Oki C9650 C9850 proColor 900DP proColor 905DP Service Manual

Service Manual Oki C9650 C9850 proColor 900DP proColor 905DP;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Oki.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Oki C9650 C9850 proColor 900DP proColor 905DP photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 System Configuration
1.2 Printer Composition
1.3 Optional Composition
1.4 Specifications
1.5 Interface Specifications
1.5.1 USB Interface Specifications
1.5.2 Network Interface Specifications
1.5.3 Parallel Interface Specifications

2.1 Main Control PCB
2.2 Engine Control PCB
2.3 Power Unit
2.4 Mechanical process
2.4.1 Electrophotographic Processing Mechanism
2.4.2 Paper Processing Mechanism
2.5 Sensor
2.5.1 Paper-Related Sensor
2.5.2 Other Sensors
2.6 Color Drift Correction
2.7 Image Transfer Control According to Environmental Change (Room Temperature and Relative Humidity)
2.8 Paper Jam Detector
2.9 Cover Open
2.10 Toner Low Detection
2.11 Paper Size Detection
2.12 Power ON Process
2.12.1 Self-Diagnostic Test
2.13 Color Drift Detection
2.14 Reading Version of Routine Replacement Units
2.15 Life Counter of Replaceable Units
2.16 Toner Usage Level Detection

3.1 Precautions and Prohibition
3.2 Printer Unpacking Procedure
3.3 Printer Installation Instructions
3.4 Packed Units and Attachments
3.5 Assembly Procedure
3.5.1 Printer Main Body
3.5.2 Power Cable Connection
3.5.3 Installation of Optional Components
3.5.4 Checking of Optional-Component Recognition
3.6 MenuMap Printing
3.7 How to Connect
3.8 Checking of User Paper

4.1 Precautions When Replacing Parts
4.2 Parts Layout
4.3 Parts Replacement Method
4.3.1 Cover-Rear, Cover-Side (R), and Cover-Side (R) Rear
4.3.2 Cover-Side (L) and Cover Assy-Front
4.3.3 Stacker Assy-FU
4.3.4 Cover Assy-OP Panel, Cover-Guard (R), Cover-Guard (Front) and Cover-Guard (L)
4.3.5 OP PCB
4.3.6 Cover Assy-Top
4.3.7 FAN-PCB-Assy, CU-Board-Assy and S2V or S2X-PU-Board
4.3.8 Job-Offset-Assy 723 and Basket-Assy
4.3.9 Plate Top Assy
4.3.10 Eject-Assy
4.3.11 Motor-Pulse-Belt and Sensor-Resist-Assy
4.3.12 FDR Unit-MPT
4.3.13 FDR Unit-Resist
4.3.14 Duct Assy
4.3.15 HV-Assy
4.3.16 Power Unit
4.3.17 Low Voltage Power Source Assy and Motor-FAN
4.3.18 Belt-Assy
4.3.19 Fuser Unit-LBT
4.3.20 Unit-Duplex
4.3.21 Paper Feed Roller
4.3.22 MPT Feed Roller

5.0 System Maintenance Menu
5.0.1 ID Check Pattern Print (“TEST PRINT MENU” Item)
5.0.2 Maintenance Utility
5.1 Maintenance Menu and Its Function
5.1.1 Maintenance Menu
5.1.2 Engine Maintenance Mode
5.1.3 Various Printing Methods with a Stand-Alone Printer Coming with a Controller
5.2 Adjustment After Replacing Parts
5.2.1 Precautions when Replacing the Engine Control PCB
5.2.2 Precautions Upon EEPROM Replacement
5.2.3 CU PCB of 1200 dpi Printer and Replacement of Mounted Components
5.2.4 Precautions in Key Chip Replacement (1200 dpi printer/1200dpi MFP model/600dpi MFP model)
5.2.5 Precautions in EEPROM Replacement (1200 dpi printer)
5.2.6 Precautions in HDD Replacement (1200 dpi printer)
5.2.7 Product Code of Maintenance HDD (1200 dpi printer)
5.2.8 Setup of EEPROM after replacement of TBX PCB
5.2.9 Setup of destination
5.3 Density Correction
5.4 Paper Thickness Detection/Sensitivity Correction

6.1 Routine Replacement of Consumable Parts
6.2 Cleaning
6.3 LED Lens Array Cleaning
6.4 Pickup Roller Cleaning
6.5 Cleaning Feed Roller

7.1 Precautions Before Repairs
7.2 Items to Check Before Remedying Abnormal Image
7.3 Precautions Before Remedying Abnormal Image
7.4 Troubleshooting Preparations
7.5 Troubleshooting
7.5.1 LCD Message List
7.5.2 Preparing for Troubleshooting
7.5.3 Troubleshooting With Abnormal Image
7.6 Check Fuse
7.7 PU Error

8.1 Check Resistance Value
8.2 Diagram of Part Layout of Various PCB

9.1 Message Chart of CX3641/C9850
9.2 Illustration appears on the operating panel
9.3 F/W Revision(C9650)
9.3.1 F/W Rev. table
9.3.2 Check abd version display