Panasonic Model No. PT-EZ570U/PT-EZ570E/PT-EZ570UL/PT-EZ570EL Service Manual

Service Manual Panasonic Model No. PT-EZ570U/PT-EZ570E/PT-EZ570UL/PT-EZ570EL.
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Ricoh. English language.
Table of contents:
1) Safety Instructions
Safety precautions

2) Specifications
Circuit Protections
Thermal fuse(SW902)
Mechanical sensor switches
Temperature sensors, wind sensors
Power failure and fan lock detection

3) Maintenance
Replacing the unit
Replacing the lamp unit
How to check lamp runtime
Warning message on the non-standard lamp used
Quick maintenance
Removing and attaching the projection lens
Using the lens antitheft screw
Cleaning the projection lens
Cleaning the projector cabinet

4) Security Function Notice
Resetting procedure

5) Standby Mode Notice

6) Mechanical Disassembly
Optical Parts Disassembly
LCD panel type check

7) Servicing Notice
Note on main board replacement
1.EEPROM data transfer
2. Adjustment data setting

8) Adjustments
Adjustments after parts replacement

9) Optical Adjustments
1. Optical axis adjustment
2. Contrast adjustment

10) Electrical Adjustments
Service adjustment menu operation
Circuit adjustments
Test points and locations
Service adjustment data

11) Troubleshooting
Chassis overview
No power
No power (power supply)
No power (power supply)
No power (power supply)
No power (fan control)
No power (lamp control)
Temperature abnormality
No picture
No sound
Motor control problems
Bus control
LED drive & RC control
Indicators and projector condition
If an indicator turns on
Power failure detection system
Diagnosis of power failure with RS-232C port

12) Serial Control
Serial control interface
Control Port Functions

13) IC Block Diagrams
14) Exploded Views & Parts List
15) Exploded Views
16) Mechanical Parts List
17) Electrical Parts List

18) Schematic Diagram & Circuit Boards Diagram
Pin description of diode, transistor and IC

19) Schematic Diagrams
Printed Wiring Board Diagrams