Canon iPF9000 iPF9000S iPF9100 Series Service Manual

Service Manual Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 imagePROGRAF iPF9000S imagePROGRAF iPF9100;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Canon.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 imagePROGRAF iPF9000S imagePROGRAF iPF9100. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Product Overview
1.1.1 Product Overview
1.2 Features
1.2.1 Features
1.2.2 Features
1.2.3 Features
1.2.4 Printhead
1.2.5 Ink tank
1.2.6 Ink tank
1.2.7 Cutter unit
1.2.8 Roll holder
1.2.9 Stand
1.2.10 Media take-up unit
1.2.11 Hard disk drive
1.2.12 Hard disk drive
1.2.13 Consumables
1.2.14 Consumables
1.3 Product Specifications
1.3.1 General Specifications
1.3.2 Product Specifications
1.3.3 Product Specifications
1.4 Detailed Specifications
1.4.1 Printing mode
1.4.2 Print Speed and Direction
1.4.3 Print Speed and Direction
1.4.4 Interface Specifications
1.5 Names and Functions of Components
1.5.1 Front
1.5.2 Rear
1.5.3 Top Cover (Inside)
1.5.4 Carriage
1.5.5 Ink Tank Cover (Inside)
1.5.6 Ink Tank Cover (Inside)
1.6 Basic Operation
1.6.1 Operation Panel
1.6.2 Main Menu
1.6.3 Main Menu
1.6.4 Basket Unit
1.7 Safety and Precautions
1.7.1 Safety Precautions Moving Parts Adhesion of Ink Electrical Parts
1.7.2 Other Precautions Printhead Ink tank Handling the Printer
1.7.3 Precautions When Servicing Printer Notes on the Data Stored in the Printer Confirming the Firmware Version Precautions against Static Electricity Precautions for Disassembly/Reassembly Self-diagnostic Feature Disposing of the Lithium Battery

2.1 Basic Operation Outline
2.1.1 Printer Diagram
2.1.2 Printer Diagram
2.1.3 Print Signal Sequence
2.1.4 Print Signal Sequence
2.1.5 Print Driving
2.1.6 Print Driving
2.1.7 Print Driving
2.2 Firmware
2.2.1 Operation Sequence at Power-on
2.2.2 Operation Sequence at Power-off
2.2.3 Print Control
2.2.4 Print Control
2.2.5 Print Control
2.2.6 Print Position Adjustment Function
2.2.7 Head Management
2.2.8 Printhead Overheating Protection Control
2.2.9 Pause between Pages
2.2.10 White Raster Skip
2.2.11 Sleep mode
2.2.12 Hard disk drive
2.3 Printer Mechanical System
2.3.1 Outline Outline
2.3.2 Ink Passage Ink Passage Ink Tank Unit Carriage Unit Printhead Purge Unit Maintenance Cartridge Air Flow
2.3.3 Paper Path Outline Paper Path Cutter Unit
2.4 Printer Electrical System
2.4.1 Outline Overview Overview
2.4.2 Main Controller Main controller PCB components Main controller PCB components
2.4.3 Carriage Relay PCB Carriage relay PCB components
2.4.4 Head Relay PCB Head relay PCB components Head relay PCB components
2.4.5 Motor Driver Media take-up PCB components
2.4.6 Maintenance Cartridge Relay PCB Maintenance cartridge relay PCB components
2.4.7 Power Supply Power supply block diagram
2.5 Detection Functions with Sensors
2.5.1 Sensors for covers
2.5.2 Ink passage system
2.5.3 Carriage system
2.5.4 Paper path system
2.5.5 Paper path system
2.5.6 Media take-up Unit
2.5.7 Others

3.1 Installation
3.1.1 Making Pre-Checks Making Pre-Checks Making Pre-Checks Making Pre-Checks
3.1.2 Unpacking and Installation Checking the Contents Checking the Contents Assembling the Stand Installing the Printer Installing the Media Take-up Unit Installing the Basket Removing Protection Materials
3.1.3 Checking the Images/Operations Checking the Image and Operation
3.2 Transporting the Printer
3.2.1 Transporting the Printer Transporting the Printer Transporting the Printer
3.2.2 Reinstalling the Printer Reinstalling the Printer

