Zebra P630i P640i Card Printer Service Manual

Service Manual Zebra P630i P640i Card Printer;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Zebra.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Zebra P630i P640i Card Printer photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 Description
1.2 Printer Features
1.3 Controls and Indicators
1.4 Specifications — P630i / P640i
1.5 Declarations of Conformity
1.6 Icons

2.1 General Information
2.2 Unpacking the Printer
2.3 Setting up the Printer
2.3.1 Attaching the Output Hopper
2.3.2 Installing the Ribbon
2.3.3 Installing the Cleaning Cassette
2.3.4 Loading Laminate
2.3.5 Loading Cards
2.4 Connecting Power
2.5 Connecting the Printer to your Computer
2.6 Installing the Printer Driver
2.6.1 Installing the USB Printer Driver
2.6.2 Installing the Ethernet Printer Driver
2.7 Changing the Printer Driver Options (Properties)
2.7.1 General Tab
2.7.2 Sharing Tab
2.7.3 Ports Tab
2.7.4 Advanced Tab
2.7.5 Color Management Tab
2.7.6 Security Tab
2.7.7 Device Settings Tab Printer Adjustment Color Calibration Status Control
2.8 Changing the Printing Preferences
2.8.1 Card Setup Tab
2.8.2 YMC (Color) Printing Tab
2.8.3 K (Black) Panel Tab
2.8.4 Image Adjustment Tab
2.8.5 Magnetic Encoding Tab
2.8.6 ID/Log Tab
2.8.7 Advanced Tab
2.8.8 About Tab
2.9 Packing the Printer for Shipment

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Card Printing Basics
3.2.1 Printhead
3.2.2 Printing Technologies and Ribbons
3.3 Sensors and Interlock Switches
3.4 Card Movement During Printing
3.5 Block Diagram
3.6 CPU PCBA Connections

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Error Messages
4.3 Indicator Light Status
4.4 Preventive Maintenance
4.5 Unusual Noises/Unreported Events
4.6 Print Quality Problems
4.7 Laminate Problems
4.8 Printhead Problems
4.9 System Related Issues
4.10 Adjustment Procedures
4.10.1 Ribbon Torque Adjustment
4.10.2 Printhead Adjustments Printhead Resistance Setting Printhead Position (Height/Pressure) Adjustment Printhead Angle Adjustment Image Skew Adjustment
4.10.3 Flip Station Adjustments Flip Station Calibration Max Height Adjust Insertion Height Adjust Rest Position Adjust Card Position Adjust
4.10.4 Laminator Adjustments Latch Adjustment Pocket Adjustment Horizontal Offset Adjust Skew Adjustment Procedure (upper cassette) Skew Adjustment Procedure (lower cassette) Vertical Offset Adjustment (upper cassette) Vertical Offset Adjustment (lower cassette) Cassette Pocket Reset Laminator Parameters in the Driver Functional Test of the Laminator Sensors

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Required Tools
5.3 Rear Cover & Cooling Fan
5.4 Ethernet PCBA
5.5 Main PCBA
5.5.1 Removal
5.5.2 Tests and Adjustments Reload The Configuration Information Adjust Ribbon Torque Printhead Resistance
5.6 Doors (Main and Card Load)
5.7 Front Panel Switch Assembly
5.8 Lower Front Panel
5.9 End Panel (Right-Side)
5.10 RFID Antenna Assembly
5.11 Platen
5.12 Flip Station
5.12.1 Removal
5.12.2 Replacement
5.12.3 Adjustments Flip Station Calibration Max Height Adjust Insertion Height Adjust Rest Position Adjust Card Position Adjust
5.13 Printhead Assembly
5.13.1 Removal
5.13.2 Replacement
5.13.3 Tests and Adjustments
5.14 Power Supply
5.14.1 Removal
5.14.2 Tests and Adjustments
5.15 Clean Roller
5.15.1 Removal
5.15.2 Replacement
5.16 Cleaning Encoder Sensor
5.17 Laminator Sensor PCBA
5.17.1 Removal
5.17.2 Tests and Adjustments
5.18 Laminator Transfer Rollers
5.19 Ribbon Encoder Sensor
5.20 Ribbon Payout Spindle
5.20.1 Removal
5.20.2 Replacement
5.20.3 Adjustment
5.21 Laminator Heater Cartridge and Heated Roller
5.22 Heater Elements
5.22.1 Removal
5.22.2 Replacement
5.23 Nip Rollers (Laminator)
5.23.1 Removal
5.23.2 Adjustment
5.24 Color Sensor Assembly
5.25 Contact Smart Card Assembly
5.26 Eject Arm
5.27 Magnetic Encoder
5.27.1 Removal
5.27.2 Replacement
5.27.3 Adjustment

6.1 Card Cleaning System
6.2 Print Head Cleaning
6.3 Platen Care and Cleaning

Appendix A – Part Numbers
Appendix B – Magnetic Encoder
Media Loading Orientation
Magnetic Card Stripe Encoding

Appendix C – Smart Card Contactless Encoder
Media Loading Orientation
Printing Contactless Smart Cards

Appendix D – Smart Card Contact Station
Media Loading Orientation
Laminating Contact Smart Cards

Appendix E – Printer Security
Printer Parameters in the Driver

Appendix F – Printer Pooling
Setting Up the Printers Individually
Creating the Pool
Using the Printer Pool

Appendix G – Spares List
Appendix H – Worldwide Support

Number of pages: 316.