Xerox Copy Centre C123 C128 WorkCentre M123 M128 WorkCentre Pro123 Pro128 Copy Center 133 WorkCenter 133 WorkCenter Pro 133 Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List Xerox Copy Centre C123 C128 WorkCentre M123 M128 WorkCentre Pro123 Pro128 Copy Center 133 WorkCenter 133 WorkCenter Pro 133;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Xerox.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service & Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Xerox Copy Centre C123 C128 WorkCentre M123 M128 WorkCentre Pro123 Pro128 Copy Center 133 WorkCenter 133 WorkCenter Pro 133 photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Symbology and Nomenclature
Translated Warnings

Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Detailed Maintenance Activities (HFSI)
Cleaning Procedures
Final Actions

002-xxx HDD
002-770 Job Template Processing – HD Full RAP
003-xxx IPS-ESS Communication
003-318 IIT Soft Failure RAP
003-319 IIT Video Driver Detection Failure RAP
003-320 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 1 RAP
003-321 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 2 RAP
003-322 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 3 RAP
003-323 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 4 RAP
003-324 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 5 RAP
003-325 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 6 RAP
003-326 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 7 RAP
003-327 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 8 RAP
003-328 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 9 RAP
003-329 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 10 RAP
003-330 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 11 RAP
003-331 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 12 RAP
003-332 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 13 RAP
003-333 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 14 RAP
003-334 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 15 RAP
003-335 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 16 RAP
003-336 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 17 RAP
003-337 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 18 RAP
003-338 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 19 RAP
003-339 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 20 RAP
003-340 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 21 RAP
003-341 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 22 RAP
003-342 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 23 RAP
003-343 IISS-ESS Communication Failure 24 RAP
003-345 X PIO Unlatched Failure 1 RAP
003-346 X PIO Unlatched Failure 2 RAP
003-750 Book Duplex-Insufficient Docs RAP
003-751 Under PANTHER Capacity (Scan) RAP
003-753 Cannot scan over 300DPI RAP
003-760 Scan Settings Failure RAP
003-761 Incorrect Paper Tray Size RAP
003-763 Adjustment Chart Not Found RAP
003-780 Scan Image Compression Error RAP
003-795 AMS Limit Error RAP
003-942 Document size Auto Detect Failure RAP
003-944 Image repeat count Failure RAP
003-945 Magnification incongruent RAP
003-946 Every direction difference (Copy APS) RAP
003-947 Return Documents counts error RAP
003-948 Return Documents mismatch RAP
003-949 Document insufficient (image overlay) RAP
003-950 Mix documents size error RAP
003-955 Documents size exchange error RAP
003-956 Documents size unknown error RAP
003-957 Platen Documents size error RAP
003-963 No APS object Tray RAP
003-965 ATS/APS No Paper (IIT Detect) RAP
003-966 ATS/APS No Destination (IIT) RAP
003-970 FAX Line Memory Overflow RAP
003-972 Maximum Stored Page Over Flow RAP
003-973 Every direction difference RAP
003-974 Next Original Specification RAP
003-976 FAX Line Memory Overflow (N up) RAP
003-977 Document Mismatch (Multiple Scan) RAP
003-980 Staple position error RAP
003-981 Staple size error RAP
005-xxx DADF
005-121 CVT Feed Sensor On JAM RAP
005-122 CVT Simplex/Side1 Pre-Registration On JAM RAP
005-123 CVT Simplex/Side1 Registration JAM RAP
005-125 CVT Registration Sensor Off JAM RAP
005-131 CVT Invert On JAM RAP
005-132 CVT Invert On JAM 2 RAP
005-134 CVT Invert Sensor Off JAM(Inverter) RAP
005-135 CVT Side2 Pre-Registration On JAM RAP
005-136 CVT Side2 Registration On JAM RAP
005-139 CVT Invert Sensor Off JAM RAP
005-145 CVT Registration Sensor Off JAM (Invert) RAP
005-146 CVT Pre Registration Sensor Off JAM RAP
005-147 CVT Pre Registration Sensor Off JAM (Invert) RAP
005-194 SS Size mismatch JAM on FF Mix-size RAP
005-196 CVT Size Mismatch JAM (No Mix) RAP
005-197 Prohibit Combine Size JAM RAP
005-198 Too Short Size JAM RAP
005-199 Too Long Size JAM RAP
005-280 DADF EEPROM Failure RAP
005-283 DADF Level Sensor Logic Fail RAP
005-284 DADF APS Sensor Logic Failure RAP
005-285 DADF Nudger Lift Up Failure RAP
005-286 DADF Feed Out Sensor Failure RAP
005-302 CVT Feeder Cover Interlock Open RAP
005-304 CVT Platen Interlock Open RAP
005-305 CVT Feeder Cover Interlock Open (running) RAP
005-307 CVT Platen Interlock Open on Running RAP
005-906 CVT Feed Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-907 CVT Pre-Registration Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-908 CVT Registration Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-913 CVT Invert Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-915 CVT APS No1 Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-916 CVT APS No2 Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-917 CVT APS No3 Sensor Static JAM RAP
005-942 Doc fault loading on DADF RAP
005-943 DADF Tray Lift Up Failure RAP
010-xxx Fuser
010-313 Control (Center) Thermistor Failure RAP
010-314 Rear Thermistor Failure RAP
010-318 Hot-Sagging =Recovery Failure RAP
010-320 Heat Roll Over Temperature Failure RAP
010-327 Fuser On Time Failure RAP
010-398 Fuser Lock Failure RAP
012-xxx Finisher
012-111 Finisher H-Transport Entrance Sensor Off JAM RAP
012-112 Finisher H-Transport Entrance Sensor On JAM RAP
012-121 H-Transport Exit Sensor Off JAM RAP
012-126 H-Transport Entrance. SNR OFF JAM B RAP
012-151 Compile Entrance Sensor Off JAM RAP
