MEC 2659ERT, 3259ERT Service Manual and Parts Manual (Ver. July 2012)

MEC 2659ERT/3259ERT Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts Service Manual and Parts Manual
Serial Number Range
13000001 – Up
13100001 – Up

Type of machine: Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
Print No: ART_4170, July 2012
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Table of contents:
Introduction I Page
Machine Specifications
MEC Operator Policy
Safety Symbols
General Safety Tips
Hydraulic System
Electrical System
Total System
Primary Machine Components
Emergency Systems and Procedures
Emergency Lowering
Free-Wheel Configuration For Winching or Towing
Lift and Support the Machine

Section 1: Hydraulic System Page
Hydraulic System – General
Hydraulic Roadmap
Hydraulic Fluid
Handling Precautions
Fluid Recommendations
System Flushing Procedure
Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir
Hydraulic Filter
Hydraulic Pump
Front Drive Motor Units
Rear Drive Motor/Brake Units
Braking Functions
Functions Manifold & Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulic Pressure Adjustment
System Descriptions
Pump Circuit
Lift Circuit — 3259
Lift Circuit — 2659
Drive Circuit
Brake Release Circuit
Steer Circuit
Pothole Circuit — Early Machines
Pothole Circuit — Later Machines
Outrigger Circuit — Early Machines
Outrigger Circuit — Later Machines
General Cylinder Repair
Cylinder Disassembly
Cylinder Assembly

Section 2: Electrical System Page
Electrical System – General
Battery Maintenance (in storage)
Battery Maintenance (in use)
Battery Replacement
Battery Charger
Charge Batteries
Lower Controls
Upper Controls
Alarms and Switches
Deutsch Connectors
Continuity Checks
GP400 Control Module Setup
General Description
GP400 Calibration
Calibration Problems
Failure Messages
Information Messages

Section 3: Mechanical Components Page
Tires and Wheels
Hoses and Cables
Scissor Stack
Lift Cylinder(s)
Steer Cylinders
Drive Motors
Rear Drive Motors
Front Drive Motors
Pothole System Components
Pothole Cylinders
Pothole Bars
Pothole Switches
Outrigger Cylinders

Section 4: Troubleshooting Page
General Troubleshooting Tips
Electrical System Troubleshooting
GP400 Module
Matrix Module
Terminal Block Module (TBM)
P600 Motor Control Module
EZ-Cal Scan Tools
Handheld EZ-Cal
Optional Onboard EZ-Cal
EZ-Cal Adjustments
EZ-Cal Setup
EZ-Cal Diagnostics
Ez-Cal Retrieve Mode And Help Messages
MODE Messages
OTHER Messages
Troubleshooting Chart
Battery Charger

Section 5: Schematics Page
Hydraulic Schematics Table
Hydraulic Schematics — Early Machines
Hydraulic Schematics — Later Machines
Electrical Schematics — Early Machines
Electrical Schematics — Later Machines

2659ERT 3259ERT 59 series