Konica Minolta Bizhub C250P Field Service Manual

Field Service Manual Konica Minolta Bizhub C250P;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Konica Minolta Bizhub C250P copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Field Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Konica Minolta Bizhub C250P photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Bizhub C250P Main Unit
1. System configuration
2. Product specifications
3. Center cross section
4. Paper path
5. Image creation process

6. Periodical check
6.1 Service schedule
6.2 Maintenance items
6.2.1 Parts to be replaced by users (CRU)
6.2.2 Periodical parts replacement 1 (per 120,000-print)
6.2.3 Periodical parts replacement 2 (per 200,000-print)
6.2.4 Periodical parts replacement 3 (per 300,000-print)
6.3 Maintenance parts
6.3.1 Replacement parts
6.3.2 Cleaning parts
6.4 Concept of parts life
6.5 Maintenance procedure (Periodical check parts)
6.5.1 Replacing the Tray 1 Feed Roller
6.5.2 Replacing the Tray 1 Separation Roller Assy
6.5.3 Replacing the Bypass Tray Feed Roller
6.5.4 Replacing the Bypass Tray Separation Roller Assy
6.5.5 Replacing the Tray 2 Separation Roller
6.5.6 Replacing the Tray 2 Feed Roller
6.5.7 Replacing the Tray 2 Pick-up Roller
6.5.8 Cleaning of the Registration Roller
6.5.9 Replacing the Waste Toner Box
6.5.10 Cleaning of the Area around the Waste Toner Collecting Port
6.5.11 Replacing the Ozone Filter
6.5.12 Replacing the Deodorant Filter
6.5.13 Replacing the Dust Filter/Vertical Conveyance
6.5.14 Replacing the Dust Filter/Cooling Fan
6.6 Replacing the unit
6.6.1 Replacing the 2nd Image Transfer Roller Unit
6.6.2 Replacing the Image Transfer Belt Unit
6.6.3 Cleaning of the Image Transfer Entrance Guide
6.6.4 Cleaning of the IDC/Registration Sensor 1, 2
6.6.5 Replacing the Toner Cartridge (C, M, Y, K)
6.6.6 Cleaning of the Comb Electrode
6.6.7 Replacing the Imaging Unit (C, M, Y, K)
6.6.8 Replacing the Fusing Unit
7. Service tool
7.1 CE Tool list
7.2 Print materials
7.2.1 Imaging Unit Single Parts (IU)
7.2.2 Toner Cartridge Single Parts (T/C)
7.2.3 Waste Toner Box
7.2.4 Maintenance Kit
8. Service Jig
8.1 Construction of the Service Jig
8.2 Setting up the Service Jig
8.2.1 Prepare the unit necessary for the Service jig
8.2.2 Connecting the Service jig
8.2.3 Connecting the Jig Software to the Printer
9. Electrical/Image Adjustment
9.1 Calling the Service Mode to Screen
9.2 List of Functions
9.2.1 X-Rite Calibration (Gradation Adjust)
10. Firmware upgrade
10.1 Outline
10.2 Preparations for Firmware rewriting by the Compact Flash
10.2.1 Service environment
10.2.2 Application to be used
10.2.3 Installing the Cygwin
10.2.4 Writing into the Compact flash
10.3 Firmware rewriting
10.3.1 Updating method
10.3.2 Action When Data Transfer Fails
10.4 Updating the Firmware with the Internet ISW
10.4.1 Out line
10.4.2 Service environment
10.4.3 Preparations for Firmware rewriting
10.4.4 Firmware rewriting
11. Other
11.1 Disassembly/Adjustment prohibited items
11.2 Disassembly/Assembly/Cleaning list (Other parts)
11.2.1 Disassembly/Assembly parts list
11.2.2 Cleaning parts list