4.1 Service Parts
4.1.1 Service parts
4.2 Disassembly/Reassembly
4.2.1 Diassembly/Reassembly
4.3 Points to Note on Disassembly and Reassembly
4.3.1 Note on locations prohibited from disassembly
4.3.2 Moving the carriage manually
4.3.3 Units requiring draining of ink
4.3.4 External Covers
4.3.5 Drive Unit
4.3.6 Carriage Unit
4.3.7 Ink Tube Unit
4.3.8 Feeder Unit
4.3.9 Purge Unit
4.3.10 Ink Tank Unit
4.3.11 Linear Encoder
4.3.12 Head Management Sensor
4.3.13 PCBs
4.3.14 Opening the cap and moving the wiper unit
4.3.15 Opening and closing ink supply valves
4.3.16 Draining the ink
4.4 Applying the Grease
4.4.1 Applying the Grease
4.5 Adjustment and Setup Items
4.5.1 Adjustment Item List
4.5.2 Action to take after replacing the Carriage Unit or Multi Sensor
4.5.3 Action to take after replacing the Feed Roller Encoder or Feed Roller
4.5.4 Action to take after replacing the Head Management Sensor

5.1 Periodic Replacement Parts
5.1.1 Periodic Replacement Parts
5.2 Consumable Parts
5.2.1 Consumable Parts
5.2.2 Consumable Parts
5.2.3 Consumable Parts
5.3 Periodic Maintenance
5.3.1 Periodic Maintenance