012-152 Compile Entrance Sensor On JAM RAP
012-161 Finisher Set Eject JAM RAP
012-162 H-Tra.EXIT. Sensor ON JAM RAP
012-211 Stacker Tray Failure RAP
012-212 Stacker Tray Upper Limit Failure RAP
012-221 Front Tamper Home Sensor On Failure RAP
012-223 Front Tamper Home Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-224 Rear Tamper Home Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-260 Eject Clamp Home Sensor ON Failure RAP
012-263 Rear Tamper Failure RAP
012-282 Eject Clamp Home Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-283 Set Clamp Home Sensor On Failure RAP
012-284 Set Clamp Home Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-285 Finisher Error
012-291 Stapler Failure RAP
012-293 Staple Front Corner Sensor On Failure RAP
012-294 Staple Front Corner Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-295 Staple Move Sensor On Failure RAP
012-296 Staple Move Sensor Off Failure RAP
012-301 Finisher Top Cover Open RAP
012-302 Finisher Front Cover Open RAP
012-303 Finisher H-Transport Cover Open RAP
012-901 Finisher H-Transport Entrance Sensor Static JAM RAP
012-902 H-Transport Exit Sensor Static JAM RAP
012-903 Paper Remains at Compiler Entrance Sensor RAP
012-905 Compile Paper Sensor Static JAM RAP
012-923 H-Transport Entrance SNR static JAM B RAP
016-xxx FAX Service
016-210 SW Option Failure (HDD Error) RAP
016-211 SW Option Failure (System memory Low) RAP
016-212 SW Option Failure (Page Memory Low) RAP
016-213 SW Option Failure (Printer CARD Not Exist) RAP
016-214 SW Option Failure (Fax Card Error) RAP
016-215 SW Option Failure RAP
016-311 Scanner Not Installed RAP
016-315 IIT Interface Failure RAP
016-316 Page Memory Not Detected RAP
016-317 Page Memory Broken- Standard RAP
016-318 Page Memory Error- Option RAP
016-321 Fax Module Failure RAP
016-322 JBA Account Full RAP
016-450 SMB Host name duplicated RAP
016-454 DNS renewal Failure of dynamic RAP
016-455 SNTP Server Time-out RAP
016-456 SNTP time asynchronous RAP
016-503 SMTP Server Failure for Redirector RAP
016-504 POP Server Failure for Redirector RAP
016-505 POP Authentication Failure for Redirector RAP
016-600 Key Operator Authentication Locked RAP
016-601 Illegal Access Detection RAP
016-701 Out of ART EX Memory RAP
016-702 Out of Page Buffer RAP
016-703 E-mail To Invalid Box RAP
016-704 Mailbox is Full RAP
016-705 Secure Print Failure RAP
016-706 Max. User Number Exceeded RAP
016-707 Sample Print Failure RAP
016-708 HD Full by Annotation/Watermark image RAP
016-709 ART EX Command Failure RAP
016-710 Delayed Print Failure RAP
016-711 E-mail transmission size limit over RAP
016-712 Under PANTHER Capacity (I-Formatted) RAP
016-716 TIFF Data Overflow RAP
016-718 Out of PCL6 Memory RAP
016-719 Out of PCL Memory RAP
016-720 PCL Command Failure RAP
016-721 Other Errors RAP
016-722 Job cancel by failed staple position RAP
016-728 Unsupported TIFF Data RAP
016-729 TIFF Data Size too Big RAP
016-730 Unsupported ART Command RAP
016-731 Invalid TIFF Data RAP
016-732 Form not registered RAP
016-735 Updating Job Template RAP
016-746 Unsupported PDF File RAP
016-748 HD Full RAP
016-749 JCL Syntax Error RAP
016-751 PDF Failure RAP
016-752 PDF Short Of Memory RAP
016-753 PDF Password Mismatch RAP
016-754 PDF LZW Not Installed RAP
016-755 PDF Print Prohibited RAP
016-756 Auditron – Prohibit Service RAP
016-757 Auditron – Invalid User RAP
016-758 Auditron – Disabled Function RAP
016-759 Auditron – Reached Limit RAP
016-760 PostScript Decompose Failure RAP
016-761 FIFO Empty RAP
016-762 Print LANG Not Installed RAP
016-764 SMTP Server Connection Failure RAP
016-765 SMTP Server HDD Full RAP
016-766 SMTP Server File System RAP
016-767 Invalid E-mail Address RAP
016-768 Invalid Sender Address RAP
016-769 SMTP Server Unsupported DSN RAP
016-771 Scan Data Repository ERR (DNS address) RAP
016-772 Scan Data Repository Error (DNS Library) RAP
016-773 Invalid IP Address RAP
016-774 HD Full – Compression Convert RAP
016-775 HD Full – Image Convert RAP
016-776 Image Conversion Error RAP
016-777 Image Conversion Error RAP
016-778 HD Full – Scan Image Convert RAP
016-779 Scanned Image Conversion Error RAP
016-780 HD Access Error – Image Convert RAP
016-781 Scan Server Connect Error RAP
016-782 Scan Server Login Error RAP
016-783 Invalid Server Path RAP
016-784 Server Write Error RAP
016-785 Server HD Full RAP
016-786 HD Full-Scan Write Error RAP
016-787 Invalid Server IP ADD RAP
016-788 Retrieve to Browser Failure RAP
016-789 HD Full – Job Memory RAP
016-791 File Retrieve Failure RAP
016-792 Specified Job Not Found RAP
016-793 MF I/O HD Full RAP
016-798 No Trust Marking Option RAP
016-799 PLW Print Instruction Failure RAP
016-981 HDD access error RAP
016-982 HDD access error 2 RAP
016-985 Data size overflow (Scan to E-mail) RAP
021-xxx FAX
021-360 EP Accessory Failure RAP
021-361 EP Accessory Kind Configuration Error RAP
021-732 EP Accessory – Service Canceled By Disable RAP
021-733 EP Accessory – Service Canceled By Color Mode Restriction RAP
021-750 Used Parts Request Failure (EP-SV) RAP
021-751 Maintenance Request Failure (EP-SV) RAP
021-770 Used Parts Request Failure (EP-DX) RAP
021-771 Maintenance Request Failure (EP-DX) RAP
021-772 EP-DX – Installation/Removal Failure RAP
021-941 EP – Scan Service Paused By Disable RAP
021-942 EP – Scan Service Paused By Color Mode RAP
021-943 EP – Print Service Paused By Disable RAP
021-944 EP – Print Service Paused By Color Mode RAP
021-945 EP – Service Paused By Disable RAP
021-946 EP – Service Paused By Color Mode RAP
024-xxx IOT-ESS Communication
024-340 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 1 RAP
024-341 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 2 RAP
024-342 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 3 RAP
024-343 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 4 RAP
024-345 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 5 RAP
024-346 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 6 RAP
024-347 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 7 RAP
024-348 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 8 RAP
