Kyocera FS-1040, FS-1060DN, Service Manual

Service Manual Kyocera FS-1040, FS-1060DN;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Kyocera FS-1040, FS-1060DN copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Kyocera FS-1040, FS-1060DN photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1-1-1 Specifications
1-1-2 Parts names
(1) Machine
(2) Operation panel
1-1-3 Machine cross section
(1) 20/21 ppm Model
(2) 25/26 ppm Model

1-2-1 Installation environment
1-2-2 Unpacking and installation
(1) Installation procedure

1-3-1 Maintenance mode
(1) Executing a maintenance items
1-3-2 Maintenance menu
(1) Setting Item
(2) Service package

1-4-1 Paper misfeed detection
(1) Paper misfeed indication
(2) Paper misfeed detection condition
1-4-2 Self-diagnostic function
(1) Self-diagnostic function
(2) Self diagnostic codes indication
(3) Self diagnostic codes
1-4-3 Image formation problems
(1) No image appears (entirely white)
(2) No image appears (entirely black)
(3) Part of image is missing
(4) Gray background
(5) White streaks are printed vertically
(6) Black streaks are printed vertically
(7) White or black streaks are printed horizontally
(8) Spots are printed.Printing incomplete or out of position
(9) Printing incomplete or out of position
(10) Paper is wrinkled
(11) Offset occurs
(12) Fusing is loose
(13) Faint or blurred printing
(14) Dirt on the top edge or back of the paper
(15) Spots in the printed objects
1-4-4 Electric problems
1-4-5 Mechanical problems
1-4-6 Error Messages

1-5-1 Precautions for assembly and disassembly
(1) Precautions
(2) Drum
(3) Toner
(4) How to tell a genuine Kyocera Mita toner container
1-5-2 Outer covers
(1) Detaching and refitting the top cover
(2) Detaching and refitting the Right cover
(3) Detaching and refitting the Left cover
1-5-3 Fuser section
(1) Detaching and refitting the fuser unit
1-5-4 PWBs
(1) Detaching and refitting the main PWB,high voltage PWB and power source PWB
(2) Detaching and refitting the operation panel PWB
1-5-5 Others
(1) Detaching and refitting the laser scanner unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the Main motor unit
(3) Direction of installing the principal fan motor
2-1 Mechanical Construction
2-1-1 Paper feed/conveying section
(1) Cassette paper feed /paper conveying section
(2) Manual feed section(25/26 ppm model only)
2-1-2 Drum section
2-1-3 Developer section
2-1-4 Optical section
(1) Laser scanner section
2-1-5 Transfer/Separation section
2-1-6 Fuser section
2-1-7 Duplex conveying/Eject section
2-2 Electrical Parts Layout
2-2-1 Electrical parts layout
(1) PWBs
(2) Switches and sensors
(3) Others
2-3 Operation of the PWBs
2-3-1 Main PWB
2-3-2 Relay PWB PWB
2-3-3 Power source PWB
2-3-4 Operation panel PWB
2-4 Appendixes
2-4-1 Maintenance kits
(1) Maintenance kits
2-4-2 Procedure for replacing Maintenance kit
(1) Preparation
(2) Detaching the Drum unit
(3) Detaching the developer unit
(4) Detaching the toner disposal box
(5) Detaching and refitting the paper feed pulley and lower paper feed guide
(6) Refitting the toner disposal box
(7) Refitting the developer unit
(8) Refitting the drum unit
(9) Detaching and refitting the transfer roller
(10) Notice after replacing maintenance kit
(11) Procedure for only replacing Drum unit
(12) Procedure for only replacing Developer unit
2-4-3 Cleaning the Printer
2-4-4 Appendixes
(1) Repetitive defects gauge
(2) Wiring diagram

Number of pages: 131.