HP Scanjet N9120 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual HP Scanjet N9120;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP Scanjet N9120.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP Scanjet N9120 photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Quick access to product information
Product basics
Product features
Product walkaround
Front and right-side view
Back view
Side view (left)
Model and serial numbers
Control-panel walkaround
Supported product software
Supported operating systems
Supported scanner drivers
Supported scanner-management software
System requirements
Paper handling
ADF specifications
Media specifications
Media to avoid

Prepare the site
Unpack the device
Install the software

Manage supplies
HP Scanner Tools Utility scanner maintenance information
Parts life expectancy
Clean the product
Clean the exterior
Clean the ADF
Clean the scanner glass
Clean the fan filters

Basic operation
Modes and control-panel indicators
Circuit board assemblies
ADF feed system
Service block diagram

Removal and replacement strategy
General cautions during removal and replacement
Electrostatic discharge
Required tools
Cleaning supplies
Screws and fasteners
Before performing service
After performing service
User-replaceable parts
Imprinter cartridge
Fan filters
ADF base reflector
Reinstall the ADF base reflector
Pickup-roller assembly
Reinstall the pickup-roller assembly
Separation-pad assembly
Reinstall the separation-pad assembly
External covers
Scanner control-panel cover
Scanner back-filter cover
Scanner right-filter cover
ADF front cover
ADF back cover
Scanner back cover
Automatic document feeder FRUs
Automatic document feeder (ADF)
Reinstall the ADF
ADF height adjustment
NVRAM data management
Repair menu
Repair menu options
Replacement scenarios
NVRAM data file examples
NVRAM content adjustment
Download factory NVRAM data
Backup current NVRAM data
Repair NVRAM data
Adjust NVRAM counter items
Align the ADF
Create the factory calibration data for ADF-A
ADF motor fan
ADF carriage fan
ADF input-tray lift-motor assembly
ADF exit-motor assembly
ADF feed-motor assembly
Reinstall the ADF feed-motor drive belt
Reinstall the ADF feed-motor assembly
ADF pick-motor assembly
Reinstall the ADF pick-motor assembly
Upper multi-pick sensor PCA
Lower multi-pick sensor PCA
ADF controller PCA
Imprinter PCA
Reinstall the imprinter PCA
Input-tray sensor
Flatbed scan position sensor
Reinstall the flatbed scan position sensor
Exit 1 sensor
Exit 2 sensor
Pick-up roller sensor
Elevator arm sensor
Background solenoid sensor
Paper-present sensor
Registration sensor
Jam door 1 sensor
Jam door 2 sensor
Jam door 3 sensor
Imprinter paper-present sensor
ADF scan position sensor
ADF bottom corner outer paper path guide
ADF bottom corner inner paper path guide
ADF cal-strip assembly
Reinstall the cal-strip assembly
ADF exit inner paper path guide
ADF top corner inner paper path guide
Lower multi-pick sensor cover
Flatbed scan position sensor arm
Reinstall the flatbed scan position sensor arm
Exit 1 sensor arm
Exit 2 sensor arm
Paper-present-sensor arm
Input-tray-elevator arm
Registration sensor arm
Scan position sensor arm
Pick-up roller spring
Separation-pad spring
ADF input-tray assembly
ADF output tray
Reinstall the ADF output tray
Pickup-roller cover
ADF hinge limiters
ADF jam door 3
Paper present sensor and imprinter PCA holder
ADF shingle wall
A4 paper-stop
ADF background-solenoid assembly
Reinstall the ADF background-solenoid assembly
Imprinter carriage and FFC
Flatbed scanner FRUs
Scanner carriage-motor fan
Scanner carriage fan
Scanner carriage motor
Control-panel PCA
Scanner controller PCA
Power-supply PCA
Scanner-glass assembly
ADF power-cable assembly
Carriage-motor cable
Power switch and power receptacle assembly

Troubleshooting process
Pre-troubleshooting checklist
Basic troubleshooting checks
Power-on checks
LED diagnostics
Check the USB connection
Uninstall and then reinstall the HP Scanjet utilities
Control-panel buttons
Control-panel buttons diagnostics
Locked control-panel buttons
Troubleshooting diagnostic software
Main screen
Scan dialog box
Sensor check dialog box
Control panel check dialog box
ADF feed test dialog box
Actuators dialog box
NVRAM dialog box
Update dialog box
Repair menu
Version information dialog box
Component locator diagrams
Major components
ADF motors and fans
Printed circuit assemblies
Image-quality troubleshooting tools
Repetitive-image-defect ruler
Computer-display error messages
Computer-display error messages
Solve paper-handling problems
Common causes of jams
Solve common ADF jams
Clear jams from the ADF
The bottom of the scanned image is cut off
Scan extra long documents
Disable misfeed (multipick) detection
ADF does not feed paper
Solve image-quality problems
Image defects
Set the background color for scans from the ADF
Filter out color from a document (color dropout)
Solve performance problems
Solve connectivity problems
Solve direct-connect problems

Ordering parts and supplies
Service part numbers
HP Scanjet N9120 documentation
Imprinter cartridges
Power Cords
Maintenance kits
Field replaceable units (FRUs)
How to use the parts diagrams and lists
ADF components
Flatbed scanner assemblies
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

Appendix A: Service and support
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Customer self repair warranty service
Repack the product

Appendix B: Specifications
Physical specifications
Electrical specifications
Acoustic emissions
Power consumption specifications
Environmental specifications

Appendix C: Regulatory information
Regulatory Model Identification Number
Materials disposal
Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union
Country/region specific statements
Korean regulatory