HP DesignJet Color 3D Printer, Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List HP DesignJet Color 3D Printer;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP DesignJet Color 3D Printer.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual & Parts List. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP DesignJet Color 3D Printer. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

How to use this guide

What happens when
Powering up:
Powering Down
Loading Material
Building a Part
Electronics Overview
Single Board Computer
Controller Board
Voltage Generation
Dual Port Memory Interface
X, Y, Z Axis Control
Material Motor Control
Temperature Control
Liquefier Temperature Control
Actuators, Switches & Optical Sensors
Safety Devices
Controller Board Layout
Reset Button
Dip Switches
Power Distribution Board (PDB)
Chamber Temperature Control
Test Points and LED’s
I/O Card
Head Board
Printer overview

Installing software
Installing HP Designjet 3D Software Solution:
Installing firmware to the workstation:
Networking the printer
Connecting through a network:
Connecting directly to a workstation:
Establishing network communication with the printer
Establishing communication on a dynamic network:
Establishing communication on a static network:
Setting the static network in Windows XP:
Setting the static network in Windows Vista:
Setting the static network in Windows 7:
Setting the static network on printer:
Establish communication:
Installing Firmware on printer
Adding the second HP Designjet 3D Material Bay
Installing the HP Designjet 3D Material Bay:

Display panel and keypad
System firmware overview
HP Designjet 3D Software Solution overview
Processing your STL file for printing
Opening your STL file with HP Designjet 3D Software Solution:
Selecting layer resolution:
Selecting model interior fill style:
Selecting support style:
Selecting the scale of your STL file:
Selecting the orientation of your STL file:
Adding your STL file to the pack:
Printing your STL file:
Building a part
Starting a build from a remote location:
Starting a build from the display panel:
The display panel during build
Chamber Lights
Pausing a build
Resuming after pause
Canceling a build
Removing a completed part
Remove a part from the modeling base:
Removing support material
Emptying the purge bucket
Replacing material for single material bay
Replacing material for dual material bays
Material bay LEDs
Replacing material spools
Removing a spool of material from the carrier:
Storing material spools
Auto power down
Cancelling auto power down:
Powering off
Resuming operations from Standby mode
Updating printer firmware:
Installing the firmware:

Software Architecture
Operating System
Display Driver
Comm Server
System Manager
Move Compiler
Event/Command Monitor
HP Designjet 3D Software Solution Help
HP Designjet 3D Software Solution overview
Conventional help file
Dynamic help

Startup kit tools
Preventive Maintenance
Empty the purge bucket
Inspect the tip wipe assembly
Inspect the tip shields
Remove debris buildup
Vacuum build chamber
Clean door
500 Hour maintenance
Tip wipe assembly
Tip shield replacement
Remove debris from the Filament Present switch
2000 Hour maintenance
Tip replacement and calibration
Removing tips:
Installing tips:
Tip calibration:
Chamber light bar replacement

User Troubleshooting
Fault determination codes
Cycling power
Diagnosing loss of extrusion
Clogged tip
Material Jam
Recovering from loss of extrusion
Service Troubleshooting
1.0 How to use this Guide
2.0 Special Notes
3.0 Code Errors
Major Codes with Minor Codes
4.0 Non-Code Errors
What happens during Power Up / Boot
5.0 Connector Pinouts and Signals
Umbilical cable diagram
Umbilical cable pinouts
Upper harness
Upper harness pinouts
Lower harness
Lower harness pinouts
Part Quality Troubleshooting
Embedded support strands in model
Brown streaks (burn marks)
Loss of Extrusion (LOE)
Model embedded in to support
Moisture in material
Open seams
Part curling
Part fell over
Part shifting
Rough surface quality
Rough quality all over
Model strands on parts
Witness marks
Wavy surface
Wavy parts
Under fill
Material sagging on curved parts
Fused layers
Z layers inconsistent

