HP DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1100ps, DesignJet T610, DesignJet T1120, DesignJet T1120ps Printer Series, Service Manual & Parts List

Service Manual & Parts List HP DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1100ps, DesignJet T610, DesignJet T1120, DesignJet T1120ps Printer Series;
This service & parts list manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your HP DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1100ps, DesignJet T610, DesignJet T1120, DesignJet T1120ps Printer Series copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of HP DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1100ps, DesignJet T610, DesignJet T1120, DesignJet T1120ps Printer Series photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Using the Front Panel
General Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting System Error Codes
Performing a Service Test on a failed Assembly
Performing the Necessary Service Calibrations
The Front Panel is blank
Solving Print Quality Problems
The Printer does not Power ON
The Printer Continuously Rejects Printheads
Cover Sensors are not Working
The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media
Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions
Worm marks on HP Coated media with light area fills
Solving Media-Handling Problems
Print quality troubleshooting
Print Quality Troubleshooting Actions
The Service Image Quality Diagnostic Print
Reading the Diagnostic Print Results
Diagnostic Part 1: Printhead Reliability
Diagnostic Part 2: Printhead Alignment
Diagnostic Part 3: Printheads & Paper Advance
The Advanced Diagnostic Prints
Reading the Advanced diagnostic Print Results
Troubleshooting Print Quality Problems
Print Quality General Advice
Horizontal Lines Across the Image (Banding)
Lines are Missing, Too Thin, or Too Thick
Problems with Stepped Lines
Lines are Printed Double or in Wrong Colors
Lines are discontinuous
Lines are Blurred (Ink Bleeds from Lines)
Problems with Graininess
Paper is not Flat
Ink marks on the paper
Horizontal smears on the front of coated paper
Ink marks on the back of the paper
Problems with the Edges of objects
Stepped or not sharp
Darker than expected
Black and white prints do not look neutral
Horizontal lines at the end of a cut sheet print
Vertical lines of different colors
White spots on the print
Problems with Color Accuracy
Output Only Contains a Partial Print
Problems with Image Clipping
Some objects are missing from the printed image
A PDF file is clipped or objects are missing
Print Quality Troubleshooting Wizard
Ink Supplies Troubleshooting
Introduction to ink supplies
What are Ink Supplies?
Ink Cartridges
Available Ink Cartridges
Available Printheads
General Information About the Ink Supplies
General Precautions When Handling Ink Supplies
When Should You Replace the Ink Supplies?
Ink Cartridge Levels, Information, and Replacement
Ink Cartridge Levels
View Ink Levels” Direct Access Key
“View Ink Levels” from the ink menu
Obtaining Ink Cartridge Information
The printer consumes more gray ink ink than M, C, or Y
Changing an Ink Cartridge
Printhead Information, Replacement and Alignment
Obtaining Printhead Information
Changing a Printhead
Aligning Printheads
Reinsert Printheads Procedure
Image Quality Maintenance Procedure
Scanning errors during alignment
Ink Cartridge and Printhead Status Messages
Ink Cartridge Status Messages
Printhead status messages
Printhead Error Codes
Solving Ink Supplies Problems
You Cannot Insert the Ink Cartridge Into the Printer
You Cannot Insert the Printhead Into the Printer
The front panel says to reset or replace a printhead
Maintaining and Cleaning the Printheads
Clean the printheads
Flex Contacts Cleaning Tool

Printer logs
Replacing the PrintMech PCA, Media Advance Encoder PCA and Formatter
Location of the main and backup NVM
IMPORTANT: Three rules for replacing these three service parts
What to do if the Front Panel is blank
Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes
System Error Code Brief Descriptions
System Error Codes – Full Descriptions
Appendix A: How to troubleshoot SE 79:04
Possible causes
Job related SE79:04
Data related SE79:04
Network related SE79:04
User Interaction related SE79:04
Random SE79:04: Concurrence issues and memory leaks
Hardware related SE79:04
Job related SE79:04
Troubleshooting based on symptoms
Front panel displays 79:04 at Start-up
Front panel displays 79:04 during printer operation – not while sending jobs
Front panel displays 79:04 while printing
Appendix B: Updating firmware in diagnostics boot mode
Appendix C: Obtaining printer logs

