HP LaserJet MFP E72525/E72530/E72535 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual HP LaserJet MFP E72525/E72530/E72535;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP LaserJet MFP E72525/E72530/E72535 photocopier.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Printer views
Printer front view
Printer back view
Interface ports
Control-panel view
Inner finisher view
Stapler/stacker finisher view
Booklet finisher view
Technical specifications
Supported operating systems
Printer dimensions
Mobile printing solutions
Power consumption, electrical specifications, and acoustic emissions
Environmental specifications
General Specifications
Print specifications
Scan specification
Copy specification
Paper handling specification
Software and solution specification
Service parts
Feeding system
Feeding system overview
Main components and functions
Cassette (Tray 1, 2, 4, 5)
Pickup unit
Registration (regi) unit
Tray 1 (multipurpose (MP) tray) feed assembly
Image creation
Printing process overview
Imaging unit
Fuser unit
Fuser unit overview
Fuser unit drive
Fuser unit temperature control
Laser scanner assembly
Laser scanner assembly overview
Laser scanning optical path
Laser synchronizing detectors
Drive system
Drive motors
Main Drive Unit (OPC/DEVE/Registration/Tray 1/Feed)
Pickup Drive
Duct Drive
Fuser/Exit Drive
Toner supply drive
Flatbed Scanner System
Flatbed scanner system overview
Scanning system components
Caution for moving the scanner
Flow Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) z bundles (GX)
Flow (GX) ADF overview
Ultra Sonic Multi-feed (USM)
Flow ADF drive system
Flow ADF Registration
Flow ADF Scanning Position
Mixed Size Original (MSO)
Dual sensor cleaning method
Flow ADF z bundles (GX)
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) dn bundles (LX)
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) (LX) overview
Electrical parts location
LX ADF Registration
LX ADF drive system
LX ADF Scanning position
LX ADF Specification
Hardware configuration
Main controller (main board)
Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS; Type 5) / Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Low voltage power supply (LVPS) PCA (Type 4) GX ADF models
Fuser drive board (FDB)
High-voltage power supply (HVPS) board
Eraser PCA
Waste Sensor PCA
Toner CRUM joint PCA
Paper Size sensor PCA
Dual Cassette Feeder (DCF) unit
Inner finisher

Support portals and documentation resources
For additional service and support
Channel partner resources
How to search for printer documentation
How to search WISE for printer documentation
How to search GCSN for printer documentation
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Orderable parts
How to use the parts list and diagrams
ESD precautions
Service approach
Precautions when replacing parts
Before performing service
After performing service
Post-service test
Machine cleaning for maintenance
Main parts
Main assembly
Upper and lower exit
Cassette Tray 2
Cassette Tray 3
Main engine frame
Fuser exit drive
Registration sub-frame
Main frame pickup 1 and 2
Main frame pickup
Main frame pickup, upper
Main frame
Right door
Tray 1
Right door exit
Right door duplex
ADF (LX/dn models)
ADF exterior and ADF pickup (LX/dn models)
ADF main frame assembly (LX/dn models)
ADF (GX/z models)
ADF open cover (GX/z models)
ADF upper pick (GX/z models)
ADF stacker (GX/z models)
ADF main frame (GX/z models)
Image scanner
Image scanner assembly
Image scanner, lower (LX/dn models)
Image scanner, lower (GX/z models)
HP LaserJet Dual cassette feeder (DCF)
DCF main
DCF main frame pickup 1
DCF main frame pickup
DCF main frame pickup, upper
HP LaserJet High-capacity input (HCI) tray (workgroup)
HCI main
HCI sub – frame
HCI sub – pickup upper/lower
HCI drive
HCI sub – cassette

Error code and control panel message troubleshooting overview
Error codes
How to search for printer documentation
Troubleshooting process
Determine the problem source
Tools for troubleshooting
Problem-solving checklist
Print menu map
Print current settings pages
Print event log
Pre-boot menu options
Control panel menus
Clear paper jams
Paper jam locations
13.A1 tray 1 paper jam
13.A2, 13.A3 tray 2, tray 3 paper jam
Clear paper jams in the Bottom HCI
Service mode (tech mode)
Entering service mode
Service mode menu tree
Information tab
Maintenance Counts tab
Diagnostics tab
Service Functions tab
Print quality troubleshooting guide
Image quality problems and solutions (HP LaserJet MFP E72525, E72530, E72535)
Other Errors
Adjusting the flow ADF/ADF skew

For additional service and support
Product specification and description
Finisher system
Service approach
Precautions when replacing parts
Before performing service
ESD precautions
After performing service
Post-service test
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Part diagrams, removal and replacement procedures (stapler/stacker and booklet finishers)
ESD precautions
Finishers (Booklet finisher and stapler/stacker finisher)
Top output bin
Right top cover
Top cover
Front door
Rear cover
Front cover
Front lower cover
Booklet tray
Caster cover
Lower shield assembly
Upper shield assembly
Controller PCA
Stapler unit
Dummy feed guide
Top jam access cover
Top lower feed assembly
Ejector unit
Front tamper unit
Rear tamper unit
Feed entrance motor (M1)
Feed exit motor (M2)
Buffer motor, gear, and sensor (M3)
Front tamper motor (M6)
Rear tamper motor (M7)
SCU motor (M10)
Main tray moving motor (M11)
Booklet finisher front cover
Booklet finisher
Booklet finisher PCA
Booklet finisher fold stopper unit
Booklet feed entrance motor (M13)
TE presser motor (M14)
Stopper moving motor (M16)
Separate pawl motor (M17)
Folding roller motor (M18)
Blade motor (M19)
C fold motor (M20)
Problem solving
Control panel message document (CPMD)
Clear paper jams
Finisher system diagram

Product Specification and Description
Finisher System
Service approach
Before performing service
ESD precautions
After performing service
Post-service test
Order parts, accessories, and supplies
Part diagrams, removal and replacment (inner finisher)
ESD precautions
Inner finisher
Entrance sensor
Entrance motor
Exit sensor
Exit motor
Front Jogger Motor
Front Jogger Home Sensor
Rear Jogger Motor
Rear Jogger Home Sensor
Stapler position sensor assembly
Traverse Motor
Stacker Motor
Stacker Encoder Sensor
Stacker Lower Limit Switch
Stack Beam Sensor
Stack Position Sensor
Paper Holding Lever Solenoid
Paper Support Motor
Paper Support Home Sensor
Ejector Motor assembly
Main Paddle Motor
Main Paddle Home Sensor
Main Paddle
Ejector assembly
Punch Dust Full Sensor
End Fence Home Sensor
Problem solving
Control panel messages document (CPMD)
Block Diagram

Diagrams (FUSER EXIT)
Diagrams (laser scanner assembly/HVPS)
Diagrams (toner)
Diagrams (FDB/LVPS)
Diagrams (UI)
Diagrams (FRONT/OPC)
Diagrams (scanner)
Diagrams (Dual Cassette Feeder)

Appendix A Glossary
Glossary of terms
Appendix B Revision History
Revision History
Appendix C Certificate of Volatility
Certificate of Volatility

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