024-349 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 9 RAP
024-350 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 10 RAP
024-351 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 11 RAP
024-354 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 14 RAP
024-356 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 16 RAP
024-362 Page Sync Illegal Start RAP
024-363 Page Sync Illegal Stop RAP
024-364 DMA Transfer Failure RAP
024-367 Decompress Other Failure RAP
024-368 PCI Error RAP
024-370 Marker Code Detection Failure RAP
024-371 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 21 RAP
024-372 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 22 RAP
024-373 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 23 RAP
024-375 IOT-ESS Communication Failure 24 RAP
024-746 Print Request Failure-Paper RAP
024-747 Print Instruction Failure RAP
024-910 Tray 1 size mismatch RAP
024-911 Tray 2 size mismatch RAP
024-912 Tray 3 size mismatch RAP
024-913 Tray 4 size mismatch RAP
024-916 Mix Full Stack RAP
024-917 Stacker Tray Staple Set Over Count RAP
024-919 Face UP Tray Close RAP
024-946 Tray 1 Out Of Place RAP
024-947 Tray 2 Out Of Place RAP
024-948 Tray 3 Out Of Place RAP
024-949 Tray 4 Out Of Place RAP
024-950 Tray 1 Empty RAP
024-951 Tray 2 Empty RAP
024-952 Tray 3 Empty RAP
024-953 Tray 4 Empty RAP
024-954 MPT Empty RAP
024-958 MPT Size Failure RAP
024-959 Tray 1 size mismatch RAP
024-960 Tray 2 size mismatch RAP
024-961 Tray 3 size mismatch RAP
024-962 Tray 4 size mismatch RAP
024-964 Stapler sheets counts over RAP
024-965 ATS/APS No Paper (IOT detect) RAP
024-966 ATS/APS No Destination Error RAP
024-967 Different width Mix Paper detect (Stapler job) RAP
024-976 Finisher Staple Status Failed RAP
024-977 Stapler Feed Ready Failure RAP
024-979 Stapler Near Empty RAP
024-980 Finisher Stacker Tray Full RAP
024-982 Stacker Lower Safety warning RAP
024-985 MPT Feed Failure RAP
024-986 Confirmation Of Printing All RAP
025-xxx Diag HDD
025-596 Diag. HDD Maintenance Failure RAP
025-597 Diag. HDD Initialize Failure RAP
027-xxx MAIL
027-452 Duplicate IP address RAP
027-500 SMTP Server Failure for Mail I/O RAP
027-501 POP Server Failure for Mail I/O RAP
027-502 POP Authentication Failure for Mail I/O RAP
027-700 Media Failure RAP
027-701 Media Not Found RAP
027-702 Media Data Not Found / Not Supported RAP
027-703 Media Reader Failure / Disconnected RAP
027-710 Invalid S/MIME Mail Error RAP
027-711 S/MIME mail sender certificate not found RAP
027-712 S/MIME mail sender certificate not valid RAP
027-713 S/MIME mail was altered RAP
027-714 S/MIME mail sender impersonation RAP
027-715 S/MIME mail certificate not support RAP
027-716 Prohibit Receiving E-mail With No Signature RAP
027-720 Extension Server Host Not Found RAP
027-721 Extension Server Not Found RAP
027-722 Extension Server Time-out Failure RAP
027-723 Extension Server Authentication Failure RAP
027-724 Extension Server Access Failure RAP
027-725 Extension Server Operation Failure RAP
027-726 Extension Server Unknown State RAP
027-727 Extension Server Request Invalid Parameters RAP
027-737 Template Server Read Error RAP
027-739 Invalid Template Server Path RAP
027-740 Template Server Login Error RAP
027-741 Template Server Connect Failure RAP
027-742 HD File System Full RAP
027-743 Template Server Install Error RAP
027-744 Template Server ADD Error (DNS Library) RAP
027-745 Template Server ADD Error (DNS address) RAP
027-746 Job Template Pool Server Not Ready RAP
027-750 Fax document incongruent RAP
027-751 Job Template analysis Error RAP
027-752 Required User Entry Not Entered RAP
027-753 Job flow service request disabled RAP
027-796 E-mail Not Printed RAP
027-797 Invalid Output Destination RAP
033-xxx FAX Control
033-363 Fax Card Reset (Reboot) RAP
033-710 Document does not exist RAP
033-711 Illegal Page inside Document RAP
033-712 System Memory exceeded RAP
033-713 No specified Chain Link RAP
033-714 Scan Error (No specified doc) RAP
033-715 Cannot start job RAP
033-716 No specified Mailbox RAP
033-717 Incorrect Password RAP
033-718 No Document in Mailbox RAP
033-719 Fax job Canceled not recovery job RAP
033-720 Document Creation Failure RAP
033-721 Page Creation Failure RAP
033-724 Fax receive memory overflow RAP
033-725 Insufficient HDD Space RAP
033-726 Cannot print 2-Sided RAP
033-727 Cannot rotate image RAP
033-728 Cancel Auto Printing RAP
033-730 Fax Service recovery Error RAP
033-731 Inconsistent Instructions RAP
033-732 Print job canceled by forced polling RAP
033-733 Fax document number get Error RAP
033-734 Fax Print Suspension RAP
033-735 Fax Memory Allocate Time-out RAP
033-736 IFAX Off Ramp Failure RAP
033-737 Fax card job canceled RAP
033-738 JBIG Information Failure RAP
033-740 Fax Immediate receive print canceled RAP
033-741 Fax page read open time-out RAP
033-742 Fax page read close time-out RAP
033-743 Fax page write open time-out RAP
033-744 Fax page write close time-out RAP
033-745 Fax data write time-out RAP
033-746 Fax data read time-out RAP
033-747 Fax Service could not start RAP
033-748 Fax Service illegal sequence RAP
033-749 Fax card Memory Error RAP
033-750 Fax format error RAP
033-790 EP-DX Call Wait (Not Re-dial count) RAP
033-791 EP-DX Call Wait (Re-dial count) RAP
033-792 EP-DX Call Stop RAP
034-xxx FAX Communication
034-211 Fax Option Slot 1 Board Failure RAP
034-212 Fax Option Slot 2 Board Failure RAP
034-500 Incorrect Dial Data RAP
034-501 Selected Channel Dial Error RAP
034-504 Fax Stored Memory Exceeded RAP
034-505 Fax Work Memory Exceeded RAP
034-506 Unsupported Function at Remote RAP
034-507 Password Check Error RAP
034-508 Transmission Canceled via DTMF RAP
034-509 DTMF Illegal Procedure Error RAP
034-510 DTMF Procedure Error RAP
034-511 Unable to Send File at Remote RAP
034-512 Detect Endless Loop RAP
034-513 Receive Command Error RAP
034-514 Requested Function Unsupported RAP
034-515 Illegal Command Received RAP
034-519 Number of Recipients Exceeded RAP
034-520 Number of Services Exceeded RAP
034-521 Internal I/F Error RAP
034-522 No manual send Line RAP
034-523 Fax service disabled RAP