6.1 Troubleshooting
6.1.1 Outline Outline of Troubleshooting
6.1.2 Troubleshooting When Warnings Occur Ink Level: Check Check maint cartridge capacity Ink tank is empty. Replace the ink tank No ink tank loaded. Check ink tank Close Ink Tank Cover End of paper feed. Cannot feed paper more Paper Type Wrong GARO W12xx Check printed document Prepare for parts replacement. Call for service Parts replacement time has passed. Call for service
6.1.3 Troubleshooting When Errors Occur 03870001-2015 Cutter error 03010000-200C/03010000-200E/03010000-200F/03010000-2017/03010000-2018/03016000-2010 multi sensor 03031000-2E0F Upper cover sensor error 03031101-2E10 Ink tank cover switch error 03031000-2E11 Carriage cover sensor error 03031000-2E12 Defective paper release lever 03010000-2016/03010000-2E27 Paper feed error 03010000-200D Cut media end error 03010000-2E1F/03060000-2E14/03060A00-2E00/03061000-2E15/03063000-2E08/03860002-2E02/03860002-2E0A/03860002-2E0C Path mismatch error 03862000-2E09 Insufficient roll media error 03890000-2920 Media take-up motor error 03890000-2921 Media take-up paper detection sensor error 03060A00-2E1B Roll media end error 03861001-2405/03861001-2406 Borderless printing error 03810104-2500/03810101-2501/03810102-2502/03810103-2503/03810112-2504/03810113-2505/03810106-2506/03810105-2508/03810115-2509/03810107-250A/03810109-250B/03810108-250C No ink error 03830104-2520/03830101-2521/03830102-2522/03830103-2523/03830112-2524/03830113-2525/03830106-2526/03830105-2528/03830115-2529/03830107-252A/03830109-252B/03830108-252C Ink tank is not installed. ( This error occurs when the ink tank is replaced.) 03800204-2540/03830201-2541/03830202-2542/03830203-2543/03830212-2544/03830213-2545/03830206-2546/03830205-2548/03830215-2549/03830207-254A/03830209-254B/03830208-254C Invalid ink tank ID 03830304-2560/03830301-2561/03830302-2562/03830303-2563/03830312-2564/03830313-2565/03830306-2566/03830305-2568/03830305-2568/03830315-2569/03830307-256A/03830309-256B/03830308-256C Ink tank EEPROM error 03810204-2570/03810201-2571/03810202-2572/03810203-2573/03810212-2574/03810213-2575/03810206-2576/03810205-2578/03810215-2579/03810207-257A/03810209-257B/03810208-257C Ink low error (occurs when replacing the printhead) 03810204-2580/03810201-2581/03810202-2582/03810203-2583/03810212-2584/03810213-2585/03810206-2586/03810205-2588/03810215-2589/03810207-258A/03810209-258B/03810208-258C Ink low error (occures when cleaning B is executed) 03810204-2590/03810201-2591/03810202-2592/03810203-2593/03810212-2594/03810213-2595/03810206-2596/03810205-2598/03810215-2599/03810207-259A/03810209-259B/03810208-259C Ink low error (occures when printing) 03800301-2801/03800201-2802/03800401-2803/03800201-2812/03800302-2809/03800202-280A/03800402-280B/03800202-2813 Printhead error 03800101-2800/03800102-2808/03800201-2804/03800202-2807 Printhead installing error 03800501-280D/03800502-280E Defective printhead nozzle 03841201-2816/03841201-2817/03841101-2818/03841001-2819/03841001-281B Maintenance cartridge error 03010000-2820/03010000-2821/03010000-2822/03010000-2823/03130031-2F32/03010000-2F33/ Adjustment error 03130031-260E Gap detection error 03130031-260F Gap adjustment error 03130031-2618 VH voltage abnormality error 03800500-2F2F/03800500-2F30 Head management sensor error 03130031-2F16 Mist fan error 03130031-2F17 Suction fan error 03030000-2E21 IEEE1394 Error 03130031-2F25 Carriage home position error 03130031-2F26/03130031-2F27 Carriage motor error 03130031-2F1F/03130031-2F20 Defective sensor in purge unit 03130031-2F22/03130031-2F23/03130031-2F2D Purge motor driving error 03130031-2F2A Feed roller home position error 03130031-2F3A valve open/close error 03130031-2F2E Roll media feeding error 03130031-2F28 Lift motor time out error 031A1002-2905/031A1002-2906 Hard disk preservation error 031A1001-2908/031A1006-2909 Hard disk error 03130031-2F13 A/D Converter external trigger output stopped 03130031-2F14 ASIC Register cannot be written 03900001-4042/03900001-4049 Firmware error E194-4034 Sensor calibration error
6.1.4 Troubleshooting When Service Call Errors Occur E141-4046 Recovery system’s count error E144-4047 Supply system’s count error E146-4001 Waste ink count full E161-403E/E161-403F Abnormally high head temperature E194-404A Non-discharge detection count error E196-4040/E196-4041/E196-4042/E196-4043/E196-4044/E196-4045 Main controller PCB error E198-401C/E198-401D/E198-401E RTC error E602-401A HDD failure E602-401B HDD connection error
6.2 Location of Connectors and Pin Arrangement
6.2.1 Main controller PCB
6.2.2 Main controller PCB
6.2.3 Carriage relay PCB
6.2.4 Head relay PCB
6.2.5 Head relay PCB
6.3 Version Up
6.3.1 Firmware Update Tool
6.4 Service Tools
6.4.1 Tool List

7.1 Service Mode
7.1.1 Service Mode Operation
7.1.2 Map of the Service Mode
7.1.3 Map of the Service Mode
7.1.4 Map of the Service Mode
7.1.5 Details of Service Mode
7.1.6 Details of Service Mode
7.1.7 Details of Service Mode
7.1.8 Sample Printout
7.1.9 Sample Printout
7.2 Special Mode
7.2.1 Special Modes for Servicing

Chapter 8. ERROR CODE
8.1 Outline
8.1.1 Outline
8.2 Warning Table
8.2.1 Warnings
8.3 Error Table
8.3.1 Errors
8.4 Sevice Call Table
8.4.1 Service call errors

Number of pages: 432.