HP Designjet L65500 Scitex LX600 LX800 LX820 LX850 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual HP Designjet L65500 Scitex LX600 LX800 LX820 LX850;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP Designjet L65500 Scitex LX600 LX800 LX820 LX850. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Electrical system
ECabinet Circuit Diagrams
PCA Boards and connections
Formatter PCA
Hard disc drive
Upper and Lower Engine PCI Board
Printmech Board
Main Interconnect Board connections
Substrate path
Ink System
LX600/LX610 Ink types and different firmware versions
Scan Axis
Printhead Cleaning System
Heating and Curing
User Interface

Printer Safety Features
Warning Labels
Emergency Stop Buttons
Electrical shock hazard
Mechanical hazard
Scan Axis Encoder Strip hazard
Burn hazard (heating and curing)
Lifting and handling
Safety Check

3.1 Troubleshooting system error codes
Understand system error codes
Resolve a system error code
01.0:10 – Upper/Lower Engine PCI Boards critical error
01.2:10 – Ink Supply Station Main Board critical error
01.3:10 – Upper Engine PCI Board (Sausalito 0) critical error
01.4:10 – Lower Engine PCI Board (Sausalito 1) critical error
02.1.1:10 – Carriage PCA communication failure
02.1.3:10 – 24V Carriage Power failure
02.2.1:10, 02.2.2:10, 02.2.3:10 – PH interconnect board critical failure
02.3.n:10 – Print Head Interconnect Board Power Fault
02.4.n:10 – Print Head Interconnect Board Communication Fault
03:10 – Main Power Supply unit Failure
03.1:10 – Power supply 24/42 line power failure
03.2:10 – Power Supply Fan is stopped or burnt
05.1:10 – CPU Fan has failed mechanically or electrically
06:03 – Hard disk Failure: CRC error files from HD i corrupted
06:10 – Hard disk failure: Main NVM crash
07:10 – Main Interconnect Board Critical Error
08:11 – Communication failure with front Panel
09:10 – Vacuum Control System Failure
12.X:Y0 – Error in Switching to Roll to Roll or Roll to Free Fall configuration – ONLY LX800
14.1:10 – Ecabinet internal fan failure
14.2:10 – Failure in the 3 phase contactor 24v Activation Line
14.3:12 – 3 Phase voltage not configured
14.4:12 – Generic comms error with temperature control modules
14.5:12 – Comms failure with USB-RS485 converter
14.6:10 – Secondary 42V Power supply error
14.7:10 – Secondary 24V Power supply error
14.8:10 – Emergency stop pushed
14.9:10 – 24V Ecabinet Line error
15.1:01/16.1:01 – Heating/Curing System warm up timeout
15.2:12/16.2:12 – System cool down timeout
15.3:12/16.3:12 – Print Zone Heating & Curing HIGH temperature error
15.4:12/16.4:12 – Print Zone Heating and Curing LOW temperature error
15.5:12/16.5:12 – Heating & Curing temp control module comms error
15.6:10/16.6:10 – Heating and Curing temp controller internal error
15.7:10/16.7:10 – Heating & Curing Lower Temp sensor error
15.8:12 & 16.8:12 – Heating & Curing system power error
15.9:10, 16.10:10 – Heating & Curing PID Configuration error
15.11:10 &16:11:10 – Temperature Controller calibration failure (ADVISORY) – LX800 only
16.9:10 – Curing System Fans Failure
19.1:10 – Service Station Remote controller communication failure
19.2:10 – 19.3:10 – PPS Left front/rear Remote controller comms error
21.1:03 – Service Station Servo Shutdown
21.3:10 – Service station Driver system Fault
21.4:03, 21:03- Service station Driver overheating/current limit protection
21.5:03 – Service station Movement Test Fault
21.6:13 – Service station distance test failure
21.7:00 – Service Station Friction Alert
23.1:12 & 23.2:12- Unable to pressurize ISM system on front side 1 or rear side 2