034-524 Unable to cancel operation RAP
034-525 Specified Chain-link not exist RAP
034-526 Incorrect Chain-Link Value RAP
034-527 Dial Control Error RAP
034-528 Cannot perform manual send RAP
034-529 No printable paper size RAP
034-530 DTMF I/F Time-out RAP
034-700 G3 Dicep Time-out RAP
034-701 Software Reset RAP
034-702 No destination specified RAP
034-723 No Timer Assigned RAP
034-724 Illegal Sequence RAP
034-725 L3 Task Internal Error RAP
034-726 HD81501 I/F Buffer Busy RAP
034-727 Task No Response (For 3sec Or More To A 1,300Hz Incoming Call) RAP
034-728 Invalid Destination RAP
034-729 Line cut, In-Channel PB Send RAP
034-734 HI Task Internal Error RAP
034-737 Incoming call response Error RAP
034-743 Abnormal frame-sending DMA RAP
034-744 Unacceptable Channel RAP
034-790 Line 1 not connected RAP
034-791 Line 0 (Ext.) not connected RAP
034-792 Line 2 not connected RAP
034-793 Line 3 not connected RAP
034-794 Line 4 not connected RAP
034-795 Line 5 not connected RAP
034-796 Dial Error (Incorrect Fax Number 2) RAP
034-797 Communication Parameter Error RAP
034-798 Data Parameter Error RAP
034-799 Auto Dial without dial data RAP
035-xxx FAX Network
035-700 Modem Faulty RAP
035-701 T1 Transmission Time-out RAP
035-702 Destination Receive Rejected RAP
035-703 DCN Receive at Phase B Send RAP
035-704 Destination Polling Error RAP
035-705 DCS/NSS Resend Exceeded RAP
035-706 Fallback Error RAP
035-707 Wrong Password/Receive Banned RAP
035-708 Post-message resend exceeded RAP
035-709 RTN Receive RAP
035-710 PIN Receive RAP
035-711 DCN Receive at Phase D RAP
035-712 No response after 3 NSC RAP
035-713 T2 time-out after sending FTT RAP
035-714 DCN Received after NSC/DTC RAP
035-715 Wrong Password-Polling Error RAP
035-716 No past message-T2 Time-out RAP
035-717 RTN Send RAP
035-718 Receive T1 Time-out RAP
035-719 Busy tone detected RAP
035-720 Unable to receive by remote RAP
035-721 DCN Received at Phase B RAP
035-722 Wrong Frame length of 300bps RAP
035-723 No CD after receiving flag RAP
035-724 DCN Receive after sending FTT RAP
035-725 Remote has no Mailbox/Relay RAP
035-726 Phase C cannot receive-10 seconds RAP
035-727 50 Error during G3 Receive RAP
035-728 C EOL cannot receive in 10 sec. RAP
035-729 Carrier Down Detected RAP
035-730 No CS with Phase-C High Speed RAP
035-731 Fax V.8 Error RAP
035-732 Fax V.34 PCH CD Off RAP
035-733 Fax V.34 C/PCH CS None RAP
035-734 Polling Error at Remote Step V8 RAP
035-735 No Doc. in Polling Box Step V8 RAP
035-736 No reply DCN after sending CTC RAP
035-737 No reply DCN after sending EOR RAP
035-738 No reply DCN after sending RR RAP
035-739 Fax T5 Time-out RAP
035-740 Sending stopped after EOR Send RAP
035-741 ECM Phase C Flag Time-out RAP
035-742 EOR Send or Receive RAP
035-743 Remote cannot receive SUB RAP
035-744 Remote cannot receive password RAP
035-745 PTX has no SEP capability RAP
035-746 Busy-Cannot detect dial tone RAP
035-747 Abort while dialing RAP
035-748 Abort during transmission RAP
035-749 No reply from remote station RAP
035-750 Power Off during transmission RAP
035-751 Doc. send operation canceled RAP
035-752 Number of Job Restriction Error RAP
035-753 Fax Memory Full RAP
035-754 File management memory full RAP
035-755 File Add Page Error RAP
035-756 Cannot add page RAP
035-757 No Receive Page RAP
035-758 No specified file or page RAP
035-759 No specified job RAP
035-760 File common processing Error RAP
035-761 File other processing Error RAP
036-xxx FAX Parameter
036-511 Illegal procedure 1551RAP
036-716 Wrong LSI Send (Busy Time-out) RAP
036-717 Abnormal LSI operation RAP
036-720 C Line Off but I Line On RAP
036-721 I Line Off during Transmission RAP
036-747 Fast select response received RAP
036-748 Receive remote charge request RAP
036-749 Abnormal LCGN RAP
036-750 Illegal procedure 1301 RAP
036-793 Select communication Error RAP
036-795 Canceled by remote station RAP
036-796 Sent without multiple sets RAP
036-797 Illegal procedure 1501 RAP
041-xxx NVM
041-210 MCU NVM is out of order Tray Module RAP
041-211 NVM Read/Write Failure Tray Module RAP
041-340 MCU RAM Read/Write Failure RAP
041-362 IOT NVM R/W Failure RAP
041-363 MCU NVM Broken Failure RAP
041-364 MCU CPU Power to access NVM is not enough RAP
041-366 MCU ASIC circuit to control Crum is defect RAP
042-xxx Drives
042-323 Drum K Motor Drive Failure RAP
042-325 Main Motor Failure RAP
047-xxx Communication
047-211 OCT1 Failure RAP
047-212 OCT2 Failure RAP
047-213 Different type of Finisher RAP
047-214 MCU-DM communication Error RAP
047-215 MCU-EXIT communication Error RAP
047-216 MCU-Finisher communication Error RAP
047-218 MCU-TM communication Error RAP
061-xxx ROS
061-315 SOS Long K Failure RAP
061-321 ROS Motor Failure RAP
061-333 ROS Fan defect RAP
062-xxx IIT
062-210 IISS Hot Line Failure RAP
062-277 IISS – DADF Communication Failure RAP
062-300 Platen Interlock Open RAP
062-310 IISS – Controller Communication Failure RAP
062-311 IISS Software Logic Failure RAP
062-345 IISS EEPROM sub system Failure RAP
062-360 Carriage Position Failure RAP
062-371 Lamp Illumination Failure RAP
062-380 Platen AGC CH1 Failure RAP
062-386 Platen AOC CH1 Failure RAP
062-389 Carriage Over Run Failure RAP
062-392 IISS PWBA Memory Failure-1 RAP
062-393 IISS PWBA Failure-2 RAP
071-xxx Tray 1
071-105 Tray 1 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP
071-210 Tray 1 Lift Up Failure RAP
071-211 Tray 1 Broken RAP
072-xxx Tray 2
072-101 Tray 2 Miss Feed JAM RAP
072-105 Tray 2 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP
072-210 Tray 2 Lift Up Failure RAP
072-211 Tray 2 Broken RAP
073-xxx Tray 3
073-101 Tray 3 Miss Feed JAM RAP
073-102 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor On JAM (Tray 3 Feed) RAP
073-105 Tray 3 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP
073-210 Tray 3 Lift Up Failure RAP
073-211 Tray 3 Broken RAP
074-xxx Tray 4
074-101 Tray 4 Miss Feed JAM RAP
074-102 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor On JAM (Tray 4 Feed) RAP
074-103 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor On JAM (Tray 4 Feed) RAP
