Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List Xerox WorkCentre 6400 is the full Service Rapairs Manual;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Xerox WorkCentre.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual & Parts list. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Xerox WorkCentre 6400. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Printer Introduction and Overview
Technical Support Information
Printer Configurations
Parts of the Printer
Front and Side Views
Rear View
Internal Components
Hard Disk Drives
Duplex Unit
Control Panel Configurations
Printer Options
Printer Stand
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Unit (Tray 3 and Tray 4)
Foreign Device Interface
Maintenance and Consumable Items
Printer Specifications
Scanning Specifications
Copy Specifications
Fax Specifications
Memory Specifications
Environment Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Print Speed
Warm-Up Time
First Print Output Time
First Copy Output Time
Image Specifications
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
Printer Dimensions
Mounting Surface Specifications
Paper and Tray Specifications
Toner Cartridge Life
Maintenance Function
Firmware Update
Controller Functions
Capture, Print, Save, and Reprint
Contention Management
Interrupt Printing
Job Priority Setup
Secure Print
Workflow Scanning
Information Pages and Reports
Information Pages
Support Pages
Table of Contents
xxii WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual

Table of Contents
WorkCentre 6400 Operational Overview
System Overview
Major Assemblies and Functions
Image Creation, Transfer, and Fixing
Paper Path of the Printer
Paper Path Route
Image Input Terminal
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Scanner Assembly
Image Output Terminal
Electrical Components
Laser Unit
Toner Cartridge and Level Detection
Waste Toner Collection
Imaging Unit
Ozone Ventilation Mechanism
Transfer Belt (1st Image Transfer)
Transfer Roller (2nd Image Transfer Roller)
Paper Feed (Tray 1)
Paper Feed (Tray 2)
IDC Sensor (Density Control)
Registration Roller
Horizontal Transport
Image Quality Control (Image Stabilization)
Fan Assemblies
Duplex Unit
Duplex Reverse Mechanism
Paper Transport and Duplex Paper Feed
Duplex 2-Sided Printing Method
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder
Drive Mechanism
Paper Feed Control
Paper Path
Paper Transport
Top Tray Transport
Main Tray Transport
Main Tray
Stapling Unit
WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual xxiii
Table of Contents

System Status Embedded Page
Status Messages and Faults
Servicing Instructions
Messages, Chain Link Codes, and Procedures
Fault Codes Summary
Status Message Summary
Fault Codes
The Front Door is Open
All LED’s are Blinking
Invalid Service Registry
Extensible Services are not available
System Fault
System Fault
Image Disk is Offline
System Fault
Unknown Printer Error
System Fault
System Fault
Upgrade Failure
Software Reset
System Fault
Fax Service Error
NVM Autosave Error
System Fault
System Fault
Finisher Error
Paper Jam at the Output Tray
Paper Jam in the Document Feeder
Scanner Fault
Scanner Fault
System Fault
Document Feeder is not Available
System Fault
System Fault
Misfeed in Tray 1
Misfeed in Tray 2
Misfeed in Tray 3/4
Paper Jam Behind the Duplex Door/Feed Area
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Auto Calibration Failed
Paper Jam Under the Control Panel
Paper Jam Behind the Right Side Door
Paper Jam Behind the Right Side Door
Fuser System Error
Fuser System Error
Fuser System Error
Table of Contents
xxiv WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Finisher Error
Paper Jam in the Finisher Transport Area
Paper Jam at Finisher Top Output Tray
Paper Jam at Finisher Main Output Tray
Staple Jam in the Finisher
Scanner Fault
Document Feeder (DADF) Disconnected
Scanner Fault
Internal Communication Error
Network Controller Internal Error
Out of Memory
Fax Services Cannot Register/ Unregister
A Fax Memory Error has Occurred
Fax Line 1 Unavailable or No Dial Tone Detected
Network Controller Error
Output Device Configuration Mismatch
System Fault
Tray 3 or Tray 4 Right Side Door is Open
Close Duplex Door
Close Finisher Top Cover
Lower the Control Panel Door
The Finisher Front Door is Open
Document Feeder Cover is Open
The Right Side Door is Open
Duplex Unit Error
Tray 1 Assembly Error
Xerographic System Error
Xerographic System Error
Status Messages
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black Toner Cartridge is Missing or not Seated Properly
Finisher Main Tray is Full
Finisher Top Tray is Full
Fuser is Missing or Not Installed Correctly
Install or Reseat Imaging Unit
Non-Xerox Imaging Unit in Use
Output Tray is Full (No Finisher)
Tray 2 is Empty – Add Paper
Tray 2 is Open
Tray 3 or 4 is Empty – Add Paper
Tray 3 or Tray 4 is Open
WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual xxv
Table of Contents