11.3 Disassembly/Assembly procedure
11.3.1 Left Cover/Rear Left Cover
11.3.2 Exit Tray/Upper Rear Cover/Lower Rear Cover
11.3.3 Multi Bypass Tray Left Cover/Multi Bypass Tray Right Cover/ Multi Bypass Tray Upper Cover
11.3.4 Front Door
11.3.5 Rear Right Cover
11.3.6 Control Panel
11.3.7 Tray 1
11.3.8 Tray 2
11.3.9 Tray 2 Rear Right Cover/Tray 2 Rear Left Cover
11.3.10 Tray 2 Right Rear Cover
11.3.11 Front Cover
11.3.12 Mechanical Control Board (PWB-M)
11.3.13 DC Power Supply (PU1)
11.3.14 Slide Interface Board (PWB-SIF)
11.3.15 MFP Control Board (PWB-MFP)
11.3.16 DIMM0 (Work0), DIMM1 (Work1)
11.3.17 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
11.3.18 High Voltage Unit (HV1)
11.3.19 Tray 1 Paper Size Board (PWB-I)
11.3.20 Tray 2 Control Board (PWB-Z-PC)
11.3.21 Tray 2 Paper Size Board (PWB-I-PC)
11.3.22 PH Interface Board (PWB-D)
11.3.23 Multi Bypass Unit
11.3.24 PH Unit
11.3.25 Transport Drive Assy
11.3.26 Hopper Drive Assy
11.3.27 Right Door Assy
11.3.28 PWB Box
11.3.29 Color Developing Motor (M3)
11.3.30 Color PC Drum Motor (M2)
11.3.31 Toner Supply Motor C/K (M7)
11.3.32 Toner Supply Motor Y/M (M6)
11.3.33 Main Motor (M1)
11.3.34 Fusing Drive Motor (M4)
11.3.35 Tray 2 Lift-Up Motor (M3-PC)
11.3.36 Tray 2 Paper Feed Motor (M1-PC)
11.3.37 Tray 2 Vertical Transport Motor (M2-PC)
11.3.38 IDC/Registration Sensor/1, IDC/Registration Sensor/2 (SE1/SE2)
11.4 Cleaning procedure
11.4.1 PH Window
11.4.2 Image Transfer Belt Unit
11.4.3 Tray 1 Feed Roller
11.4.4 Tray 1 Separation Roller
11.4.5 Bypass Tray Feed Roller
11.4.6 Bypass Tray Separation Roller
11.4.7 Tray 2 Feed Roller/Tray 2 Pick-up Roller
11.4.8 Tray 2 Separation Roller
11.4.9 Tray 2 Transport Roller

12. How to use the adjustment section
13. Control Panel
13.1 Identification and Functions of Keys on Control Panel
13.2 Utility Mode function tree
13.3 Settings in Control panel
13.3.1 Procedure
13.3.2 Cancelling the settings
13.3.3 Changing the settings on the Setting menu
13.4 Settings in Job Operation (Account Track)
13.5 Settings in Paper Tray
13.6 Banner Printing
14. User Setting
14.1 User Setting Function Setting Procedure
14.1.1 Procedure
14.1.2 Cancelling the settings
14.1.3 Changing the settings on the Setting menu
14.2 Settings in User setting
14.2.1 Print Reports
14.2.2 System Setting
14.2.3 Power Save
14.2.4 Tray Setting
14.2.5 Output Setting
14.2.6 Printer Setting
14.3 Settings in Admin. Setting
14.3.1 Procedure
14.3.2 Canceling the settings
14.3.3 Changing the settings on Admin. Setting
14.3.4 Network
14.3.5 I/F Setting
14.3.6 Time Adjustment
14.3.7 User Box Oper
14.3.8 List Output Mode List
14.3.9 Call Center
14.3.10 Security Setting
14.3.11 OpenAPI
14.3.12 Data Capture
15. Adjustment item list
16.1 Calling the Tech. Rep. Mode to Screen
16.1.1 Procedure
16.1.2 Exiting
16.1.3 Changing the Setting Value in Service Mode Functions
16.2 Tech. Rep. Mode function tree
16.3 Settings in Tech. Rep. Mode
16.3.1 Counter Reset
16.3.2 Running Mode
16.3.3 Option Board
16.3.4 List Output
16.3.5 Serial Number
16.3.6 Image Controller
16.3.7 Unit Change
16.3.8 LCT Paper Size
16.3.9 Initialization
16.3.10 Foolscap Size
