Kyocera FS-1024MFP, FS-1124MFP, Service Manual

Service Manual Kyocera FS-1024MFP, FS-1124MFP;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Kyocera FS-1024MFP, FS-1124MFP copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Kyocera FS-1024MFP, FS-1124MFP photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1-1-1 Specifications
1-1-2 Parts names
(1) Overall
(2) Operation panel
1-1-3 Machine cross section

1-2-1 Installation environment
1-2-2 Unpacking
(1) Unpacking
(2) Removing the tapes

1-3-1 Maintenance mode
(1) Executing a maintenance item
(2) Maintenance modes item list
(3) Contents of the maintenance mode items
1-3-2 Management mode
(1) Using the management mode
(2) Common Settings
(3) Copy Settings
(4) Sending Settings
(5) Document Box Settings
(6) Printer Settings
(7) Printing Reports/Sending Notice
(8) Adjustment/Maintenance
(9) Date/Timer
(10) Editing Destination (Address Book/Adding One-Touch Keys)
(11) Restarting the System
(12) Network Setup
(13) User Login Administration
(14) Job accounting
(15) FAX Settings

1-4-1 Paper misfeed detection
(1) Paper misfeed indication
(2) Paper misfeed detection condition
1-4-2 Self-diagnostic function
(1) Self-diagnostic function
(2) Self diagnostic codes
1-4-3 Image formation problems
(1) Completely blank printout
(2) All-black printout
(3) Dropouts
(4) Black dots
(5) Black horizontal streaks
(6) Black vertical streaks
(7) Unsharpness
(8) Gray background
(9) Dirt on the top edge or back of the paper
(10) Undulated printing at the right edge (scanning start position)
1-4-4 Electric problems
1-4-5 Mechanical problems
1-4-6 Error codes
(1) Error code
(2) Table of general classification
(2-1) U004XX error code table: Interrupted phase B
(2-2) U006XX error code table: Problems with the unit
(2-3) U008XX error code table: Page transmission error
(2-4) U009XX error code table: Page reception error
(2-5) U010XX error code table: G3 transmission
(2-6) U011XX error code table: G3 reception
(2-7) U017XX error code table: V.34 transmission
(2-8) U018XX error code table: V.34 reception

1-5-1 Precautions for assembly and disassembly
(1) Precautions
(2) Drum
(3) Toner
(4) How to tell a genuine Kyocera Mita toner container
1-5-2 Outer covers
(1) Detaching and refitting the left cover and right cover
1-5-3 Paper feed section
(1) Detaching and refitting the paper feed assembly (paper feed roller and pickup roller)
(2) Detaching and refitting the retard roller assembly
(3) Note on removing and Installing the upper registration roller and lower registration roller
1-5-4 Optical section
(1) Detaching and refitting the DP
(2) Detaching and refitting the scanner unit
(3) Detaching and refitting the laser scanner unit (LSU)
(4) Replacing the image scanner unit (ISU)
(5) Detaching and refitting the exposure lamp and inverter PWB
1-5-5 Developing section
(1) Detaching and refitting the developing unit
1-5-6 Drum section
(1) Detaching and refitting the drum unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the main charger unit
1-5-7 Transfer/separation section
(1) Detaching and refitting the transfer roller
1-5-8 Fuser section
(1) Detaching and refitting the fuser unit
(2) Switching the fuser pressure
1-5-9 PWBs
(1) Detaching and refitting the control PWB
(2) Detaching and refitting the power source PWB
(3) Detaching and refitting the high voltage PWB
(4) Detaching and refitting the scanner PWB
(5) Detaching and refitting the FAX PWB
1-5-10 Others
(1) Detaching and refitting the main motor
(2) Direction of installing the left cooling fan motor, right cooling fan motor and
power source fan motor
1-5-11 DP
(1) Detaching and refitting the DP rear cover and DP front cover
(2) Detaching and refitting the DP driver PWB
(3) Detaching and refitting the feed pulley and forwarding pulley
(4) Detaching and refitting the separation pad assembly

1-6-1 Upgrading the firmware
1-6-2 Remarks on control PWB replacement
2-1 Mechanical Construction
2-1-1 Paper feed/conveying section
(1) Cassette paper feed section
(2) MP tray paper feed section
(3) Paper conveying section
2-1-2 Drum section
(1) Drum section
(2) Main charger unit
2-1-3 Optical section
(1) Scanner unit
(2) Image scanner unit (ISU)
(3) Laser scanner unit
2-1-4 Developing section
2-1-5 Transfer/separation section
2-1-6 Cleaning section
2-1-7 Fuser section
2-1-8 Paper exit section
2-1-9 DP section
(1) Original feed section
(2) Original conveying section
(3) Original eject section
2-2 Electrical Parts Layout
2-2-1 Electrical parts layout
(1) PWBs
(2) Switches and sensors
(3) Other electrical components
(4) DP
2-3 Operation of the PWBs
2-3-1 Power source PWB
2-3-2 Control PWB
2-3-3 Scanner PWB
2-3-4 DP driver PWB
2-4 Appendixes
2-4-1 Appendixes
(1) Wiring diagram
(2) Repetitive defects gauge
(3) Maintenance parts list

Number of pages: 198.