23.3:10 & 23.4:10- System is unable to depressurize in front or rear APS
23.5:12 & 23.6:12 – Air pressure sensor in the main PCA detects out of range
24:03 Ink System not Ready
24.x:12.1 – There is no ink flow while attempting to refill the intermediate tank
24.7:12 & 24.8:12 – Front & Rear Ink pressure sensors board not calibrated
27.n:01 – Printhead temperature too high
28.xy:11 – Intermediate tank broken bag detected
28.nx:12 – Intermediate tank end of life
41.1:03 – Main drive system (Drive Roller) Servo shutdown
41.3:10 – Drive roller motor electrical driver system failure
41.4:03 – Drive Roller Motor electrical driver overheating
42.1:11 – Scan Axis motor servo shutdown
42:10 – Scan Axis motor failure
43:10 – Substrate Path Vacuum Fan error
44.1:03 & 45.1:03 – Front/Rear Spindle System Servo Shutdown
44.1.1:03 – Roll to Floor Spindle System Servo Shutdown
44.1.2:10 – Roll to floor Spindle System inverse polarity
44.2:10 & 45.2:10 – Front/Rear Spindle System inverse polarity
44.1.3:10 Roll to floor Spindle System driver fault
44.3:10 & 45.3:10 – Front/Rear Spindle System driver system fault
44.1.4:03 Roll to floor Spindle System Driver overheating
44.2.1:03 – Take Up Reel Spindle System Servo Shutdown
44.2.2:10 Take UP Reel Spindle System inverse polarity
44.4:03 & 45.4:03 – Front/Rear Spindle System Driver overheating
46.n:01 – Priming not working as expected
47.1:03 – PH Cleaning system advance motor servo shutdown
47.1:03.1 – PH Cleaning System Jam
47.1:10 – PH Cleaning system Advance motor electrical fault
47.2:03 – PH Cleaning system Engage motor servo shutdown
47.2:10 – PH Cleaning system Engage motor electrical fault
47.3:10/47.4:10 – Calibration of the Printhead Cleaning Roller is required
47:13 – PH Cleaning pressure roller height distance failure
48.n.1:03 – PPS Servo shutdown
48.n.3:10 – PPS 1 Driver system error
48.n.4:03 – PPS 1 Driver overheating
48.n.5:11 PPS Movement Test Fault
48:12 – PPS system misalignment error
49.n:03 – Aerosol System Fan Failure
50:01 – OMAS Sensor window dirty
50:03 – OMAS Controller operational failure
50:11 – OMAS sensor mis-positioned
50:14 – OMAS Firmware version mismatch
50:17 – OMAS sensor LEDs configuration error warning
50.1:10 – Error in OMAS sensor electronics
50.1:11 – OMAS controller CAN communication error
50.2:10 – OMAS Controller board error
52.n:01 – Drop detector failure
52.5:11 – Unexpected drop detector position
52.6:10 – Drop detector comms error
52.7:10 – Drop detector control error
55:10 – Line sensor error (sensor box)
56:01 Drive roller Encoder position Error
57:11 – Ink System Leakage
58:10 – Color sensor error
58.1:12 – Color sensor Shutter error
63:05 – Printing data Error
68:03 – Nvm Data lost
71.1:19 – NVM Primary Main and Backup with default values
71.2:19 – NVM ISS Main and Backup with default values
71.5:19 & 71.6:19 NVM Mismatch
72:04 calibration data not found or incorrect
73:03 – Carriage encoder reading error
74.2:04 – Mis-match firmware and ink configuration
74.3:04 – Mis-match firmware and ink configuration
76:03 – Out of resources in the internal Hard Disc Drive
78.1:04 – Media settings error
78.X:01- End of roll reached/Media Slippage (ADVISORY)
79:03 – Communication error Engine PCI & Formatter
79:04 – Generic Firmware error
81:01 – Paper path drive roller motor servo shutdown
81.02:01 – Tension roller unexpectedly raised – LX800 only
81.02:03 – Tension roller raised when in closed status – LX800 only (ADVISORY)
85:03 – Drive roller encoder zero position not found
86.1:01 – PPS in unknown position – LX800 only
86:01 – Scan axis servo shutdown