Maintenance Preparation
Tools needed for repair not order-able as a service part
Tools needed for repair that are order-able as a service part
Pre-Maintenance Procedures
Exterior Components
Top Panel
Removing the top panel
Installing the top panel
Side Panels
Removing the side panels
Removing the right side panel:
Installing the side panels
Display Panel
Removing the display panel
Installing the display panel
Front Panel
Removing the front panel
Installing the front panel
Door Solenoid
Removing the door solenoid
Installing the door solenoid
Door Sensor
Removing the door sensor
Installing the door sensor
Electronics Bay Components
Lower Electronics Bay Cover
Opening the electronics bay
Closing the electronics bay
Upper Electronics Bay Cover
Removing the upper electronics bay cover
Installing the upper electronics bay cover
Removing the Electronics Bay
Removing the electronics bay
Installing the electronics bay
Electronics Bay Cooling Fan
Removing the electronics bay cooling fan
Installing the electronics bay cooling fan
Controller Board
Removing the controller board
Installing the controller board
Single Board Computer (SBC)
Removing the single board computer
Reinstalling the single board computer
Power Distribution I/O Card
Removing the I/O card
Installing the I/O card
Power Distribution Board (PDB)
Removing the power distribution board
Installing the power distribution board
Hard Drive
Removing the hard drive
Installing the hard drive
Line Filter
Removing the line filter
Installing the line filter
Circuit Breaker
Removing the circuit breaker
Installing the circuit breaker
AC Input
Removing the AC Input
Installing the AC Input
Power Switch
Removing the Power Switch
Installing the power switch
24VDC Power Supply
Removing the 24VDC Power Supply
Installing the 24VDC power supply
5/12VDC Power Supply
Removing the 5/12VDC power supply
Installing the 5/12VDC power supply
120VDC Power Supply
Removing the 120VDC power supply
Installing the 120 VDC power supply
Head Components
Head Cooling Fan
Removing the head cooling fan
Installing the Head Cooling fan
Toggle Head Assembly
Removing the toggle head assembly
Installing the toggle head assembly
Substrate Sensor
Removing the substrate sensor
Installing the substrate sensor
Z Foam Level Assembly
Removing the Z Foam Level Assembly:
Installing the Z Foam Level Assembly:
Toggle Sensor
Removing the toggle sensor
Installing the toggle sensor
Toggle Bar
Removing the toggle bar:
Installing the toggle bar:
Head Board
Removing the head board
Installing the head board
TC Amp board
Removing the TC Amp board
Installing the TC Amp board
Umbilical Hose
Removing the umbilical hose
Installing the umbilical hose
Material Tubes
Removing the material tubes
Installing the material tubes
Umbilical Cable
Removing the umbilical cable
Installing the umbilical cable
XY Table Components
Y Home Sensor
Removing the Y home sensor
Installing the Y Home Sensor
Y EOT (End of Travel) Sensor
Removing the Y EOT sensor
Installing the Y EOT Sensor
X Motor
Removing the X motor
Installing the X motor
Y Motor
Removing the Y motor
Installing the Y motor
Y Motor Belt
Removing the Y Motor Belt
Installing the Y Motor Belt
Y Drive Rod
Removing the Y Drive Rod
XY Table
Removing the XY table
Installing the XY table
Z Stage Components
Z Home Sensor
Removing the Z home sensor
Installing the Z home sensor
Z EOT (End of Travel) Sensor
Removing the Z EOT sensor
Installing the Z EOT sensor
Chamber Fans
Removing the right side chamber fan
Installing the right side chamber fan
Removing the left side chamber fan
Installing the left side chamber fan
Chamber Heaters
Removing the right side heater
Installing the right side heater
Removing the left side heater
Installing the left side heater
Thermal Fuses
Removing the right side thermal fuse
Installing the right side thermal fuse
Removing the left side thermal fuse
Installing the left side thermal fuse
Chamber Thermocouple
Removing the chamber thermocouple
Installing the chamber thermocouple
Z Motor
Removing the Z motor
Installing the Z motor
Z Stage
Removing the Z stage
Installing the Z stage

Offset Calibrations
Adjusting Z Calibration and XY Tip Offset
Z Calibration
Entering Z Calibration values manually (Firmware version 9.1 or newer)
Z tip to base (ZT2B)
Z tip to tip (ZT2T)
XY Tip Calibration
Entering XY Tip Calibration values manually (Firmware version 9.1 or newer)
Part Based Calibration
When to Perform Part Based calibration
Performing part based calibration for HP Designjet 3D from the Service Calibration
menu (Firmware version 9.1 or newer)
Performing part based calibration for HP Designjet 3D with the HP Designjet 3D Diagnostic
Part Measurement Equations
Performing part based calibration for HP Designjet Color 3D from the Service Calibration
menu (Firmware version 9.1 or newer)
Performing part based calibration for HP Designjet Color 3D with the HP Designjet Diagnostics
Part Measurement Equations
Tensioning the X & Y Drive Belts
Zero the Dial Indicator
Checking/Adjusting the X-Drive Belt Tension
Checking/Adjusting the Y-Drive Belt Tension
Get/Send Calibration Files
Get Calibration
Send Calibration
When this button is pressed a dialog box appears that allows you to browse for and select
the calibration file to send to the printer
XY Table Leveling
Checking the XY Table Level
Adjusting the XY Table Level
Head Alignment Procedure
Drive Wheel Alignment
Idler Wheel Check/Adjustment
Liquefier Alignment
Verify Liquefier Alignment
Complete the Re-Assembly of the Toggle Head Assembly
Tip wipe assembly
Adjusting tip wipe assembly height:

Appendix Overview
Front door area components
Electronics bay components
Head area components
XY Table area components
Z Stage area components
Chamber heater area components
Material Bay Components
Hard Drive Installation Checklist
Toggle Head Assembly Installation Checklist
XY Table Assembly Installation Checklist
Controller Board Checklist
HP Designjet 3D Diagnostic Software Help
Select a Modeler
Modeler States
Modeler Setup
Display Units
Printer Status
Position and Temperatures
Travel Limits
Setting the Serial Number
Adjusting XY Tip Offset
Temperature Limits
Get Calibration
Send Calibration
Get Configuration
Test Parts
Reset Password
Tera Term
Using Tera Term
Connecting with Tera Term
Tera Term Commands

Number of pages: 458.