074-105 Tray 4 Registration Sensor On JAM RAP
074-210 Tray 4 Lift Up Failure RAP
074-211 Tray 4 Broken RAP
075-xxx MPT
075-135 MPT Registration Sensor On JAM RAP
077-xxx JAM & Cover Open
077-101 Registration Sensor Off JAM RAP
077-103 Fuser Exit Sensor Off JAM RAP
077-104 Exit Sensor off (too short) JAM RAP
077-106 Fuser Exit Sensor On JAM RAP
077-109 IOT Exit Sensor ON JAM Straight RAP
077-113 IOT Exit Sensor OFF JAM Straight RAP
077-114 Exit 2 Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-129 Registration Sensor On JAM (Duplex Feed/Stop Case) RAP
077-130 Duplex Out Sensor On JAM RAP
077-131 Duplex Wait Sensor On JAM RAP
077-211 Detected different Type Tray Module RAP
077-300 IOT Front Cover Open RAP
077-301 Left Hand Interlock Open RAP
077-305 Tray Module Left Hand Cover Interlock Open RAP
077-307 DUP Cover Open RAP
077-308 Left Hand HIGH Interlock Open RAP
077-309 Left Hand Low Interlock Open RAP
077-310 Controller Failed to send image RAP
077-329 Main Motor Stop Error RAP
077-900 Registration Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-901 Fuser Exit Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-902 Exit.Sensor 2 On JAM standby RAP
077-904 Tray 2 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-905 Tray 3 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-906 Tray 4 Feed Out Sensor Static JAM RAP
077-907 Duplex Sensor Static JAM RAP
081-xxx Fax Destination
081-799 No registered destination RAP
091-xxx Drum
091-401 Drum Life Near To End RAP
091-912 Xero/Developer Cartridge Set Fail RAP
091-913 Xero/Developer Cartridge End of Life RAP
091-914 Xero/Developer Cartridge CRUM Transmission Failure RAP
091-915 Xero/Developer Cartridge CRUM Data Write Failure RAP
091-916 Drum CRUM Data Mismatch RAP
092-xxx Process Control
092-910 ATC Sensor Failure RAP
093-xxx Toner Supply
093-312 Dispense Motor Failure RAP
093-406 Toner Black Pre Near Empty RAP
093-912 Toner Black Empty RAP
093-924 Toner Cartridge CRUM Transmission Failure RAP
093-925 Toner CRUM Data Broken Failure RAP
093-926 Toner CRUM Data Mismatch Failure RAP
102-xxx UI
102-356 EWS Software Failure RAP
102-380 MF UI Control Fatal Error RAP
102-381 Data Link Layer Error (UI-Panel) RAP
102-382 Application Layer Command Error (UI-Panel) RAP
116-xxx Printing Control
116-310 ESS Font ROM DIMM #2 Check Fail RAP
116-312 HDD Encrypt Key Failure RAP
116-313 HDD Encrypt Setup Failure RAP
116-314 Ethernet Address Failure RAP
116-315 ESS DDR DIMM #1 R/W Check Failure RAP
116-316 ESS DDR DIMM #2 R/W Check Failure RAP
116-317 ESS ROM DIMM #1 Check Failure RAP
116-318 ESS ROM DIMM #2 Check Failure RAP
116-321 System Soft Fatal Error RAP
116-323 ESS NVRAM W/R Check Failure RAP
116-324 System Detected An Error RAP
116-326 ESS ROM DIMM #1 Flash Failure RAP
116-327 ESS ROM DIMM #2 Flash Failure RAP
116-328 L2 Cache Failure RAP
116-329 Serial IF Soft Failure RAP
116-330 HDD File System Failure RAP
116-331 Invalid Log Information RAP
116-332 ESS On board ROM Error RAP
116-333 LocalTalk Soft Failure RAP
116-335 MFIO HD Failure RAP
116-336 Redirector HD Failure RAP
116-337 SNTP Software Failure RAP
116-338 JBA Fatal Error RAP
116-339 HDD Not Connect for JBA RAP
116-340 Memory Not Enough RAP
116-341 ROM Version Incorrect RAP
116-342 SESAMi Manager Failure RAP
116-343 Main PWB IC Failure RAP
116-344 MFIO Failure RAP
116-346 Formatter Failure RAP
116-348 Redirector Failure RAP
116-349 SIF Failure to Call Pflite RAP
116-350 AppleTalk Soft Failure RAP
116-351 Ether Talk Soft Failure RAP
116-352 NetWare Soft Failure RAP
116-353 HDD Physical Failure RAP
116-354 HDD Product Failure RAP
116-355 Agent Soft Failure RAP
116-356 HDD Format Failure RAP
116-357 PostScript Error RAP
116-358 Salutation Soft Failure RAP
116-359 PLW Soft Failure RAP
116-360 SMB Soft Failure RAP
116-361 Spool Fatal HDD RAP
116-362 SSDP Soft Failure RAP
116-363 BMLinkS/Print Service Software Failure RAP
116-364 Timer Failure RAP
116-365 Spool Fatal Error RAP
116-366 Report Gen. Soft Failure RAP
116-367 Parallel IF Soft Failure RAP
116-368 Dump Print Failure RAP
116-370 XJCL Failure RAP
116-371 PCL Decomposer Software Failure RAP
116-372 P-Formatter Failure RAP
116-373 Dynamic DNS Soft Failure RAP
116-374 Auto Switch Failure RAP
116-375 I-Formatter Failure RAP
116-376 Port 9100 Software Failure RAP
116-377 Video DMA Failure RAP
116-378 MCR Soft Failure RAP
116-379 MCC Soft Failure RAP
116-380 ESS Font ROM DIMM #1 Check Failure RAP
116-381 ABL Initialize Failure RAP
116-382 ABL Physical Initialize Failure RAP
116-385 IDC Software Failure RAP
116-388 MCC (Mail Contents Creator) Fatal Error RAP
116-389 Additional RAM Necessary But Not Installed RAP
116-390 Standard ROM and NVM Version Mismatch RAP
116-391 Illegal country code detect RAP
116-392 Illegal territory code detect RAP
116-393 Illegal paper size group detect RAP
116-395 USB Software Failure RAP
116-701 Out of Memory-Duplex Failure RAP
116-702 Print with Substitute Font RAP
116-703 PostScript LANG Interpret Error RAP
116-710 HP-GL/2 Memory Overflow RAP
116-711 PLW Size/orientation Mismatch RAP
116-712 Out of Area-Form Registration Error RAP
116-713 Job divided by HDD Full RAP
116-714 HP-GL/2 Command Error RAP
116-715 Max Form to PLW Registered RAP
116-718 Selected PLW Form Not Registered RAP
116-720 PCL Memory Low, Page Simplified RAP
116-737 Out of Area-Data Registration Error RAP
116-738 Size/orientation Mismatch RAP
116-739 Insufficient Capacity For Form/Logo RAP
116-740 Arithmetic Error RAP
116-741 Max Form to Not PLW Registered RAP
116-742 Max Logo Registered RAP
116-743 Form/Logo Size Overflow RAP
116-745 ART Command Error RAP
116-746 Selected Form Not Registered RAP
116-747 Invalid Page Margin RAP
116-748 Page without Image Draw Data RAP
116-749 PostScript Font Error RAP
116-771 Invalid JBIG Parameter DL Fixed RAP
116-772 Invalid JBIG Parameter D Fixed RAP
116-773 Invalid JBIG Parameter P Fixed RAP
116-774 Invalid JBIG Parameter YD Fixed RAP
116-775 Invalid JBIG Parameter L0 Fixed RAP
116-776 Invalid JBIG Parameter MX Fixed RAP
116-777 Invalid JBIG Parameter MY Fixed RAP
116-778 Invalid JBIG Par VLENGTH Fixed RAP