86.2:01 – Scan axis length test failure
93:11 – Unable to pressurize the IDS system
93:12 – Ink system module set as not purged
3.2 How to do a complete check of the printer in 1/2day 1 day
3.3 Subsystem Troubleshooting
3.3.1 Troubleshooting boards using the LEDS
Printmech Board LEDs
ISS Main Board LEDs
OMAS and Vacuum Controller LEDs
The LEDs are numbered in the table from top to bottom
Main Interconnect Board LEDs
Security Relay LEDs
PPS Remote Controller Board LEDs
Service Station interconnect Board LEDs
Ink System LED Interface Board LEDs
3.3.2 Troubleshoot problems without system error codes
Printer turns on (beeps)
Front panel displays Initializing but does not turn on
3.3.3 Troubleshooting Printhead Reseat/Replace or Banding/IQ issues caused by too many nozzles out
The Front Panel recommends replacing or reseating a printhead
3.3.4 Troubleshoot ink cartridge and printhead issues
Cannot insert a printhead
What to do before replacing a printhead
A printhead has overheated
A printhead has damaged the substrate
Incorrect printhead cleaning roll errors
3.3.5 How to check the Ink Delivery System
3.3.6 How to check if the primer is working
3.3.7 Troubleshooting air leakage in the spindle
How to know where the air leakage is coming from
What to do depending of the air leakage:
If the leakage is coming from the air valve:
3.3.8 How to check the capping station
3.3.9 How to check the media path
3.3.10 Troubleshoot the Scan Axis movement of the Carriage
3.3.11 How to check the Printhead Cleaning Roller is functioning correctly
3.3.12 What to do if the Scan Beam movement is locked and it cannot be moved
3.3.13 What to do in case of a ‘slow IPS PC’ or ‘IPS being disconnected
Cannot access from the RIP PC a shared directory on the IPS PC
3.3.14 Additional troubleshooting of wrinkles on the substrate while printing
3.3.15 Troubleshooting the printer when printing in Dual Roll configuration
3.3.16 Testing the Trailing Cable
3.4 Troubleshoot image quality
Introduction to Image Quality
About service prints and image quality
The best image quality
Printhead Alignment
Automatic printhead alignment
Manual printhead alignment
Troubleshooting printhead alignment
User prints and image quality calibrations
Printhead alignment diagnostic print
Color calibration diagnostic print
Printhead health plot
Print a Service Print
Read a Service Print
Substrate expansion plot (from service menu 2.3.4 Substrate Expansion Check)
Pen to Pen Alignment along the scan axis (scan axis encoder strip) (2.5.1 Scan Axis Check)
Bidirectional alignment along the scan axis + PRS diagnostics (2.5.2 PPS Check)
Printhead nozzle health plot (2.6.1 Nozzle Check)
Resolving Image Quality Problems
Malfunctioning nozzles v.s. malfunctioning drop detector
Further information on Image Quality Issues
3.5 How to view/extract and interpret the service plot
Viewing the service plot through the IPS
Extracting the service plot
Interpreting the Service plot
How to extract key files to be used in case you require support from HP

Phone Support
Overview of Diagnostic Tests, Service Utilities & Service Calibrations
Diagnostic Tests
Service Utilities and Calibrations
Service Menu Key Combinations
Diagnostic mode
Service Menu
0. Purge & Setup Menu
0.1 Purge ISM
0.2 Fill Intermediate Tanks
0.3 Purge Printer Tubes
0.4 Purge Ink Used Menu
0.5 3ph AC Volt Setup Menu
0.5.6 Voltage Configuration
0.6 Force Normal Boot
0.6 Force Normal Boot
0.7 Prepare for transport
0.8 Set ISM as Purged
0.9 Set TRS as Purged
0.10 Set ink as LX610
0.11 Set ink as LX600
1.0 User Interface Menu
