Xerox 6279 Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List Xerox 6279;
This manual, Xerox 6279, is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Xerox 6279 wide format.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual & Parts List. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Xerox 6279. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Manual
How to Use this Documentation
Symbology and Nomenclature
Translated Warnings

Safety Precautions
Recommended Work Practices
Service Call Procedures
Initial Actions
Call Flow
Call Close
Maintenance Activities Checklist
System Checks
Final Actions

Fault Code List
Status Codes
APS Power On RAP (Accxes Print Server)
IIT RAP IIT Troubleshooting RAP
IOT RAP IOT Troubleshooting RAP
UI RAP UI Troubleshooting RAP
UI Power RAP
001-xxx Power RAPs
001-001 220VAC Power to the +24VDC(A) Power Supply RAP
001-002 220VAC Power to the +24VDC(B) Power Supply RAP
001-003 220VAC Power to the +5VDC Power Supply RAP
001-004 220VAC Power to the +3.3VDC Power Supply RAP
002-xxx UI
002-001 UI Button Failure RAP
005-xxx IIT Scanner
005-900 IIT Sensor Failure
010-xxx Fusing
010-310 Overheated Thermistor 1 (Software)
010-311 Overheated Thermistor 2 (Software)
010-312 Overheated Thermistor 3 (Software)
010-313 Overheated Thermostat (Hardware)
010-314 Overheated Thermistor 2 (Hardware)
010-315 Overheated Thermistor 4 (Hardware)
010-316 Low Temp. Thermistor 1
010-317 Low Temp. Thermistor 3
010-322 Warm-up Timeout Thermistor 1
010-323 Warm-up Timeout Thermistor 3
010-324 Fuser Drive Motor Lock Error
042-xxx Main Drive
042-327 Main Motor Fault
046-xxx LVPS Monitor
046-310 LVPS 24A F2 Monitor Error
046-311 LVPS 24B F3 Monitor Error
046-312 LVPS 24B F4 Monitor Error
061-xxx LPH
061-310 LPH 3.3V Monitor Error
061-323 LPH Thermistor Open Error
061-324 LPH Thermistor Short Error
071-xxx Roll 1 Sensing
071-103 Roll 1 A3 Size Sensor Off Jam (Rewind)
071-104 Roll 1 Feed Jam (Peeled Core)
071-311 RFC 1 Cutter Un-Reach Error
072-xxx Roll 2 Sensing
072-103 Roll 2 A3 Size Sensor Off Jam (Rewind)
072-104 Roll 2 Feed Jam (Peeled Core)
072-311 RFC 2 Cutter Un-Reach Error
075-xxx Manual Stop
075-100 Manual Feed Stop Sensor Fault
077-xxx Static Jam
077-900 Static Jam
091-xxx Motor-BTR-Air sensing
091-316 Main Motor Fault
116-xxx Print Control
116-365 Print Control Error
Generic Switch RAP
Generic Clutch RAP
Generic Sensor RAP
Short Circuit Checkout
Open Circuit Checkout Procedure

Image Quality Initialization Procedure
Image Quality Isolation RAP
Image Quality Defects
Image Quality Definitions
Image Quality Diagnostics Program
Image Quality Test Pattern Usage
Image Quality Specification

Chain 02
REP 2.1 Control Panel
Chain 03
REP 3.1 Accxes Controller
Chain 06
REP 6.1 Platen Glass
REP 6.2 CIS Assembly
Chain 07
REP 7.1 Cutter Assembly
REP 7.2 Feed and Nudger Rolls (Tray 3 and Tray 4)
REP 7.3 Retard Roll (Tray 3 and Tray 4)
REP 7.4 Vertical Roller (RFC1/RFC2) (Not documented)
REP 7.5 Pinch Roll (Front) (Not documented)
REP 7.6 Pinch Roll (Rear) (Not documented)
Chain 08
REP 8.1 Manual Transport Assembly
REP 8.2 Tray/RFC Page Sync Sensor, A-Transport Swing Sensor, Registration Sensor
Chain 09
REP 9.1 Developer Housing Assembly
REP 9.2 Magnet Roll
REP 9.3 Developer (Metering) Blade
REP 9.4 Bias Charge Roller (BCR)
REP 9.5 LPH Assembly
REP 9.6 Photoreceptor (Drum)
REP 9.7 Cleaner Assembly
REP 9.8 Cleaning Blade
REP 9.9 Toner Seal Assembly
REP 9.10 BTR/DTS Assembly
REP 9.11 Bias Transfer Roller
REP 9.12 DTS Assembly
REP 9.13 Stripper Finger Assembly
REP 9.14 Drum Gear
Chain 10
REP 10.1 Duct Plate
REP 10.2 Fuser Cover Assembly
REP 10.3 Thermistor Plate
REP 10.4 Thermistor
REP 10.5 Thermostat
REP 10.6 Fuser Drive Motor
REP 10.7 Heat Rods
REP 10.8 Fuser Roll
REP 10.9 Pressure Roll
REP 10.10 Exit Upper Baffle/Decurler Assembly
REP 10.11 Lower Exit Chute
REP 10.12 Fuser Exit Shaft
REP 10.13 Fuser Fingers
REP 10.14 Exhaust Fan Filters
Chain 16
REP 16.1 Front Top Cover Assembly
REP 16.2 Right Upper Cover
REP 16.3 Right Lower Cover
REP 16.4 Toner Bottle Cover
REP 16.5 Left Upper Cover
REP 16.6 Left Lower Cover
REP 16.7 Rear Lower Cover
REP 16.8 Rear Upper Cover
REP 16.9 Top Cover
REP 16.10 IIT Right Side Cover
REP 16.11 IIT Left Side Cover
REP 16.12 Rear Lower Baffle
REP 16.13 Front Upper Cover Assembly

