Epson AcuLaser C8500 Service Manual

Service Manual Epson AcuLaser C8500;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Epson.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Epson AcuLaser C8500. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Features
1.2 Specifications
1.2.1 Basic Specifications
1.2.2 Paper Specifications Paper Types Paper Source Classification Printable Area
1.2.3 Reliability and Durability
1.2.4 Operating Environment
1.2.5 Environmental Conditions for Storage and Transportation and consumables)
1.2.6 Electrical Specifications
1.2.7 Process Specifications
1.2.8 Applicable Standards
1.2.9 Options and Consumable Products
1.2.10 Regularly Replaced Parts
1.2.11 Exterior View and Parts
1.2.12 Controller Specifications
1.2.13 Controller Configuration
1.3 Interface Specifications
1.3.1 Parallel Interface Specifications
1.3.2 Ethernet Interface
1.3.3 Type B Interface
1.4 Control Panel
1.4.1 Appearance and Descriptions LED Description
1.4.2 Button Functions
1.5 Service Functions
1.5.1 Hex Dump Mode
1.5.2 Support Mode
1.5.3 EEPROM Initialization
1.5.4 Panel Setting Value Initialization
1.5.5 Formatting the Flash ROM Module
1.5.6 Program ROM Update
1.5.7 ROM Module Copy
1.5.8 Maintenance Mode
1.5.9 Error Recovery Operation (CPU Reset)
1.6 Panel Setting
1.6.1 Setting Methods OneTouch mode SelecType mode
1.6.2 SelecType Setting Menu List
1.6.3 Details of Menus and Settings Printing Menu Tray Menu Config Menu Setup Menu Support Menu Toner Transfer Menu Maintenance Menu
1.7 RAM Expansion
1.8 Dimensions
1.9 Engine Restrictions

2.1 Print Process
2.1.1 Print Process Overview
2.1.2 Total Print Process Schematic Diagram
2.1.3 Print Process Technical Explanation Electrification Exposure Developing Primary Transfer (Drum –> Belt) Cleaning (Drum) Repeat (Complete Toner Image Forming) Secondary Transfer (Belt –> Paper) Electrical Discharge Cleaning (Belt) Fixing
2.2 Print Data Flow
2.2.1 Data Flow
2.3 Drive Transmission Route
2.3.5 INV MOTOR ASSY (Option Duplex)
2.3.6 Gear Layout Printer Option Duplex
2.4 Paper Feed
2.4.1 Paper Feed Path (When no options are installed)
2.4.2 Paper Feed Path (Option Duplex)
2.4.3 Paper Conveyance Path Layout
2.5 Function of Main Working Parts
2.5.1 Paper Cassette
2.5.2 Paper Feeder
2.5.3 MSI/Paper Transportation I
2.5.4 MSI/Paper Transportation II
2.5.5 Xerographics I
2.5.6 Xerographics II
2.5.7 Development
2.5.8 IBT I
2.5.9 IBT II
2.5.10 Fusing I
2.5.11 Fusing II
2.5.12 Paper Exit
2.5.13 Drive
2.5.14 Electrical
2.5.15 Option Duplex
2.6 Operation Mode
2.7 Control
2.7.1 Paper Size Control
2.7.2 Cassette 2/Cassette 3 paper size control
2.7.3 Paper Supply Unit Selection Control
2.7.4 OHP Front/Back Detection Control
2.7.5 ROS Control Scanner Motor Operation ROS Warm-Up Quantity of Light Control
2.7.6 Process Control Potential Control Toner Concentration Control (PCDC) Toner Concentration Control (ADC) ADC Solenoid Operation
2.7.7 XERO Operation when DRUM CARTRIDGE is Replaced DRUM CARTRIDGE Life Detection Control WASTE TONER BOX Full Detection Control
2.7.8 DEVE Home Position Detection Operation Toner Cartridge Presence Detection Position Toner Cartridge New/Old Detection Position Developing Position Detection Method Accompanying DEVE
2.7.9 IBT Control Primary Transfer (Drum –> Belt) Secondary Transfer (Belt–>Paper) Belt Cleaning IBT-related life detection control
2.7.10 Transfer Layout Control
2.7.11 FUSER Control Fuser Control Method Control for WARM UP Mode READY / LIGHT SLEEP / DEEP SLEEP Modes Control 2-70 Control in PRINTING Mode FUSER skidding Prevention of a FUSER NIP scar MAIN FUSER ASSY Life Detection Control
2.8 Controller Operating Principles