116-780 Attached Document Error RAP
116-790 Stapling Canceled RAP
121-xxx EP
121-310 EPSV-Accessory Communication Failure RAP
121-333 EPSV-EP M/C Communication Failure RAP
121-334 EPSV Login Failure RAP
121-335 EPSV Wake Up Answer Failure RAP
121-336 Unknown EP Accessory RAP
121-337 EP Accessory Self Diag. Failure RAP
121-338 EPSV Answer Time Out RAP
121-339 Changed Price Table Error RAP
121-340 EP Accessory Mismatch RAP
121-350 EPSV Logic Failure RAP
121-370 EP-DX – Unexpected Error RAP
123-xxx Software
123-200 Receive Buffer Overflow RAP
123-201 Send Buffer Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-202 Request Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-205 SIO Command Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-206 SIO Status Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-207 Comm Manager Target Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-208 Comm Manager Command Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-310 Send Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-311 Receive Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-312 EVM Uses Wrong API (UI-Panel) RAP
123-313 AS Uses Wrong API (UI-Panel) RAP
123-314 Event-waiting Timer Time-outs-Panel) RAP
123-315 CTS Internal Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-316 Send Request Queue Full SIO (UI-Panel) RAP
123-317 Receive Message Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-318 Receive Finish Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-319 Send Failure with No ACK (UI-Panel) RAP
123-320 Polling Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-321 Send Message Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-322 Target Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-323 Address Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-324 Size Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-325 Object Creation Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-326 Memory Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-327 Button Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-328 UI Internal Failure with Out of Area RAP
123-329 UI Internal Failure with Invalid Coordinates RAP
123-331 UI Internal Failure with Invalid LED Request RAP
123-332 Interface Failure (Invalid Parameter CP) RAP
123-333 Interface Failure (Impossible Communication) RAP
123-334 Interface Failure (Receiving Error Key Code) RAP
123-335 Interface Failure (Receiving Invalid Coordinates) RAP
123-337 Frame Data Error with Invalid Data Type RAP
123-338 Frame Data Error Offset Address Out RAP
123-339 Display Request Code Invalid RAP
123-340 Interface Failure GUAM – DM I/F RAP
123-341 Event Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-342 Event Queue Empty (UI-Panel) RAP
123-343 Invalid Class (UI-Panel) RAP
123-344 Invalid Type (UI-Panel) RAP
123-345 Timer Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-346 Invalid Timer Number (UI-Panel) RAP
123-347 Undefined Trap (UI-Panel) RAP
123-348 Command Access Exception (UI-Panel) RAP
123-349 Invalid Command (UI-Panel) RAP
123-350 Privilege Command (UI-Panel) RAP
123-351 No FPU Exception (UI-Panel) RAP
123-352 Address Misalign (UI-Panel) RAP
123-353 Data Access Exception (UI-Panel) RAP
123-354 Tag Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-355 No Co Processor Exception (UI-Panel) RAP
123-356 Short of Area (UI-Panel) RAP
123-357 Cancel Wait Status (UI-Panel) RAP
123-358 Time-out (UI-Panel) RAP
123-359 Queue Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-360 Context Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-361 Object Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-362 No Object (UI-Panel) RAP
123-363 Invalid ID (UI-Panel) RAP
123-364 Parameter Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-365 Reserve Attribute (UI-Panel) RAP
123-366 Reserve Function Code (UI-Panel) RAP
123-367 Unsupported Function (UI-Panel) RAP
123-368 Short of UI Memory (UI-Panel) RAP
123-369 Invalid Interface Value (UI-Panel) RAP
123-370 Interface Length Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-371 Interface Parameter Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-372 Interface Sequence Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-373 Channel Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-374 Invalid User Job ID (UI-Panel) RAP
123-375 Internal Resource Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-376 Internal Memory Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-377 UI Timer Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-378 Interface Format Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-379 Dispatch Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-380 Copy Interface Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-381 Fax Interface Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-382 Scanner Interface Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-383 Report Interface Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-384 Server Access Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-385 Service Object Overflow (UI-Panel) RAP
123-386 Invalid Service Object (UI-Panel) RAP
123-387 Invalid Service Object Attribute (UI-Panel) RAP
123-388 Attribute Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-389 Argument Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-390 Job Parameter Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-391 Job Actual Parameter Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-392 Auditron Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-393 EP Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-394 File Access Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-395 NVM Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-396 FF Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-397 MGR Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-398 Delay Release Queue Full (UI-Panel) RAP
123-399 Internal Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
123-400 JRM I/F Internal Failure (UI-Panel) RAP
124-xxx ROM/RAM
124-210 All IOT Speed Mismatch RAP
124-312 DC132 12 RAP
124-313 DC132 10 RAP