System Startup
Power On Self Test (POST)
Service Diagnostics
Entering Service Diagnostics
Using Service Diagnostics
Service Diagnostics Menu Map
Menu Map (page 1 of 2)
Menu Map (page 2 of 2)
Printer Components
Engine Motors and Clutches
ADF Motors and Clutches
ADF Sensors
Engine Sensors and Switches
Sensors (Paper Path)
Duplex Unit Components
Duplex Unit Sensors and Motors
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Components
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Sensors, Switches, Clutch, Motor, and Board
Finisher Components
Finisher Sensors, Solenoids, Motors, and Switch
Finisher Sensors, Solenoids, Motors, and Board
Finisher Tray Sensors and Motor
Finisher Paper Path Sensors
Service Diagnostics Tests
Service Diagnostic Routines
Service Info
dc104 – Usage Counters
dc108 – Software Version
dc120 – Fault Counters
dc122 – Fault History
dc135 – CRU/HFSI
dc140 – Analog Monitor
dc312 – Network Echo Test
dc330 – Component Control
dc575 – Scanner Test
dc612 – Print Test Pattern
dc640 – Video Path Integrity
dc103 – Billing Plan
dc120 – Fault Counters
dc122 – Fault History
dc135 – CRU/HFSI Status and Reset
dc137 – PagePack
Call Closeout
Service Mode Exit
General Troubleshooting
Entering Machine Status/ Tools Menu
Resetting UI to Factory Settings
Software Reset
Service Copy Mode
Control Panel Troubleshooting
Control Panel LED’s Do Not Light
Control Panel LED’s are On, Control Panel Display is Blank
Inoperable Printer Troubleshooting
Printer Continually Displays “The Fuser is Warming Up”
System Does Not Respond
Power Cycle the Printer
AC Power Supply Troubleshooting
DC Power Supply Troubleshooting
Image Processor Board Troubleshooting
DADF Troubleshooting
Frequent Paper Jam
Frequent Double Feed and Skew
Scanner Troubleshooting
Scanner Fault Troubleshooting
Fax Troubleshooting
Initial Fax Checks
Fax Troubleshooting Tools
Fax Troubleshooting Procedures
Troubleshooting Sending or Receiving a Fax
Operating System and Application Problems
Verify Settings
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server Troubleshooting
Verify Driver Installation
Macintosh Troubleshooting (Mac OS 10.3 and Higher)
UNIX/ Linux

Print-Quality Problems Overview
Defects Associated with Printer, DADF, and Scanner Components
Checklist Before Troubleshooting Print-Quality
Checking the Printer Condition
Print-Quality Troubleshooting Pages and Test Patterns
Accessing Troubleshooting Print-Quality Pages
Print Test Patterns (dc612)
Cyan 50 Fill
Magenta 50 Fill
Yellow 50 Fill
Black 50 Fill
Manufacturing Test Page 1/ Registration Print
Manufacturing Test 2/ Delta-E Print
Manufacturing Test 3/ Ghosting Print
Print-Quality Troubleshooting Pages
Print-Quality Specifications
Environmental Condition
Quality Paper
Paper Storage and Condition
Printer Condition
WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual xxvii
Table of Contents
Troubleshooting Procedures
Print-Quality and Copy/ Scan Defect Definitions
Repeating Defect Measurement
Print-Quality Troubleshooting
Vertical Bands, Voids, or Streaks in All Colors
Horizontal Bands, Voids, or Streaks
Uneven Density in the Feed Direction
Uneven Density in the Scan Direction
Light Prints
Gradation Reproduction Failure
Background Contamination
Poor Color Reproduction
Void Areas or White Spots
Random Spots
Blurred Image
Blank Print
Black Print
Color Registration
Incomplete Fusing or Cold Offset
Residual Image, Ghosting, or Hot Offset
Smudges or Smears
Smears or Streaks on Back Side of Page
Uneven Pitch
Defects in One Color (C, M, Y, or K)
Damaged Paper
Copy/Scan Troubleshooting
Lines, Spots, Streaks & Smears
Background Color, Text, and Images on Copies are Too Light, Too Dark, or Blurry
Damaged Paper
Wavy Lines
Spots Present in Copies
Image Does Not Appear
Large Jitter
Image Mis-registered
Image Unclear

