Toro Walk-Behind Rotary Broom Service Manual

Toro Walk-Behind Rotary Broom Service Manual

Type of machine: Walk-Behind Rotary Broom
Print No: 2014
Language and Format: English/PDF
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Table of contents:
Chapter 1 – Safety Information
Chapter 2 – Specifications & Maintenance

Checking the Sweeping Path
Adjusting the Broom Height
Adjusting Broom Side Angle
Recommended Maintenance Schedule
Checking the Engine Oil Level
Checking the Traction Cable
Checking for Loose Hardware
Changing the Engine Oil
Checking the Tire Pressure
Checking the Condition of the Belts
Lubricating the Broom Angle Lock Pin and Hex Shaft
Checking the Spark Plug
Checking the Broom Cable
Checking the Broom Shaft Shear Pin
Checking the Broom Segments
Adjusting the Traction Cable
Adjusting the Broom Drive
Adjusting the Wheel Clutch Cable

Chapter 3 – Controls
Sub System Handle
Sub System Control Panel
Shift Lever
Shift Rod Adjustment
Auger Control
Auger Cable Adjustment
Traction Control
Traction Cable Adjustment
Clutch Cable Replacement Removal

Chapter 4 – Belt Replacement
Subsystem Engine
Auger Belt Removal
Auger Belt Installation
Traction Belt Removal

Chapter 5 – Traction Drive System
Sub System Frame
Sub System Clutch Drive
Sub System Clutch Pack

Chapter 6 – Filament Replacement
Subsystem Broom
Broom Mounting
Broom Core
Filament Removal
Replacement Filament Installation