124-314 DC132 01 RAP
124-315 DC132 02 RAP
124-316 DC132 03 RAP
124-317 DC132 04 RAP
124-318 DC132 07 RAP
124-319 DC132 08 RAP
124-320 SEEPROM Failure RAP
124-321 Backup SRAM Failure RAP
124-322 DC132 05 RAP
124-323 DC132 06 RAP
124-325 Billing Restoration Failure RAP
124-331 ESS ROM DIMM #1 Not Found RAP
124-333 ASIC Failure (Panther) RAP
124-334 Standard Font ROM Error RAP
124-335 Font ROM Not Found RAP
124-337 ESS Standard RAM Error RAP
124-338 Same Font ROMs Found RAP
124-339 ROM DIMM of Another Product Found RAP
124-340 CRUM Market Failure ALL RAP
124-341 CRUM Market Failure MCU RAP
124-342 CRUM Market Failure SYS 1 RAP
124-343 CRUM Market Failure SYS 2 RAP
124-350 CRUM OEM Failure ALL RAP
124-351 CRUM OEM Failure MCU RAP
124-352 CRUM OEM Failure SYS 1 RAP
124-353 CRUM OEM Failure SYS 2 RAP
124-360 CRUM validation Failure ALL RAP
124-361 CRUM validation Failure MCU RAP
124-362 CRUM validation Failure SYS 1 RAP
124-363 CRUM validation Failure SYS 2 RAP
124-372 IOT Controller Software Error RAP
124-373 IOT Manager Software Failure RAP
124-374 IOT IM Device Driver Software Failure RAP
124-380 CRUM Market fail ALL(2)
124-381 CRUM Market fail MCU(2)
124-382 CRUM Market fail SYS1(2)
124-383 CRUM Market fail SYS2(2)
124-390 OEM Market fail ALL(2)
124-391 CRU OEM fail MCU(2)
124-392 CRU OEM fail SYS1(2)
124-393 CRU OEM fail SYS2(2)
124-701 Side Tray to Center Tray RAP
127-xxx Software Other
127-310 ESR Task Fatal Error RAP
127-337 Job Template HDD Write Error RAP
127-342 Job Template Monitor Failure RAP
127-353 LPD Soft Fatal Error RAP
127-396 Mail I/O Soft Fatal Error RAP
127-398 IPP Soft Fatal Error RAP
127-399 JME Soft Fatal Error RAP
133-xxx Fax Control
133-210 Fax Parameter incorrect RAP
133-211 Fax Parameter Value Invalid RAP
133-212 Fax Read Error- No Data RAP
133-213 Fax Read Error- Invalid Data RAP
133-214 Fax USB Open Failure in Initializing RAP
133-215 Fax USB Device Fatal Error RAP
133-216 Fax USB Host Fatal Error RAP
133-217 Fax Manager Short of Memory RAP
133-218 Fax Card Message Library Short of Memory RAP
133-219 Fax Short of Work Memory RAP
133-220 Fax Control task detects Error RAP
133-221 Fax Card not respond when system is Booting RAP
133-222 Fax Card does not respond intervalley RAP
133-223 Fax Card Reset RAP
133-224 Controller ROM Fax Card ROM mismatch RAP
133-225 Fax address book illegal setting RAP
133-280 Fax Option Slot1 Board Failure RAP
133-281 Received unknown message RAP
133-282 Fax Card download Failure RAP
134-xxx Fax Card
134-210 Fax Controller Parameter Invalid RAP
134-211 Fax Card Main Board Failure RAP
202-xxx Timer
202-399 Timer Internal Failure RAP
Other Faults
OF 1 Paper Size Mismatch In Width RAP
OF 2 Size Switch Assy RAP
OF 3 Main Drive Assy RAP

Image Quality RAPs
IQ1 IOT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ2 IIT Image Quality Entry RAP
IQ3 Low Image Density RAP
IQ4 Wrinkled Image RAP
IQ5 Residual Image (Ghosting) RAP
IQ6 Background RAP
IQ7 Deletion RAP
IQ8 Skew/Misregistration RAP
IQ9 Process Direction Bands, Streaks and Smears RAP
IQ10 Unfused Copy/Toner Offset RAP
IQ11 Repeating Bands, Streaks, Spots and Smears RAP
IQ12 Mottle RAP
IQ13 Spots RAP
IQ14 Black Prints RAP
IQ15 Blank Image RAP
Copy Quality Specifications
Copy Quality Specifications
IQS1 Solid Area Density Specification
IQS2 Uniformity Specification
IQS3 Exposure Level Specification
IQS4 Lead Edge Registration Specification
IQS5 Side Edge Registration Specification
IQS6 Skew Specification
IQS7 Lead Edge Deletion Specification
IQS8 Trail Edge Deletion Specification
IQS9 Side Edge Deletion Specification
IQS10 Resolution Specification
IQS11 Skips And Smears Specification
IQS12 Magnification Specification
IQS13 Background Specification
Defect Samples
Image Defect Samples
Auger Mark
Strobing (28mm or 14mm Pitch Density)
White Streaks (Process Direction)
Black Bands
Toner Contamination
Toner Splattering
White Spots (Irregular)
Transparency Offset (80mm Pitch Ghosts)
Regular Blanks In Process Direction (Spots, Streaks, Bands etc.)
Regular Toner Contamination In Process Direction (Spots, Streaks, Bands etc.)
Regular Toner Contamination In Process Direction (Side 2)
Transparency Blocking
Moire Due To Interference With Copy Original
Light Background Due To Auto Exposure In Copies Of Originals With Frames
Fluctuation In Auto Exposure Values For Copies Of Originals Of Medium Density
Gradation Jump In Text & Photo Mode For 100 lpi Photo Originals
CVT (Constant Velocity Transport) Scan Streaks
Defects Related To Scan Print
Moire In Text Mode (Fine) B/W Scan/Fax For 133 lpi Originals
Black Discoloration Around White Texts In Medium Density Background

1. Drives
REP 1.1.1 Main Drive Assembly
REP 1.1.2 Takeaway Motor Assembly
2. Paper Transportation
REP 2.1.1 Feeder 1 Assembly
REP 2.1.2 Feeder 2 Assembly
REP 2.3.1 Tray Feed/Nudger/Retard Roll
REP 2.4.1 Registration Unit
REP 2.5.1 Takeaway Roll
REP 2.6.1 BTR Roll
REP 2.6.2 L/H Upper Cover Unit
3. ROS
REP 3.1.1 ROS Unit
4. Xerographics/Development
REP 4.1.1 Xero/Developer Cartridge
REP 4.1.2 Toner Cartridge
REP 4.2.1 Dispense Motor
5. Fuser
REP 5.1.1 Fuser Unit
6. Exit
REP 6.1.1 Exit2 + OCT2
7. MPT
REP 7.1.1 MPT Assembly
REP 7.2.1 MPT Feed Roll/Retard Pad
9. Electrical Components
10. Covers
REP 10.1.1 Top Cover Assembly
REP 10.2.1 Rear Lower Cover
11. IIT
REP 11.1.1 Platen Cushion
REP 11.1.2 Control Panel Assembly
REP 11.3.1 Platen Glass
REP 11.4.1 Lens Kit Assembly
REP 11.5.1 Carriage Cable
REP 11.5.2 Carriage Motor Assembly
REP 11.6.1 Exposure Lamp
REP 11.6.2 Lamp Wire Harness
12. Tray Module – 2T
REP 12.1.1 Tray 3 Feeder
REP 12.1.2 Tray 4 Feeder
REP 12.3.1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 12.6.1 2TM PWB
13. Tray Module – TT
REP 13.1.1 Tray 3 Assembly
REP 13.1.2 Tray 4 Assembly
REP 13.3.1 Front/Rear Tray Cable
REP 13.4.1 Tray 4 Feeder
REP 13.5.1 Tray 3 Feeder
REP 13.6.1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Roll
REP 13.8.1 TTM PWB
15. DADF
REP 15.1.1 DADF
REP 15.1.2 DADF Platen Cushion
REP 15.2.1 DADF Document Tray
REP 15.2.2 DADF Feeder Assembly
REP 15.2.3 DADF Front Cover
REP 15.2.4 DADF Rear Cover
REP 15.3.2 Left Counter Balance