1.1 Front Panel
2. Electrical Systems Menu
2.1 ECabinet
2.2 Main Electronics Menu
2.2.1 Electronics Control
2.2.2 Hard Disk Drive
2.2.3 IO Information
2.2.4 Unit Information
2.2.5 71.X:19 Recovery
2.2.6 Set SN and PN
2.3 Main PSU/OFF
2.4 ECabinet Fault Signals
3. Substrate Path Menu
3.1 Spindle Motors burning
3.2 Front Spindle System
3.3 Rear Spindle System
3.4 Drive Roller
3.5 Pinch Switches
3.6 Vacuum
3.7 OMAS
3.8 Free Fall Pinch Switch Test
3.9 Free Fall System
3.10 Free Fall Relays
3.11 Take Up Reel System
3.11 Take Up Reel System
4. Ink system
4.1 ISS Electronics
4.2 Air Pressure System
4.3 Ink Supply Connector
4.4 IT Broken Bag Recovery
4.5 Ink System Leakage
4.6 ISS Electrovalves
4.7 Recovery from Ink Leakage
4.9 Intermediate Tank Change Process
4.10 Ink Cartridge LEDs
4.11 Ink Pres. Sen. Calib
4.12 Ink Pressure At Pen
4.13 Force Filling Tanks
4.14 No Flow Error Recovery
4.15 ISS Components Test Menu
4.15.1 Entry Front Valves
4.15.2 Entry Rear Valves
4.15.3 Inter Front Valves
4.15.4 Inter Rear Valves
4.15.5 Front (1) Air Pumps
4.15.6 Rear (1) Air Pumps
4.15.7 Relief Valves
4.15.8 Air Pressure Sens
4.15.9 Ink Pressure Sens
4.15.10 Int T Front Brk Bag
4.15.11 Int T Rear Brk Bag
4.16 ISS Flushing Menu
4.16.1 Auxiliary Tool Pump
4.16.2 Operate Front Valves
4.16.3 Operate Rear Valves
4.17 Int Tanks Ink Life Cycles
4.18 Int Tanks Ink Amount
4.19 Int Tanks time refill
4.20 Check Ink Supplies
5. Scan Axis Menu
5.1 Impelling system
5.2 PPS Menu
5.2.1 Move to Home Position
5.2.2 Move to Load Position
5.2.3 Move to Printing Position
5.2.4 PPS Motor Check
5.2.5 PPS Switch
5.2.6 PPS Shims Values
5.2.1 Move to Home Position
5.3 Service Station
5.2 PPS Menu
5.2.1 Move to Home Position
5.2.2 Move to Load Position
5.2.3 Move to Printing Position
5.2.4 PPS Motor Check
5.2.5 PPS Switch
5.2.6 PPS Shims Values
5.3 Service Station
5.3.1 Shuttle Open Loop
5.3.2 Shuttle Close Loop
5.3.3 Drop Detector Test
5.3.4 Service Station Cal
5.3.5 Drop Detector 12V On/Off
5.3.6 Drop Detector signals
6. Carriage Menu
6.0 Trailing Cable test
6.1 Carriage System Test
6.2 Move to Repair Position
6.4 Line Sensor check
6.5 Aerosol Fans
6.6 Force Priming Menu
6.6.1 Force Priming Left
6.6.2 Force Priming Centre
6.6.3 Force Priming Right
7. Print Head Cleaning Menu
7.1 PH Roll Adv Open Loop
7.2 PH Roll Adv Close Loop
7.3 PH Roll End Open Loop
7.4 PH Roll End Close Loop
7.5 PH High Calib Default
8. Heating and Curing Menu
8.1 Heating
8.2 Curing
8.3 Heating Temp Profile
8.4 Curing Temp Profile
8.5 Temperature Controller Calibration
9. Covers Menu
10. Diagn. Utilities menu
Service Utilities
1. Service Utilities Menu
1.0 Force Diagnostic Mode
1.1 Report Test Version
1.2 Electrical Systems Menu
1.3 Substrate Path Menu
1.4 Ink system Menu
1.5 Scan Axis Menu
1.6 Carriage Menu
1.8 Heating and Curing Menu
2. Service Prints Menu
2.0 Printhead Alignment
2.3 Substrate Path Menu
2.5 Scan Axis Menu
2.6 Carriage Menu
2.10 For Escalation Menu
3. Reset Life Counters
4. Service Calibrations
4.3 Substrate Path Menu
4.3.1 Drive Roller Encoder Calibration
4.3.2 OMAS Calibration
4.3.3 OMAS temp Calibration
4.3.4 Roller Calibration
4.3.5 Check Roller Calibration
4.3.6 Reset Roller Calibration
4.3.7 View Roller Calibration
4.5 Scan Axis Menu
4.5.1 Drop Detector Calibration
4.5.2 Ser. Sta Compensation
4.6 Carriage menu
4.6.1 Line Sensor Cal
4.7 Print Head Cleaning
4.7.1 PH Cleaner Height Calibration
4.7.2 PH Cleaner Horizontal Calibration
4.7.3 PH Cleaner Measurement Tool
4.7.4 Check Height & Tilt
5. Service Test Menu

Printer Support
Left Covers
Right Covers
User Interface