3.1 Overview
3.1.1 Precautions for Disassembly, Assembly and Adjustment Precaution for Handling the Lithium Battery
3.1.2 Tools
3.1.3 Items to Check after Assembly
3.2 Disassembly/Assembly Procedures
3.2.1 Exterior View and Part Names
3.2.2 Removing/Replacing the Consumables
3.2.3 Updating the Main Controller Program ROM Updating the ROM using a standard parallel interface Updating by copying from the FLASH ROM module Formatting the FLASH ROM Module
3.2.4 Updating the MCU PWB (Mechanical Controller) Firmware
3.2.5 Cover FRONT COVER ASSY (PL1.1.1) Removal FRONT MID COVER (PL1.1.6) Removal FRONT LOWER COVER (PL1.1.5) Removal TOP COVER ASSY (PL1.1.20) Removal L/H INNER COVER ASSY (PL1.1.10) Removal IBT INNER COVER ASSY (PL1.1.14) Removal R/H INNER COVER ASSY (PL1.1.15) Removal REAR COVER ASSY (PL1.1.30) Removal FILTER ASSY (PL1.1.32) Removal LEFT LOWER COVER (PL1.1.40) Removal RIGHT COVER ASSY (PL1.1.51) Removal OPERATION PANEL (PL1.1.60) Removal RIGHT LOWER COVER (PL1.1.50) Removal
3.2.6 Paper Tray UNIVERSAL CASSETTE (PL2.1.1) Removal FRONT SNUBBER (PL2.1.9) Removal END GUIDE (PL2.1.16), SECTOR GEAR (PL2.1.18) Removal
3.2.7 Paper Feeder TURN IN CHUTE (PL3.1.21) Removal TURN ROLL ASSY (PL3.1.23) Removal FEED ROLL (PL3.1.31) Removal FEED SOLENOID (PL3.1.35) Removal FEED ROLL ASSY (PL3.1.29) Removal SIZE SWITCH ASSY (PL3.1.5) Removal CASSETTE N/P SENSOR ASSY (PL3.1.30) Removal LOW PAPER SENSOR (PL3.1.18) Removal TRAY NO PAPER SENSOR (PL3.1.9) Removal
3.2.8 MSI/Paper Transportation MSI/REGI HIGH ASSY (PL4.1.5) Removal MSI GUIDE SWITCH (PL4.1.18) Removal MSI ASSY (PL4.1.6) Removal MSI BASE ASSY (PL4.1.20) Removal MSI FEED ASSY (PL4.1.30) Removal MAIN P/H FRAME ASSY (PL4.1.40) Removal BOTTOM PLATE SENSOR (PL4.2.10) Removal LIFT UP FRAME ASSY (PL4.2.20) Removal EMPTY SENSOR (PL4.3.5) Removal PITCH SENSOR (PL4.3.6) Removal MSI FEED FRAME ASSY (PL4.3.20) Removal LEVEL SENSOR (PL4.3.23) Removal P/REGI ROLL ASSY (PL4.4.3) Removal PRE REGI CLUTCH ASSY (PL4.4.49) Removal REGI CLUTCH ASSY (PL4.4.5) Removal REGI RUBBER ROLL ASSY (PL4.4.7) Removal REGI METAL ROLL (PL4.4.8) Removal IBT REGI CHUTE (PL4.4.14) Removal REGI SENSOR (PL4.4.24) Removal OHP SENSOR (PL4.4.25) Removal
3.2.9 Xerographics DRUM CARTRIDGE (PL6.1.10) Removal WASTE TONER BOX (PL6.1.12) Removal ROS ASSY (PL6.1.1) Removal ADC SENSOR ASSY (PL6.1.20) Removal XL RAIL ASSY (PL6.1.40) Removal WASTE TONER SENSOR (PL6.1.42) Removal TONER BOX SENSOR (PL6.1.43) Removal ERASE LAMP ASSY (PL6.1.30) Removal
3.2.10 Development Toner Cartridge (PL7.1.1, PL7.1.2, PL7.1.3, PL7.1.4) Removal
3 .2.10.2D EVELOPERA SSY( PL7.1.10,P L7.1.20,P L7.1.30,P L7.1.40)R emoval ROTARY SENSOR (PL7.2.22) Removal ROTARY FRAME ASSY (PL7.2.2) Removal CARTRIDGE SENSOR (PL7.2.26) Removal
3.2.11 IBT TENSION LEVER (PL8.1.21) Removal TRANSFER HIGH ASSY (PL8.1.20) Removal BELT CLEANER ASSY (PL8.1.23) Removal 2ND BTR ASSY (PL8.1.22) Removal 2ND BTR CAM ASSY (PL8.1.1) Removal AUGER HIGH ASSY (PL8.1.6) Removal IBT BELT ASSY (PL8.2.2) Removal TR0 SENSOR (PL8.2.33) Removal BTR CAM CLUTCH (PL8.3.4) Removal
3.2.12 Fusing FUSER ASSY (PL9.1.1) Removal MAIN FUSER ASSY (PL9.1.2) Removal UPPER GUIDE ASSY (PL9.2.20) Removal FUSER UPPER ASSY (PL9.2.30) Removal H/R HEATER (PL9.2.37) Removal P/R HEATER (PL9.2.38) Removal LOWER GUIDE ASSY (PL9.2.13) Removal FUSER EXIT SENSOR-1 (PL9.2.3) Removal FUSER EXIT SENSOR-2 (PL9.2.4) Removal HEAT ROLL (PL9.2.25) Removal PRESSURE ROLL (PL9.2.10) Removal TEMP EXCHANGE CHUTE (PL9.3.17) Removal EXCHANGE SOLENOID (PL9.3.22) Removal CLEANER CAM SOLENOID (PL9.4.24) Removal CLEANER CAM ASSY (PL9.4.25) Removal EXIT-1 ROLL ASSY (PL9.3.14) Removal FUSER IN SENSOR (PL9.4.4) Removal FUSER CHUTE FAN (PL9.4.10) Removal FUSER BAFFLE ASSY (PL9.2.41) Removal
3.2.13 Paper Exit EXIT TRAY ASSY (PL10.1.10) Removal EXIT UPPER ASSY (PL10.1.2) Removal EXIT LOWER ASSY (PL10.1.1) Removal EXIT-2 ROLL ASSY (PL10.2.5) Removal EXIT-3 ROLL ASSY (PL10.2.6) Removal FUSER FAN-1 (PL10.2.15) Removal TOP EXIT SENSOR (PL10.2.12) Removal EXIT CHUTE SWITCH (PL10.2.13) Removal
3.2.14 Drive P/H DRIVE ASSY (PL11.1.1) Removal FUSER DRIVE ASSY (PL11.1.2) Removal FUSER MOTOR ASSY (PL11.1.4) Removal P/H MOTOR ASSY (Pl11.1.5) Removal DRIVE MOTOR PWB (PL11.1.6) Removal PROCESS DRIVE ASSY (PL11.1.10) Removal ROTARY MOTOR ASSY (PL11.1.20) Removal ROTARY MOTOR DRIVE PWB (PL11.1.21) Removal 3-97 DISPENSE CLUTCH ASSY (PL11.1.22) Removal DEVE
3.2.15 Frame DEVE
3.2.16 Electrical LVPS (PL13.1.1) Removal HVPS (PL13.1.2) Removal TOP COVER SWITCH (PL13.1.3) Removal DEVE MCU PWB (PL13.2.1) Removal FRONT COVER SWITCH R (PL13.2.3) Removal FRONT COVER SWITCH L (PL13.2.4) Removal ENVIRONMENT SENSOR (PL13.2.5) Removal
3.2.17 Controller CONTROLLER PWB (PL14.1.10) Removal CONTROLLER FAN (PL14.1.2) Removal CONT Lithium Battery Removal
3.3 Adjustment
3.3.1 NIP Pressure of the MAIN FUSER ASSY
3.3.2 Development