Diagnostics – Self Test
Service Tests (Diagnostics)
Using the Front Panel
Entering the Service Tests Menu
1. Scan Axis
2. Paper Drive
3. Electronics Module
4. Carriage Assembly
5. Sensors
6. Rewinder
7. Ink Delivery System (IDS)
8. Service Station
9. I/O Information
10. Unit Information
11. EEROM Reset
12. Set Unit Configuration
13. Error 71:19 Recovery
14. Others
Service Utilities
Entering the Service Utilities Menu
1. Turn Drive Roller
2. Purge Tubes
3. Set SN
4. Reset Life Counters
5. Diagnostic Print
6. Set Date and Time
7. Enable/Disable Firewall
8. Reset User Life Counters
9. Enable/Disable Sleep Mode
10. Disk Wipe DoD 5220.22OM
11. SNMP
12. New Left Spittoon
13. Enable Hide Front Panel Information
14. Enable/Disable Port 280
Service Tests
Entering the Service Tests Menu
1. Test Messages
2. I/O Tests

Service Calibrations
Using the Front Panel
Entering the Service Calibrations Menu
Scan Axis Calibration
Service Station Calibration
Paper Advance Calibration
Drop Detector Calibration
Line Sensor Calibration
Carriage PCA

Printer Support
Center Covers (Front)
Center Covers (Rear)
Right Cover
Left Cover
Right Hand Assemblies
Left Hand Assemblies
Carriage Assembly (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Carriage Assembly (T1120/T1120ps)
Scan-Axis Assemblies (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Scan-Axis Assemblies (T1120/T1120ps)
Paper Path Assemblies (Front)
Paper Path Assemblies (Rear)
Tool Kits
Miscellaneous Parts
New Formatter Design

Service Calibration Guide to Removal and Installation
Bin Assembly
Covers and Trims
Rear Tray
Rear Cover
Media Lever
Media Lever Position Sensor
Cutter Assembly
Left Rear Tray Support
Front Panel
Top Cover
Window Position Sensor
Ink Supply Tubes Support Rail (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Ink Supply Tubes Support Rail (T1120/T1120ps)
Service Station (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Service Station (T1120/T1120ps)
Drop Detector
Aerosol Fan Assembly (T1100, T1100ps, T610 ONLY)
PrintMech PCA (T1100, T1100ps, T610 ONLY)
Pen to Paper Space (PPS) Solenoid (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Pen to Paper Space (PPS) Solenoid (T1120/T1120ps)
Left Spindle Holder
Right Spindle Holder (24 – ONLY)
Right Spindle Holder and Rewinder (T1120/T1120ps)
Right Spindle Holder and Rewinder (T1120/T1120ps)
Clean Out Assembly
Out Of Paper Sensor
Left Roll Guide
Right Roll Guide
Encoder Strip, spring and attachment nut (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Encoder Strip, spring and attachment nut (T1120/T1120ps)
Encoder Strip
Trailing Cable (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Trailing Cable (T1120/T1120ps)
Carriage Assembly (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Carriage Assembly (T1120/T1120ps)
Carriage Rear Bushing
Left and Right Bumpers (T1120/T1120ps ONLY)
Belt Assembly
Scan-Axis Motor (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Scan-Axis Motor (T1120/T1120ps)
Carriage Rail Oiler
Line Sensor (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Line Sensor (T1120/T1120ps)
Carriage Cover and Carriage Latch (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Carriage Cover and Carriage Latch (T1120/T1120ps)
Carriage PCA (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Carriage PCA (T1120/T1120ps)
Left Ink Supply Station
Ink Supply Tubes (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Ink Supply Tubes (T1120/T1120ps)
Electronics Module Main PCA and PSU (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Electronics Module Main PCA and PSU (T1120/T1120ps)
Starwheel Assembly
Print Zone Overdrive
Left Spittoon
Encoder Disk and Encoder Sensor
Media Advance Drive
Media Advance Roller (T1100/T1100ps/T610 ONLY)
Pinchwheel Assembly
Left Starwheel Lifter
Right Starwheel Lifter (T1100/T1100ps/T610)
Right Starwheel Lifter (T1120/T1120ps)
Starwheel Motor
Full Bleed Foam

Preventive Maintenance
Moisture on the Printer
Noisy Carriage Bushing
Belt Swelling
Cleaning the Printer
General Cleaning
Cleaning the Drive Roller and Overdrive
Level of Printer Usage
Preventive Maintenance Kits
Preventive Maintenance Kit #1
Preventive Maintenance Kit #2
Preventive Maintenance Kit #3

Number of pages: 490.