16.3.11 No Sleep
16.3.12 HDD Formatting
16.3.13 Version Upgrade
16.3.14 Data Capture
16.3.15 Data Backup
16.3.16 Software SW
16.4 Settings in CS Remote Care
16.4.1 Outlines
16.4.2 Setting Up the CS Remote Care
16.4.3 Software SW setting for CS Remote Care
16.4.4 Setup confirmation
16.4.5 Calling the Maintenance
16.4.6 Calling the Center from the Administrator
16.4.7 Checking the transmission log
16.4.8 Detail on settings
16.4.9 List of the CS Remote Care error code
16.4.10 Troubleshooting for CS Remote Care
17. Jig Soft
17.1 Connection when using the Jig Software
17.1.1 Connecting the Crossing Cable
17.2 How to display the Jig Software
17.3 Jig software function tree (Service Mode)
17.4 Date/Time Input mode
17.4.1 Date & Time Setting mode screen
17.5 Machine
17.5.1 Fusing Temperature
17.5.2 Fusing Transport Speed
17.5.3 Printer Area
17.5.4 Printer Resist Loop
17.5.5 Color Registration Adjustment
17.5.6 Fusing Loop Size
17.5.7 Manual Bypass Tray Adjustment
17.5.8 Lead Edge Erase Adjustment
17.6 Firmware Version
17.7 Imaging Process Adjustment
17.7.1 X-Rite Calibration (Gradation Adjust)
17.7.2 D Max Density
17.7.3 Background Voltage Margin
17.7.4 Transfer Output Fine Adjustment
17.7.5 Stabilizer
17.7.6 Thick Paper Density Adjustment
17.7.7 TCR Toner Supply
17.7.8 Monochrome Density Adjustment
17.7.9 Dev. Bias Choice
17.8 CS Remote Care
17.8.1 Outlines
17.8.2 Setting Up the CS Remote Care
17.8.3 Software SW setting for CS Remote Care
17.8.4 Setup confirmation
17.8.5 Calling the Maintenance
17.8.6 Calling the Center from the Administrator
17.8.7 Checking the transmission log
17.8.8 Detail on settings
17.8.9 List of the CS Remote Care error code
17.8.10 Troubleshooting for CS Remote Care
17.9 System 1
17.9.1 Marketing Area
17.9.2 Serial Number
17.9.3 No Sleep
17.9.4 Foolscap Size Setting
17.9.5 Install Date
17.9.6 Initialization
17.10 System 2
17.10.1 HDD
17.10.2 Image Controller Setting
17.10.3 Option Board Status
17.10.4 Unit Change
17.10.5 Software Switch Setting
17.10.6 LCT Paper Size Setting
17.10.7 Data Capture
17.11 Counter
17.11.1 Procedure
17.11.2 Life
17.11.3 Jam
17.11.4 Service Call Counter
17.11.5 Warning
17.11.6 Maintenance
17.11.7 Service Total Counter
17.11.8 Counter of Each Mode
17.11.9 Service Call History (Data)
17.11.10 Paper Jam History
17.12 List Output
17.12.1 Machine Management List
17.12.2 Adjustment List
17.13 State Confirmation
17.13.1 Sensor Check
17.13.2 Table Number
17.13.3 Level History1
17.13.4 Level History2
17.13.5 Temp. & Humidity
17.13.6 Memory/HDD Adj
17.13.7 Memory/HDD State
17.13.8 Color Regist
17.13.9 IU Lot No
17.13.10 Adjustment Data List
17.14 Test Mode
17.14.1 Procedure for Test Pattern Output
17.14.2 Gradation Pattern
17.14.3 Halftone Pattern
17.14.4 Lattice Pattern
17.14.5 Solid Pattern
17.14.6 Color Sample
17.14.7 8 Color Solid Pattern
17.14.8 Running Mode
17.15 Finisher
17.16 Internet ISW
17.16.1 Internet ISW Set
17.16.2 HTTP Setting
17.16.3 FTP Setting
17.16.4 Forwarding Access Setting
18. Enhanced Security
18.1 Enhanced Security Function Setting Procedure
18.1.1 Procedure
18.1.2 Exiting
18.2 Enhanced Security Function Tree