REP 15.3.3 Right Counter Balance
REP 15.4.1 Retard Roll
REP 15.4.2 Top Cover Assembly
REP 15.6.1 Nudger Roll, Feed Roll
REP 15.8.1 Registration Roll
16. Finisher
REP 16.1.1 H-Transport Assembly
REP 16.1.2 Finisher Assembly
REP 16.3.1 H-Transport Belt
REP 16.4.1 Front Cover Assembly
REP 16.4.2 Rear Cover
REP 16.5.1 Stack Height Sensor Assembly
REP 16.5.2 Eject Roll Assembly
REP 16.6.2 Finisher Drive Motor
REP 16.7.1 Belt
REP 16.8.1 Rail
REP 16.8.2 Staple Assembly
REP 16.9.1 Compiler Tray Assembly
REP 16.10.1 Stacker Motor Assembly
REP 16.10.2 Elevator Belt Assembly
REP 16.11.1 Paddle Gear Shaft
REP 16.12.1 Finisher PWB
4. Xerographics/Development
ADJ 4.1.1 Toner Density Adjustment
7. MPT
ADJ 7.1.1 Tray 5 (Bypass) Guide Adjustment (MPT Guide Adjustment)
9. Electrical Components
ADJ 9.1.1 IOT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration
ADJ 9.2.1 Edge Erase Value Adjustment
ADJ 9.3.1 Firmware Version Downloading
11. IIT
ADJ 11.1.1 IIT Lead Edge/Side Edge Registration
ADJ 11.2.1 Reduce/Enlarge Adjustment
ADJ 11.3.1 UI Alignment
ADJ 11.6.1 Full/Half Rate Carriage Position Adjustment
15. DADF
ADJ 15.1.1 DADF Side Edge Registration
ADJ 15.1.3 DADF Non-Standard Sized Original Customized Registration Function
ADJ 15.1.4 DADF Lead Edge Registration
ADJ 15.1.5 DADF Height Adjustment
ADJ 15.1.6 DADF Position Adjustment

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
1. Drives
PL 1.1 Main Drive
2. Paper Transportation
PL 2.1 Tray, Feeder 1/2 Assembly
PL 2.2 Tray 1/2
PL 2.3 Feeder 1/2 Assembly
PL 2.4 Registration
PL 2.5 Vertical Transport Cover
PL 2.6 Transfer Cover Assembly
PL 2.7 L/H Upper Chute Assembly
PL 2.8 L/H Upper Cover Assembly
3. ROS
PL 3.1 ROS
4. Xerographics/Development
PL 4.1 CRU, Toner Cartridge
PL 4.2 Toner System
5. Fuser
PL 5.1 Fuser Unit
6. Exit
PL 6.1 Exit
PL 6.2 Exit 1
PL 6.3 L/H Upper Chute Assembly
PL 6.4 Tray Guide Assembly
PL 6.5 L/H Upper Chute Assembly
PL 6.6 Tray Guide Assembly
7. MPT
PL 7.1 MPT Assembly
PL 7.2 Lower Frame Assembly
PL 7.3 MPT Tray Assembly
8. Duplex
PL 8.1 Duplex Unit
PL 8.2 Inner Chute Assembly
9. Electrical Components
PL 9.1 Electrical
PL 9.2 ESS
PL 9.3 FAX Unit
PL 9.4 Wire Harness
10. Covers
PL 10.1 Cover-Front, Left
PL 10.2 Cover-Rear, Right
11. IIT
PL 11.1 Platen/Cover
PL 11.2 Control Panel
PL 11.3 Platen Glass
PL 11.4 CCD PWB, Sensor
PL 11.5 Carriage Cable/Motor
PL 11.6 Full/Half Rate Carriage
12. Tray Module – 2T
PL 12.1 Tray, Feeder Assembly-2Tray
PL 12.2 Tray 3/4 Assembly-2Tray
PL 12.3 Tray 3/4 Feeder-2Tray
PL 12.4 Left Cover-2Tray
PL 12.5 Takeaway Roll-2Tray
PL 12.6 Electrical-2Tray
PL 12.7 Cover-2Tray
13. Tray Module – TT
PL 13.1 Tray 3/4 Assembly-Tandem Tray
PL 13.2 Tray 3 Assembly-Tandem Tray
PL 13.3 Tray 4 Assembly-Tandem Tray
PL 13.4 Paper Feed (1/2)-Tandem Tray
PL 13.5 Paper Feed (2/2)-Tandem Tray
PL 13.6 Tray 3/4 Feeder-Tandem Tray
PL 13.7 Left Cover Assembly-Tandem Tray
PL 13.8 Electrical-Tandem Tray
PL 13.9 Cover-Tandem Tray
14. Mobile Stand
PL 14.1 Mobile Stand
15. DADF
PL 15.1 DADF Accessory
PL 15.2 DADF Component, Cover
PL 15.3 DADF Base Cover Component
PL 15.4 DADF Feeder Component
PL 15.5 Top Cover Component
PL 15.6 Takeaway Pinch Roll, Nudger Motor, Nudger/Feed Roll
PL 15.7 DADF Feeder-Chute
PL 15.8 DADF Feeder-Roll
PL 15.9 Motor Unit
PL 15.10 DADF Document Tray
16. Finisher
PL 16.1 Finisher Unit
PL 16.2 H-Transport Assembly (1/2)
PL 16.3 H-Transport Assembly (2/2)
PL 16.4 Cover
PL 16.5 Top Open Cover and Eject Roll
PL 16.6 Paper Transport (1/2)
PL 16.7 Paper Transport (2/2)
PL 16.8 Staple Unit
PL 16.9 Compiler Tray Assembly
PL 16.10 Elevator
PL 16.11 Exit
PL 16.12 Electrical
PL 16.13 LVPS
PL 16.14 Rack
Common Hardware
Common Hardware
Part Number Index

How to use UI Diagnostics
UI Diagnostic Mode
Various Reports
Jam Report
Failure Report
Shutdown Report
Diagnostics (NVM Read/Write)
NVM Read/Write
Controller & Fax NVM List
Diagnostics (Others)
Serial Number/Billing Meter Data
Reading HFSI
Initialize HFSI Counters
Adjust Toner Density
Tray5 (Bypass) Guide Adjustment
Initialize NVM
Component Control
Hard Disk Diagnostic Program
Test Pattern Print
Webpage Administrator Password
Center Tray Offsetting
E-Mail Icon
FAX Output Separation
General Procedures
GP 1 Intermittent Problem RAP
GP 2 Fax Diagnostics
GP 3 Resetting the Administrator Password
GP 4 Replacing Billing PWBs
GP 5 Printing Reports
GP 6 Special Boot Modes
GP 7 Country Code Setting
GP 8 Firmware Version
General Information
Space Requirements
Product Specs
Common Tools
Product Tools and Test Patterns
Log Book Storage
Cleaning Materials
Machine Consumables
Glossary of Terms
Change Tag Information
Change Tag Introduction
IOT/Processor (P) Tags

Plug/Jack Locations
Plug/Jack Locations
7.3.1 Wire Net AC POWER (HOT)
7.3.2 Wire Net AC POWER (NUT)
7.3.3 Wire Net +3.3VDC-1
7.3.4 Wire Net +3.3VDC-2
7.3.5 Wire Net DC COM(+3.3VRTN)-1
7.3.6 Wire Net DC COM(+3.3VRTN)-2
7.3.7 Wire Net +5VDC-1
7.3.8 Wire Net +5VDC-2
7.3.9 Wire Net +5VDC-3
7.3.10 Wire Net +5VDC-4
7.3.11 Wire Net +5VDC-5
7.3.12 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-1
7.3.13 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-2
7.3.14 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-3
7.3.15 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-4
7.3.16 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-5
7.3.17 Wire Net DC COM (+5VRTN)-6
7.3.18 Wire Net +24VDC-1
7.3.19 Wire Net +24VDC-2
7.3.20 Wire Net +24VDC-3
7.3.21 Wire Net +24VDC-4
7.3.22 Wire Net +24VDC-5
7.3.23 Wire Net DC COM (+24VRTN)-1
7.3.24 Wire Net DC COM (+24VRTN)-2
7.3.25 Finisher Wire Net +5VDC
7.3.26 Finisher Wire Net DC COM(+5VRTN)
7.3.27 Finisher Wire Net +24VDC
7.3.28 Finisher Wire Net DC COM (+24VRTN)
Chain 1 Standby Power
Chain 2 User Interface
Chain 3 Machine Run Control
Chain 4 Start Print Power
Chain 5 Document Transportation
Chain 6 Imaging
Chain 7 Paper Supply
Chain 8 Paper Feed and Transportation
Chain 9 Xerographics
Chain 10 Copy Transportation and Fusing
Chain 12 Finishing
Chain 16 Printer
Chain 17 FAX

8.1 Fax Kit
8.2 Foreign Interface

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