Accessing the Service Diagnostics
Accessing the Machine Status/Tools Menu
Tray Adjustment (Tray 3/4 Margins)
dc130 – Image Position (Margin Adjustment)
dc131 – NVM Read/Write
dc301 – NVM Initialization
dc361 – NVM Save and Restore
dc608 – Document Feeder Registration
dc609 – Document Glass Registration
dc909 – Calibrate for Paper Type
dc936 – Image Quality Calibration
dc960 – Altitude Adjustment
Color Calibration
Altitude Adjustment
Calibrate Paper Type
Document Feeder Registration
Document Glass Registration
Image Position (Margin Adjustment)
Image Quality Calibration
Control Panel Diagnostics
Scanner Calibration

Service Maintenance Procedure
Recommended Tools
Cleaning the Control Panel
Inspecting and Cleaning the DADF Feed Rollers and Pads
Cleaning the Tray 1 Feed Roller
Cleaning the Tray 2/3/4 Feed Roller
Cleaning the Duplex Unit Feed Rollers
Cleaning the Tray 3/4 Transport Rollers
Cleaning the Laser Lens
Cleaning the IDC Sensor
Cleaning the Document Glass
RIP (Repair, Inspect, and Prevent) Procedure

Table of Contents
Standard Orientation of the Printer
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Fastener Types
Maintenance Items and Consumables
Tray 1 Separation Roller Assembly (PL5.25)
Tray 1 Feed Roller (PL5.29)
Toner Cartridge (Y/M/C/K) (PL6.19 – 6.22)
Imaging Unit (Y/M/C/K) (PL6.23 – 6.26)
Ozone Filter (PL7.17)
Waste Cartridge (PL9.09)
Transfer Belt (PL14.16)
Transfer Roller (PL16.20)
Fuser Unit (PL18.01)
Tray 2/3/4 Separation Roller Assembly (PL21.7, PL32.22)
Tray 2 Feed Roller (PL21.27)
Tray 3/4 Feed Roller (PL32.05)
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF)
DADF Separator (Feed) Roller Assembly (PL1.02)
DADF Paper Tray Assembly (PL1.04)
DADF Top Cover Assembly (PL1.05)
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder Assembly (PL1.06)
DADF Separator Pad Assembly (PL1.01), Holder Assemblies (PL1.07, PL1.08), Pressure Spring (PL1.09)8-40
WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual xxix
Table of Contents
Scanner Assembly
Scanner Assembly (PL2.01)
Control Panel (PL2.12)
Rear Cover (PL3.02)
Right Rear Cover (PL3.03)
Right Front Cover (PL3.05)
Front Door Assembly (PL3.10)
Left Side Cover (PL3.26)
Paper Trays
Tray 1 (PL5.12)
Tray 2 Paper Size Switch (PL7.11)
Tray 2 Paper Size Switch Actuator (PL7.12)
Tray 2 Paper Empty Sensor (PS8) (PL9.04)
Tray 2 Paper Empty Sensor Actuator (PL9.05)
Tray 2 (PL21.28)
Paper Feed and Registration
Pressure/ Retraction Clutch-1 (CL4) (PL12.06)
Vertical Transport Assembly (Right Door) (PL15.01)
Registration Clutch (CL2) (PL16.18)
Registration Roller Assembly (PL16.22)
Upper Horizontal Transport Assembly (PL17.37)
Lower Horizontal Transport Assembly (PL17.48)
Fuser Pawl (PL18.04)
Paper Exit Assembly (PL19.25)
Tray 2 Separation Roller Clutch (PL21.26)
Control Panel PWB (PL2.14-15), Control Panel LCD Assembly (PL2.16), Ribbon Cables (PL2.17-19)
Toner Low Sensor Board (TLSB) Assembly (PL6.18)
Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) (PL10.17)
Temperature/ Humidity Sensor (PL11.01)
Registration Sensor (PS9) (PL11.04)
OHP Sensor (PS5) (PL11.28)
Image Density Control Sensor Board (IDCSB) (Front and Rear) (PL14.13)
Hard Disk Drives (PL20.03)
RF Protective Shield (PL20.04)
Image Processor Board (PL20.07)
MCU Board (Engine Control Board) (PL20.09)
High Voltage Power Supply-1 (PL20.16)
High Voltage Power Supply-2 (PL20.21)
Card Cage (PL20.27)
Fax Board (PL20.42)
NVM Module (PL20.43)
RAM (PL20.44)
CRUM Reader (PL6.02)
Waste Toner Auger Assembly (PL8.21)
Front Imaging Unit Holder (PL9.10)
Rear Imaging Unit Holder (PL9.11)
Laser Unit (PL10.11)
Drive Assembly
Pressure/ Retraction Sensor 2 (PS13) (PL11.4)
2nd Image Transfer Pressure/ Retraction Drive Assembly (PL11.8)
Paper Take-Up Drive Assembly (PL12.15)
Main Drive Assembly (PL12.22)
Hopper Drive Assembly (PL13.20)
Fans and Motors
Ozone Ventilation Fan (FM13) (PL7.20)
DC Power Supply Fan (FM11) (PL13.02)
Fuser Fan (FM12) (PL13.02)
LVPS Cooling Fan (FM14) (PL20.05)
I/P Board Cooling Fan (FM15) (PL20.11)
Color Photo Conductor Drum Motor (M3) (IBT Motor) (PL12.01)
Developer Motor K (M5) (PL12.02)
Intermediate Transport Motor (M1) (PL12.02)
Fuser Motor (M2) (PL12.04)
Toner Supply Motor (Y/M) (M6) (PL13.22)
Toner Supply Motor (C/K) (M7) (PL13.22)
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Board (PL28.11)
Tray 3/4 Paper Size Switch Actuator (PL28.12)
Tray 3/4 Paper Size Switch (PL28.14)
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder (PL28.25)
Tray 3/4 Paper Feed Sensor Actuator (PL29.19)
Tray 3/4 Paper Feed Clutch-1 (CL6) (PL30.03)
Transport Motor (M16) (PL30.12)
Tray 3/4 (PL31.24)
Duplex Unit Right Cover (PL22.12)
Duplex Unit Reverse Motor (M9) (PL22.13)
Duplex Unit (PL22.23)
Duplex Unit Control Board (PL23.12)
Duplex Unit Transport Motor (M8) (PL23.13)
Finisher (Option)
Finisher Rear Cover (PL35.01)
Finisher Front Cover (PL35.04)
Finisher Assembly (PL35.09)
Finisher Cover Assembly (PL36.01)
Paper Level Sensor (PS9/ PS10) (PL36.14)
Finisher Right Plate (PL37.01)
Switch Assembly (MS1) (PL37.08)
Finisher Top Right Cover (PL38.04)
Entrance Sensor (PS1) (PL38.10)
Neutralizing Brush Assembly (PL38.17)
Finisher Top Tray (PL38.18)
Paper Exit Assembly (PL38.24)
Finisher Guide Assembly (PL38.25)
Finisher Entrance Solenoid (SL1) (PL39.05)
Finisher Roll Assembly (PL40.07)
Storage Section Sensor (PS7) (PL41.02)
Roller Assembly (PL44.15)
Stapler Assembly (PL45.11)
Alignment Belt Up/ Down Solenoid (SL3) (PL46.04)
Finisher Control Board (PL46.16)
Finisher Transport Motor (M3) (PL46.20)
Finisher Exit Motor (M4) (PL46.20)
Finisher Motor Fan (FM1) (PL46.24)
Finisher Exit Roller Up/ Down Motor (M5) (PL47.05)
Finisher Main Tray (PL48.18)
Printer Stand (Option)
Stand Assembly (PL49.01)