Electrical Cabinet
Electrical Cabinet Doors
Front Substrate Path (1 of 2)
Front Substrate Path (2 of 2)
Rear Substrate Path (1 of 2)
Rear Substrate Path (1 of 2)
Dual Roll Assembly & Ink Collector & Diverter
Roll to Floor Assembly (LX800/LX850)
Ink System (1 of 3)
Ink System (2 of 3)
Ink System (3 of 3)
Scan Axis (1 of 3)
Scan Axis (2 of 3)
Scan Axis (3 of 3)
Carriage Assembly
Printhead Cleaning Assembly
Heating Module
Curing Module
Internal Print Server PC
Additional Parts

Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Required Tools
Left Covers
Left Side Front Panel
Left Side Rear Panel
Left Side Lateral Panel
Left Side Top Cover
Right Covers
Right Cover Slide Door
Right Side Rear Panel
Right Side Lateral Panel
Right Side Top Cover
Right Side Cover Window
Arcs and Trims
Left Side Front Arc
Left Side Rear Arc
Left Side Front Trim
Left Side Rear Trim
Right Side Front Arc
Right Side Rear Arc
Right Side Front Trim
Right Side Rear Trim
Center Covers
Central Cover Panels
Officieability Upgrade Kit
User Interface
Front Panel
Printer Support
Stand Rubber Foot Assembly
Stand Wheel Assembly
Stands Cross Tensioners
Electrical Cabinet Support
Formatter Board
Formatter CPU Fan
Main Power Supply
Printmech Board
Upper Engine PCI Board
Lower Engine PCI Board
Hard Disk System
Main Interconnect Board
Main Electronics Box
Electrical Cabinet
Power Cabinet
Left Cabinet door
Right Cabinet door
Power Fuse Holder Block
Electrical Cabinet Power Light (L1, L2, L3, L4)
Electrical Cabinet Power Button and Light (L5)
Main Power Switch
Heating/Curing Temperature Controller
Heating and Curing Power Module
Electrical Cabinet Internal Fan
Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breakers (10 A, 20 A, 32A/63A)
Electrical Cabinet Rail Connector
3 Phase Line Filter
Two Single Phase Line Filters
Scan Axis Brake Motor Resistor
Safety Relay
Secondary 24 V Power Supply
Secondary 42 V Power Supply
Vacuum Fan Power Transformer
Electrical Cabinet Rail Small Fuse Holder
Main Power Breaker (KM)
Substrate Path
Drive Roller
Drive Roller Support Bearings Set (center)
Drive Roller Encoder Disc, Drive Roller Encoder PCA and Encoder Sensor
Drive Roller Encoder PCA and Encoder Sensor
Drive Roller Transmission Assembly
Drive Roller Motor
Drive Roller Motor Coupling
Pinch Assembly (single)
Pinch Wheel
Pinch Support
Pinch System Up Retainer
Pinch Sensor Assembly
Spindle Gear and Encup Set
Spindle Air Valve
Front Spindle Motor
Rear Spindle Motor
Front Left Sideplate Spindle Driver Gear Assembly
Front Right Sideplate Spindle Support Assembly
Back Right Sideplate Spindle Driver Gear Assembly
Back Right Sideplate Spindle Driver Gear Assembly
Back Left Sideplate Spindle Support Sideplate Assembly
How to adjust the latch
Spindle Latch Assembly A
Spindle Latch Assembly B
OMAS Platen Assembly
OMAS Sensor Cable
OMAS and Vacuum Control Box
OMAS Temperature Sensor Assembly
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump Support Assembly and Vacuum Dampers
Vacuum Tube Assembly
Platen Assembly
Diverter Assembly
Diverter Support Bearings Set
Oil Collection Upgrade Kit
Roll to Floor
Roll to Floor
Roll to Floor Module
Roll to Floor Damper
Media Presence Sensor Support
Left Side Plate
Right Side Plate
Outer Pinch Assemblies
Roll to Floor Pinch Lever Assembly
Ink System
Ink Cartridge Connector Set
Ink System LED Interface Board
ISM Air Circuit Module
ISM Ink Circuit Module
Ink Pressure Sensor Board
Ink Sensors Board
Ink System Pressurization Pump and Relief Valve
Ink System Main Board
Intermediate Tank Set
ISM Flush and clean a single ink system line