Subsystem Information
Parts Lists
PL 1.1 LPH Assembly
Paper Handling
PL 2.1 A-Tra./Regi. Upper Baffle/M-Tra. Assembly
PL 2.2 A-Tra/Regi. Upper Baffle Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 2.3 Manual Transport Assembly
PL 2.4 Feed Roller/Registration Roller
PL 2.5 B-transport Assembly
PL 3.1 Main Motor Assembly
PL 3.2 Drum/BCR Roller Assembly
PL 3.3 BCR Roller Assembly
PL 3.4 Latch & Gas Spring
PL 3.5 BTR/DTS Assembly
PL 4.1 Developer Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 4.2 Developer Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 5.1 Fuser Assembly
PL 5.2 Heat Roller and Heater Rod
PL 5.3 Upper Exit Baffle Assembly
PL 5.4 Pressure Roller/Exit Chute Assembly
PL 6.1 Cleaner Assembly
PL 6.2 Stripper Finger Assembly
PL 6.3 Toner Bottle
PL 7.1 IOT CPU PWB/Switch
PL 7.2 Breaker Chassis Assembly/Accxes IF Chassis Assembly
PL 7.3 LVPS/AC Main PWB/Fuser Driver PWB, PWB
PL 7.4 HVPS/LVPS/Open Air Sensor
PL 9.1 Front Cover/Right Cover
PL 9.2 Rear Cover/Left Cover
PL 10.1 RFC 1/2 Assembly
PL 10.2 RFC Door Assembly
PL 10.3 RFC Transport (1 of 4)
PL 10.4 RFC Transport (2 of 4)
PL 10.5 RFC Transport (3 of 4)
PL 10.6 RFC Transport (4 of 4)
PL 11.1 Tray Assembly
PL 11.2 Tray 3/4 Assembly
PL 11.3 Tray Transport (1 of 5)
PL 11.4 Tray Transport (2 of 5)
PL 11.5 Tray Transport (3 of 5)
PL 11.6 Tray Transport (4 of 5)
PL 11.7 Tray Transport (5 of 5)
IIT Docking
PL 12.1 IIT Docking
PL 13.1 Control Panel Assembly (1 of 2)
PL 13.2 Control Panel Assembly (2 of 2)
PL 20.1 IIT Cover
PL 20.2 Upper Transport Assembly
PL 20.3 CIS Assembly/CIS AD PWB
PL 20.4 Lower Transport Assembly
PL 20.5 Electrical
PL 20.6 PWB Plate Assembly
Common Hardware
Common Hardware

GP 1 ESD Field Service Kit
S/W Download
GP 2 Firmware Upgrade
Network Connectivity
GP 3 Network Connectivity
Golden Print Job
GP 4 Golden Print Job
Entering Diagnostic Mode
GP 6 Entering Diagnostic Mode
dC Routines
dC108 Software Levels
dC120 Error Log Counters
dC122 IIT Jam History
dC122 IOT Jam History
dC123 IIT Jam History
dC123 IOT Jam History
dC130 Machine History
dC131 NVRAM or NOVRAM Access
dC135 HFSI Counters
dC138 Copy Count
dC139 Feed Count
dC188 (Call Closeout)
dC301 Reset Service Counters
dC315 IPS Self-Test
dC317 Pattern Test
dC330 Component Control
dC361 System Data Save/Restore
dC505 Auto Adjustment
dC606 Test Copy
dC951 Xerographic Setup
dC952 Xerographic History
Boot Record Capture
GP 8 Boot Record Capture
Panel Data Download
GP 9 Panel Data Download
Reset Admin Password
GP 10 Reset Administrator Password
NVM Data List
GP 11 dC131 NVM Data List
Billing Meters
GP 12 Billing Meters
Accxes Debug Log
GP 13 Accxes Debug Log
IIT Boot Record
GP 14 IIT Boot Record
Tools and Supplies
GP15 Required and Special Tools
IIT Firmware Recovery Procedure
GP16 IIT Firmware Recovery Procedure
Change Tag Information
Change Tag Introduction
IOT Tags

7.1 IIT Plug/Jack Locations
7.1.1 IIT Plug/Jack Locations
7.1.2 IIT Plug/Jack Illustrations
7.1 IOT Plug/Jack Locations
7.1.1 IOT Plug/Jack Locations
7.1.2 IOT Plug/Jack Illustrations
7.2.1 IIT Wire Nets
7.2 IIT Wire Nets
7.2.1 IOT Wire Nets
7.2 IOT Wire Nets
7.3.1 IIT BSDs
IIT Chain 01
IIT Chain 03
IIT Chain 05
IIT Chain 06
7.3.1 IOT BSDs
Chain 01
Chain 02
Chain 03
Chain 04
Chain 06
Chain 07
Chain 08
Chain 09
Chain 10

Number of pages: 558.