCA

5-1 Maintenance mode
5-1-1 Activating the Maintenance mode
5-1-2 Maintenance mode #1: Paper feeding test and Sensor test
5-1-3 Maintenance mode #2: Main scanning / Sub-scanning magnification adjustment
5-1-4 Maintenance mode #3: Offset adjustment
5-1-5 Maintenance mode #4: White level adjustment
5-1-6 Maintenance mode #5: Consumable counter display and reset
5-1-7 Maintenance mode #6: Miscellaneous information display
5-1-8 Maintenance mode #7: EEPROM data restore
5-2 Saving EEPROM data
5-3 Emulation mode

6-1 Base Unit
6-2 Upper Unit
6-3 Optical Unit EH
6-4 Stacker unit
6-5 Chute unit
6-6 Guide A ASY
6-7 Guide P ASY
6-8 Dust Cover ASY
6-9 Upper ASSY
6-10 BW motor
6-11 Lamp
6-12 Control PCA
6-13 Panel PCA
6-14 Sensor EM
6-15 ADF Motor Unit
6-16 Sensor PTR
6-17 Sensor LED
6-18 Lamp Inverter
6-19 AC Adapter
6-20 AC Cable USA
6-21 AC Cable Europe

Chapter 7. IMPRINTER (Optional)
7-1 Imprinter Specification
7-1-1 Printing function
7-1-2 Environmental specification
7-1-3 Appearance
7-1-4 Imprinter Operation Description
7-1-5 Circuit Block Diagram
7-2 Unpacking and Installation of Imprinter
7-2-1 Unpacking the Imprinter
7-2-2 Installing the Imprinter
7-2-3 Loading the Print cartridge
7-2-4 Operation Test
7-3 Basic Operation of the Imprinter
7-3-1 Setting The Print Position
7-3-2 How to Use the Paper Guides
7-3-3 Print Setting
7-3-4 Replacing the Print cartridge
7-3-5 Removing Jammed Documents
7-4 Daily Care of the Imprinter
7-4-1 Cleaning the Print cartridge
7-4-2 Cleaning the Imprinter
7-4-3 Cleaning the Imprinter rollers
7-5 Replacing the Maintenance parts for the Imprinter
7-5-1 For Safety operation
7-5-2 Maintenance tool
7-5-3 Removing / Installing the Holder lever
7-5-4 Removing / Installing the Pinch ASSY
7-5-5 Removing / Installing the Junction PCA
7-5-6 Removing / Installing the Holder ASSY, FPC Cable
7-5-7 Removing / Installing the Control PCA (for Imprinter)
7-5-8 Removing / Installing the Sensor OPB5
7-5-9 Removing / Installing the Switch
7-5-10 Removing / Installing the LF Motor
7-5-11 Removing / Installing the PR Cable
7-5-12 Removing / Installing the Felt
7-5-13 Removing / Installing the Thumb screw and Stopper
7-5-14 Removing / Installing the Guide Sheet
7-6 Maintenance Parts for Imprinter
7-6-1 Sensor OPB5
7-6-2 Holder ASSY
7-6-3 Pinch ASSY
7-6-4 LF motor
7-6-5 Holder cover
7-6-6 FPC cable
7-6-7 PR cable
7-6-8 Felt
7-6-9 Stopper
7-6-10 Thumb screw
7-6-11 Control PCA
7-6-12 Junction PCA
7-6-13 Switch
7-6-14 Guide sheet
7-6-15 Paper guide

Appendix A Scanner and Camera Properties.

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