Serial Number Format
Using the Parts List
Overview Parts
Parts List – Overview
Print Engine Parts
Parts List 1.0 Duplex Automatic Document Feeder Assembly
Parts List 2.0 Scanner Assembly
Parts List 3.0 Covers
Parts List 4.0 Main Frame
Parts List 5.0 Tray 1 (Manual Feed)
Parts List 6.0 Imaging Unit Rail
Parts List 7.0 Imaging Unit Contact
Parts List 8.0 Waste Toner Transport (1 of 2)
Parts List 9.0 Waste Toner Transport (2 of 2)
Parts List 10.0 LVPS/ Laser Unit
Parts List 11.0 Drive (1 of 3) – 2nd Transfer Pressure/ Retraction
Parts List 12.0 Drive (2 of 3) – Main Drive
Parts List 13.0 Drive (3 of 3) – Toner Supply (Hopper)
Parts List 14.0 Transfer Belt Unit
Parts List 15.0 Vertical Transport Unit (1 of 2)
Parts List 16.0 Vertical Transport Unit (2 of 2)
Parts List 17.0 Horizontal Transport Unit
Parts List 18.0 Fuser Unit
Parts List 19.0 Paper Exit
Parts List 20.0 Electrical Components
Parts List 21.0 500-Sheet Tray
Parts List 22.0 Duplex Unit (1 of 2)
Parts List 23.0 Duplex Unit (2 of 2)
Parts List 24.0 Wiring (1 of 2)
Parts List 25.0 Wiring (2 of 2)
Parts List 26.0 Wiring Accessories
Parts List 27.0 Accessories
Option – 500-Sheet Feeder
Parts List 28.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (1 of 7)
Parts List 29.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (2 of 7) – Paper Take-up Section
Parts List 30.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (3 of 7) – Drive Section
Parts List 31.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (4 of 7) – Paper Feed Tray Section
Parts List 32.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (5 of 7) – Paper Feed Tray Section
Parts List 33.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (6 of 7) – Wiring Accessories
Parts List 34.0 Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3/4 (7 of 7) – Accessory Parts
Option – Finisher
Parts List 35.0 Cover (1 of 2)
Parts List 36.0 Cover (2 of 2)
Parts List 37.0 Frame
Parts List 38.0 Paper Entrance
Parts List 39.0 Paper Transport (1 of 2)
Parts List 40.0 Paper Transport (2 of 2)
Parts List 41.0 Alignment (1 of 2)
Parts List 42.0 Alignment (2 of 2)
Parts List 43.0 Storage (1 of 2)
Parts List 44.0 Storage (2 of 2)
Parts List 45.0 Stapler Unit
Parts List 46.0 Drive (1 of 2)
Parts List 47.0 Drive (2 of 2)
Parts List 48.0 Main Tray
Option – Printer Cart
Parts List 49.0 Printer Stand
Xerox Supplies and Accessories
Service Kits/Tools