4.1 Diagnostics by the Diagnostic Commander
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Method of Printing Test Prints
4.1.3 Test Print Patterns
4.2 Diagnostics Commander
4.2.1 Overview Configuration Overview of the Diagnostic Commander Overview of the DIAG
4.2.2 Preparation Personal Computer Installation of the Diagnostics Commander Uninstalling the Diagnostics Commander Connection of the diagnostics tools (MCU PWB) Connection of the diagnostics tools (Option Connector)
4.2.3 Commands / Statuses Overview of Commands and Statuses Data Format Categories of Commands / Statuses
4.2.4 Operating the Diagnostics Commander Starting Up the Diagnostics Commander Communications Connection Log Display [Manual] Tab Operation [Auto] Tab Procedures
4.2.5 Diagnostics Execution Diagnostics Execution Procedures Diagnostics Types Test Print Digital Input Test Digital Input Test Device Code Digital Output Test Digital Output Test Device Code Analog Input Test Analog Input Test Device Code Analog Output Test Analog Output Test Device Code EEPROM Read EEPROM Write EEPROM Initialize NVM List
4.2.6 Count Accumulation Value Read/Write Read Write
4.2.7 Command/Status List Paper, Media & Output Control Printing/Status Control Parameter Control Diagnostics Control
4.2.8 Error / Status Code