18.3 Settings in the Enhanced Security
18.3.1 CE Password
18.3.2 Administrator Password
18.3.3 CE Authentication
18.3.4 IU Life Stop Setting
19. Billing Setting
19.1 Billing Setting Function Setting Procedure
19.1.1 Procedure
19.1.2 Exiting
19.2 Billing Setting Function Tree
19.3 Settings in the Billing Setting
19.3.1 Counter Setting
19.3.2 Coverage Rate Clear
20. Procedure for Resetting
20.1 Trouble resetting
20.2 Contents to be cleared by Reset function
21. Mechanical adjustment
21.1 Mechanical adjustment of the bypass tray section
21.1.1 Adjustment of the Bypass Paper Size Unit
21.2 PH Unit Mechanical Adjustment
21.2.1 Skew Adjustment

22. Jam Display
22.1 Misfeed Display
22.2 Misfeed Display Resetting Procedure
22.3 Sensor layout
22.4 Solution
22.4.1 Initial Check Items
22.4.2 Misfeed at Tray 1 feed section
22.4.3 Misfeed at 2nd Image Transfer section
22.4.4 Misfeed at Tray 2 feed, Tray 2 vertical transport section
22.4.5 Misfeed at Manual Bypass feed section
22.4.6 Misfeed at LCT feed and LCT vertical transport section (PC-403)
22.4.7 Misfeed at Tray 3 Feed and Tray 3 vertical transport section (PC-103/PC203)
22.4.8 Misfeed at Tray 4 Feed and Tray 4 vertical transport section (PC203)
22.4.9 Misfeed at Duplex transport section (AD-503)
22.4.10 Misfeed at Duplex Unit pre-registration section (AD-503)
22.4.11 Misfeed at Fusing/Exit section
23. Malfunction code
23.1 Alert code
23.1.1 Alert list
23.2 Solution
23.2.1 P-5: IDC Sensor (Front) failure
23.2.2 P-28 IDC Sensor (Back) failure
23.2.3 P-6: Cyan Imaging Unit failure
23.2.4 P-7: Magenta Imaging Unit failure
23.2.5 P-8: Yellow Imaging Unit failure
23.2.6 P-9: Black Imaging Unit failure
23.2.7 P-21: Color Shift Test Pattern failure
23.2.8 P-22: Color Shift Adjust failure
23.2.9 P-26: 1st image transfer ATVC (Black) failure
23.2.10 P-27: 2nd image transfer ATVC failure
23.2.11 P-29: 1st image transfer ATVC (Color) failure
23.2.12 P-30: Color PC Drum Sensor malfunction
23.2.13 P-31: Black PC Drum Sensor malfunction
23.3 Call Service (Trouble Code)
23.3.1 Call Service list
23.4 How to reset
23.5 Solution
23.5.1 C0204: Tray 2 Elevator failure
23.5.2 C0211: Manual Tray Rise Descent Error
23.5.3 C0301: Suction Fan Motor’s failure to turn
23.5.4 C2151: 2nd Image Transfer Roller Separation
23.5.5 C2152: Transfer Belt Separation
23.5.6 C2253: Color PC Drum Motor’s failure to turn
23.5.7 C2254: Color PC Drum Motor’s turning at abnormal timing
23.5.8 C2255: Color Developing Motor’s failure to turn
23.5.9 C2256: Color Developing Motor’s turning at abnormal timing
23.5.10 C2451: Transfer Cleaner Unit New Article Release
23.5.11 C2551: Abnormally low toner density detected Cyan TCR Sensor
23.5.12 C2553: Abnormally low toner density detected Magenta TCR Sensor
23.5.13 C2555: Abnormally low toner density detected Yellow TCR Sensor
23.5.14 C2552: Abnormally high toner density detected Cyan TCR Sensor
23.5.15 C2554: Abnormally high toner density detected Magenta TCR Sensor
23.5.16 C2556: Abnormally high toner density detected Yellow TCR Sensor
23.5.17 C2557: Abnormally low toner density detected Black TCR Sensor