Plug/Jack Diagrams and Designators
Main Body Plug/Jack Designators (including Duplexer)
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Plug/Jack Designators
Finisher Plug/Jack Designators
Plug/Jack Locators
Map 1 – LVPS (DCPU)
Map 2 – HVPS-1 (HV1)
Map 3 – HVPS-2 (HV2)
Map 4 – Image Processor Board
Map 5 – MCU Board (Engine Control Board)
Map 6 – Duplex Unit Board (ADCB)
Map 7 – Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Board (PCCB)
Map 8 – Finisher Control Board (FSCB)
Notations Used in the Wiring Diagrams
Print Engine Wiring Diagrams
General Wiring Diagram Configurations
Print Engine Wiring Diagram Configurations
General Wiring Diagram – Print Engine
General Wiring Diagram – Print Engine
General Wiring Diagram – DADF
General Wiring Diagram – Scanner
Print Engine – Duplex Unit, Optional Finisher, Optional 500-Sheet Feeder
Print Engine – MCU Board (Engine Control Board), DIMMs
Print Engine – Image Processor Board, Laser Drive Boards
Print Engine – HVPS-1
Print Engine – HVPS-2
Print Engine – Image Processor Board, LVPS, Power Switch
Print Engine – Hard Drives, User Interface Board, I/P Board Cooling Fan
Print Engine – Fuser, Paper Full Sensor, Exit Sensor, Switches
Print Engine – Developer Motors
Print Engine – Toner Low Sensor Board, Toner Bottles
Print Engine – Toner Supply Motors, Sensors
Print Engine – IDC Sensor Boards, Temperature/ Humidity Sensor
Print Engine – Waste Toner Sensor, Motors, Fans
Print Engine – Duplex Unit Control Board
Print Engine – Duplex Unit Control Board, Transport Motor, Reverse Motor
Print Engine – DADF
Print Engine – DADF
Print Engine – DADF
Print Engine – Scanner
Print Engine – Scanner
WorkCentre 6400 Service Manual xxxiii
Table of Contents
Options Wiring Diagrams
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Wiring Diagram Configurations
Finisher Wiring Diagram Configurations
Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Board
Tray 3/4 Optional 500-Sheet Feeder Board
Finisher Control Board (FSCB)
Finisher – Sensors
Finisher – Stapler Cover Switch, Sensors
Finisher – Motors, Sensors
Finisher – Solenoids, Motors
Finisher – Fan and Align Motors, Entrance Solenoid

Firmware Update
Send DLM File via the WebUI
USB Upgrade
Back Channel Traces
Fault Codes
Status Codes
NVM Value
Copy Controller NVM
WorkCentre 6400 Menu Map
Menu Map (page 1)
Menu Map (page 2)
Menu Map (page 3)
Menu Map (page 4)
Menu Map (page 5)
Internal Page Samples
Graphics Demo Page
Office Demo Page
Copy Activity Report
Fax Activity Report
Fax Protocol Report (page 1)
Fax Protocol Report (page 2)
Fax Dial Directory Report
Fax Group Directory Report
Fax Options Report (page 1)
Fax Options Report (page 2)
Fax Pending Jobs Report
Cyan 50 Fill
Magenta 50 Fill
Yellow 50 Fill
Black 50 Fill
Manufacturing Test Page 1 / Registration Print
Manufacturing Test Page 2 / Delta-E Print
Manufacturing Test Page 3 / Ghosting Print
Repeating Defects
Fax Communication Commands Definitions
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Numbers of pages: 1164.