TRS Flush and clean a single ink system line
4 Way Valve
Electro Valves
Scan Axis Impelling System
Ink System Compartment
Scan Axis Motor
Scan Axis Impelling Belt
Scan Axis Belt Tensioner
Scan Axis Tube Shelf
Carriage Chain Assembly
Scan Axis Encoder Strip
Scan Axis Service Station
Service Station Connection Board
Drop Detectors Set
Remote Controller Board (Service Station)
Service Station Motor
Service Station Chassis
Service Station Screw Assembly
Printhead Capping Module
Service Station Encoder Strip and Sensor
Manual Service Station Capping
Service Station Oiling
Clean the Service Station Upper Spittoon
Scan Axis PPS
Scan Axis PPS
Remote Controller Board (PPS)
PPS Motor Assembly
PPS Screw Assembly
PPS Motor Mount Assembly
PPS Low Switch
Pen Pocket Kit
Carriage Encoder Set
Carriage Interconnect Board
Carriage Printhead Interconnect
Trailing Cable
Line Sensor Assembly
Primer Assembly
Aerosol Fan Assembly (Left)
Aerosol Fan Assembly (Right)
Carriage Oiling Foam Retainer
Carriage Oiling Foam Retainer and Rear Support Set
Carriage Lid
Carriage Lid Switch
Carriage Tower Assembly
Carriage Assembly
Front bushing Assembly
Felts in the Carriage Bushing Assembly
FI Tower
Printhead Interconnect Board Protection kit
Dynamic TRS Replacement Procedure
Printhead Cleaning System
Printhead Cleaner Roll Assembly
Printhead Cleaner Roll Belts Set
Printhead Cleaner Roll Driver Assembly
Printhead Cleaner Roll Rubber Roller
Printhead Cleaner Roll Rubber Roller Up/Down Assembly
Printhead Cleaner Roll Pinch Assembly
Printhead Cleaner Roll Support Kit
Lower gears in the Printhead Cleaner Assembly
Drive Shaft main white gear
Printhead Cleaning Clutch
Upper Printhead Cleaning Clutch
Heating and Curing
Delta/Star configuration
How to check resistance
Curing Module Assembly
Curing Resistors
Curing System Fan
Curing Star – Triangle Configuration Box Set
Curing Safety Thermostat
Curing Temperature Sensor
Heating Module Assembly
Heating Resistors
Heating Supports Set
Heating Star – Triangle Configuration Box Set
Heating Safety Thermostat
Heating Temperature Sensor
Curing Bottom Plate Stoppers
Curing Bottom Plate
Curing Bottom Plate Support
Central Support Plate
PPS Column and Bushing XY
Reinstalling the software on the IPS PC
Installing the HP Internal Print Server (L65500)
Configuring the Operating System (Vista: L65500)
Upgrading the OS from Vista to Windows 7 (LX600/LX800
Configuring the Operating System (Windowa 7: LX600/LX800)
Install the HP Internal Print Server (LX600/LX800)
Install and Configure the Symantec Antivirus software
Install CallMe@hp Camera software

About Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Alerts and Actions
Check the maintenance usage levels on the HP Internal Print Server
Preventive maintenance service procedures
Preventive maintenance #1: Clean heating/curing module reflectors
Preventive maintenance #2: Replace the Carriage Chain Assembly
Preventive maintenance #3: Replace the Intermediate Tank Set
Preventive maintenance #4: Grease the PPS Screw Assembly
Preventive maintenance #5: Replace Ink Tubes
Cleaning the ventilation filter foams of the E-Cabinet

Callme@HP Configuration
Troubleshooting the setup
Callme@HP Operation
How to launch a call from Customer Printer
How to access a call from the Customer
How to receive a file from a customer
How to Video stream and make snapshots
How to initiate a Remote Connection
How to terminate a call
How to look for an old service request

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Printer installations
HP Designjet LX600/LX800 to be installed with LX610 inks
Ink Upgrade Kit