5.1 Overview
5.1.1 Troubleshooting Procedure
5.1.2 Preliminary Checks
5.1.3 1.3 Precautions When Performing Work
5.1.4 Self-Diagnostic Function by LCD Message Status Message Error Message Warning Message Service-Call Error Messages
5.2 Level 1 FIP (Fault Isolation Procedure)
5.2.1 Precautions When Using FIP (Fault Isolation Procedure)
5.2.2 FIP Entry Chart
5.3 Level 2 FIP (Fault Isolation Procedure
5.4 Picture Image Trouble
5.4.1 Picture Image Troubleshooting Entry Chart
5.5 Picture Quality FIP

6.1 About On-Site Servicing
6.1.1 On-site Service Flow
6.1.2 Description of the On-site Service
6.2 Maintenance Menu
6.2.1 Entry to the Maintenance Menu
6.2.2 Engine Status Sheet
6.3 Consumable Replacement
6.3.1 TONER CARTRIDGE Replacement
6.3.3 WASTE TONER BOX Replacement
6.4 Regularly Replaced Parts Replacement
6.5 Main After-Sales Parts Replacement
6.6 Installation

Chapter 7: APPENDIX
7.1 Overview
7.2 Parts List and Exploded Diagrams
7.2.1 How to Use the Parts List and Exploded Diagrams
7.2.2 Parts List Tables
7.2.3 Exploded Diagrams
7.3 Wiring Diagrams
7.3.1 P/J Locations
7.3.2 Plug and Jack (P/J) Location Tables
7.4 Wiring Diagrams and Signal Information
7.4.1 Overall Wiring Connection Diagram
7.4.2 Wiring and Signal Descriptions between Components Configuration
7.4.3 Notation on the Diagrams for the Wiring and Signal Descriptions between Components
7.5 Component Layout
7.6 Circuit Diagrams

Numbers of pages: 570.