23.5.18 C2558: Abnormally high toner density detected Black TCR Sensor
23.5.19 C2559: Cyan TCR Sensor adjustment failure
23.5.20 C255A: Magenta TCR Sensor adjustment failure
23.5.21 C255B: Yellow TCR Sensor adjustment failure
23.5.22 C255C: Black TCR Sensor adjustment failure
23.5.23 C2651: Cyan Imaging Unit EEPROM access error
23.5.24 C2652: Magenta Imaging Unit EEPROM access error
23.5.25 C2653: Yellow Imaging Unit EEPROM access error
23.5.26 C2654: Black Imaging Unit EEPROM access error
23.5.27 C2A01: Cyan Toner Cartridge EEPROM access error
23.5.28 C2A02: Yellow Toner Cartridge EEPROM access error
23.5.29 C2A03: Magenta Toner Cartridge EEPROM access error
23.5.30 C2A04: Black Toner Cartridge EEPROM access error
23.5.31 C3301: Fusing Cooling Fan Motor /1’s failure to turn
23.5.32 C3302: Fusing Cooling Fan Motor /2’s failure to turn
23.5.33 C3451: Heat. Heater Trouble
23.5.34 C3452: Press. Heater Trouble
23.5.35 C3751: Abnormal High Temp. (Heater)
23.5.36 C3752: Abnormal High Temp. (Press)
23.5.37 C3851: Abnormal Low Temp. (Heater)
23.5.38 C3852: Abnormal Low Temp. (Press)
23.5.39 C3461: Fusing Unit New Article Release
23.5.40 C3A01: Paper Stuck to Fuser Heater Roller
23.5.41 C3A02: Paper Stuck to Fuser Pressure Roller
23.5.42 C4151: Polygon Motor/C failure to turn
23.5.43 C4152: Polygon Motor/M failure to turn
23.5.44 C4153: Polygon Motor/Y failure to turn
23.5.45 C4154: Polygon Motor/K failure to turn
23.5.46 C4551: Laser malfunction (Cyan)
23.5.47 C4552: Laser malfunction (Magenta)
23.5.48 C4553: Laser malfunction (Yellow)
23.5.49 C4554: Laser malfunction (Black)
23.5.50 C4705: Image Output Time Out
23.5.51 C4761: Compression hardware timeout
23.5.52 C4765: Extraction hardware timeout
23.5.53 C4770: JBIG0 Error
23.5.54 C4771: JBIG1 Error
23.5.55 C4772: JBIG2 Error
23.5.56 C4773: JBIG3 Error
23.5.57 C4780: Compressor 0 command buffer stop failure
23.5.58 C4781: Compressor 1 command buffer stop failure
23.5.59 C4782: Compressor 2 command buffer stop failure
23.5.60 C4783: Compressor 3 command buffer stop failure
23.5.61 C5102: Main Motor’s failure to turn
23.5.62 C5103: Main Motor Turning at abnormal timing
23.5.63 C5351: Power Supply Cooling Fan Motor/1’s failure to turn
23.5.64 C5353: Cooling Fan Motor 2’s failure to turn
23.5.65 C5354: Ozone Ventilation Fan Motor’s failure to turn
23.5.66 C5357: Cooling Fan Motor/1’s failure to turn
23.5.67 C5358: Power Supply Cooling Fan Motor/2’s failure to turn
23.5.68 CA051: Standard Controller configuration failure
23.5.69 CA052:Controller hardware error
23.5.70 CA053: Controller start failure
23.5.71 CC151: ROM contents error upon startup (MSC)
23.5.72 CC153: ROM contents error upon startup (PRT)
23.5.73 CC154: ROM contents error upon startup (PH)
23.5.74 CC163: ROM contents error (PRT)
23.5.75 CD002: JOB RAM save error
23.5.76 CD004: Hard disk access error
23.5.77 CD005: Hard Disk Error 1
23.5.78 CD006: Hard Disk Error 2
23.5.79 CD007: Hard Disk Error 3
23.5.80 CD008: Hard Disk Error 4
23.5.81 CD009: Hard Disk Error 5
23.5.82 CD00A: Hard Disk Error 6
23.5.83 CD00B: Hard Disk Error 7
23.5.84 CD00C: Hard Disk Error 8
23.5.85 CD00D: Hard Disk Error 9
