Genie GS-2646 XH/ GS-3246 XH/ GS-4655 Scissors Service Manual (Ver. June 2021)

Present Service Manual cover:
GS-1932m Lite/GS-1932m XH
GS-1930/GS-1932/GS-1932 XH
GS-2646 XH/GS-3246 XH

Serial Number Range:
from GS30MD-101
from GS32MD-101 from GS32MP-101
from GS30D-40101 from GS30P-200101
from GS32D-10101 from GS32P-200101
from GS46D-20101 from GS46P-200101
from GS55D-101 from GS55P-101

Type of machine: Scissor
Print No: 1309020GT/A1, June 2021
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Table of contents:
Section 1 Safety Rules
Section 2 Specifications
Section 3 Repair Procedures
Section 4 Diagnostics
Section 5 Schematics

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