23.5.86 CD00E: Hard Disk Error A
23.5.87 CD00F: Hard disk data transfer error
23.5.88 CD020: Hard disk verify error
23.5.89 CD010: Hard disk unformat
23.5.90 CD011: Hard disk specifications error
23.5.91 CD3##: NVRAM Data error
23.5.92 CE001: Abnormal message queue
23.5.93 CE003: Task error
23.5.94 CE004: Event error
23.5.95 CE005: Memory access error
23.5.96 CE006: Header access error
23.5.97 CE007: DIMM initialize error
23.5.98 CE002: Message and Method parameter failure
23.5.99 CEEE1: MSC undefined malfunction occurring
23.5.100 CEEE3: Engine Section undefined malfunction
24. Power supply trouble
24.1 Machine is not Energized at All (PU1 Operation Check)
24.2 Control panel indicators do not light
24.3 Fusing Heaters do not Operate
24.4 Power is not Supplied to Option
24.4.1 Optional Paper Feed Cabinet
24.4.2 Power is not Supplied to Automatic Duplex Unit
24.4.3 Finisher
25. Image quality problem
25.1 How to read Element date
25.1.1 Table Number
25.1.2 Level History 1
25.1.3 Level History 2
25.2 How to identify problematic part
25.2.1 Initial Check Items
25.3 Solution
25.3.1 Printer Monocolor: white lines in Sub Scan Direction, white bands in Sub Scan Direction, colored lines colored bands in Sub Scan Direction
25.3.2 Printer Monocolor: white lines in Main Scan Direction, white bands in Main Scan Direction, colored lines in Main Scan Direction, colored bands in Main Scan Direction
25.3.3 Printer Monocolor: uneven density in sub scan direction
25.3.4 Printer Monocolor: uneven density in main scan direction
25.3.5 Printer Monocolor: low image density
25.3.6 Printer Monocolor: gradation reproduction failure
25.3.7 Printer Monocolor: foggy background
25.3.8 Printer Monocolor: void areas, white spots
25.3.9 Printer Monocolor: colored spots
25.3.10 Printer Monocolor: blurred image
25.3.11 Printer Monocolor: blank print, black print
25.3.12 Printer Monocolor: uneven image
25.3.13 Printer 4-Color: white lines in sub scan direction, white bands in sub scan direction, colored lines in sub scan direction, and colored bands in sub scan direction
25.3.14 Printer 4-Color: white lines in main scan direction, white bands in main scan direction, colored lines in main scan direction, and colored bands in main scan direction
25.3.15 Printer 4-Color: uneven density in sub scan direction
25.3.16 Printer 4-Color: uneven density in main scan direction
25.3.17 Printer 4-Color: low image density
25.3.18 Printer 4-Color: poor color reproduction
25.3.19 Printer 4-Color: incorrect color image registration
25.3.20 Printer 4-Color: void areas, white spots
25.3.21 Printer 4-Color: colored spots
25.3.22 Printer 4-Color: poor fusing performance, offset
25.3.23 Printer 4-Color: brush effect, blurred image
25.3.24 Printer 4-Color: back marking
25.3.25 Printer 4-Color: uneven image
26. Controller trouble
26.1 Unable to print over the network
26.1.1 The “RIP” is displayed on the machine control panel
26.1.2 The “RIP” is not displayed on the machine control panel

27. Parts layout drawing
27.1 Main unit
27.1.1 Engine section
27.1.2 Tray 1
27.1.3 Tray 2/Multiple bypass tray

Number of pages: 422.