Kyocera TASKalfa 2551ci, Service Manual

Service Manual Kyocera TASKalfa 2551ci;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Kyocera TASKalfa 2551ci copier.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all theĀ  simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Kyocera TASKalfa 2551ci photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1-1-1 Specifications
1-1-2 Parts names
(1) Machine (front side)
(2) Machine (rear side)
(3) Operation panel
1-1-3 Machine cross section

1-2-1 Installation environment
1-2-2 Unpacking and installation
(1) Installation procedure
(2) Setting initial copy modes
1-2-3 Option composition
1-2-4 Installing the key counter (option)
(1) Installing directly on the device
(2) Mounting on the document table
1-2-5 Installing the gigabit ethernet board (option)
1-2-6 Installing the IC card reader holder (option)
1-2-7 Installing the keyboard holder (option)
1-2-8 Installing the Printed Document Guard Kit (option)
1-2-9 Installing the key card MK-2 (option for Japan only)
1-2-10 Installing the coin vender (option for japan only)

1-3-1 Maintenance mode
(1) Executing a maintenance item
(2) Maintenance modes item list
(3) Contents of the maintenance mode items
1-4 Troubleshooting
1-4-1 Paper misfeed detection
(1) Paper misfeed indication
(2) Paper misfeed detection component
1-4-2 Self-diagnostic function
(1) Self-diagnostic function
(2) Self-diagnostic codes
1-4-3 Image quality problems
(1) No image appears (entirely white)
(2) No image appears (entirely black)
(3) Image is too light
(4) The background is colored
(5) White streaks are printed vertically
(6) Black streaks are printed vertically
(7) Streaks are printed horizontally
(8) One side of the print image is darker than the other
(9) Spots are printed
(10) Image is blurred
(11) The leading edge of the image is consistently misaligned with the original
(12) The leading edge of the image is sporadically misaligned with the original
(13) Paper is wrinkled
(14) Image is off-set
(15) Part of image is missing
(16) Fusing is loose
(17) Image is out of focus
(18) Image center does not align with the original center
1-4-4 Electric problems
1-4-5 Mechanical problems
1-4-6 Send error code
(1) Scan to SMB error codes
(2) Scan to FTP error codes
(3) Scan to E-mail error codes
1-4-7 Error codes
(1) Error code
(2) Table of general classification
(2-1) U004XX error code table: Interrupted phase B
(2-2) U006XX error code table: Problems with the unit
(2-3) U008XX error code table: Page transmission error
(2-4) U009XX error code table: Page reception error
(2-5) U010XX error code table: G3 transmission
(2-6) U011XX error code table: G3 reception
(2-7) U017XX error code table: V.34 transmission
(2-8) U018XX error code table: V.34 reception
(2-9) U023XX error code table: Relay command abnormal reception
(2-10) U044XX error code table: Encrypted transmission

1-5-1 Precautions for assembly and disassembly
(1) Precautions
(2) Drum unit
(3) Toner
(4) How to tell a genuine Kyocera toner container
1-5-2 Outer covers
(1) Detaching and refitting the front cover
(2) Detaching and refitting the rear cover
(3) Detaching and refitting the inner tray
(4) Detaching and refitting the eject rear cover
1-5-3 Paper feed section
(1) Detaching and refitting the primary paper feed unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the MP paper feed roller and MP separation pad
(3) Detaching and refitting the registration roller
(4) Detaching and refitting the registration cleaner
(5) Detaching and refitting the MP tray
1-5-4 Developing section
(1) Detaching and refitting the developing unit
1-5-5 Drum section
(1) Detaching and refitting the drum unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the chager roller unit
1-5-6 Transfer/separation section
(1) Detaching and refitting the intermediate transfer unit
(2) Detaching and refitting the secondary transfer roller unit
1-5-7 Fuser section
(1) Detaching and refitting the fuser unit
1-5-8 Drive section
(1) Detaching and refitting the drive unit 1
(2) Detaching and refitting the drive unit 2
(3) Detaching and refitting the drive unit 3
1-5-9 Optical section
(1) Detaching and refitting the laser scanner unit
(2) Checks and adjusts the assembly frame of LSU unit
(3) Color registration adjustment
(4) Detaching and refitting the image scanner unit
(5) Detaching and refitting the LED unit
(6) The cautions at the time of movement of an exposure unit
1-5-10 PWBs
(1) Detaching and refitting the main PWB
(1-1) Remarks on main PWB replacement
(2) Detaching and refitting the engine PWB
(2-1) Remarks on engine PWB replacement
(3) Detaching and refitting the power source PWB
(4) Detaching and refitting the operation panel PWB main
(5) Detaching and refitting the IH PWB
1-5-11 Others
(1) Detaching and refitting the language sheet
(2) Detaching and refitting the conveying unit
(3) Direction of installing the principal fan motors

1-6-1 Upgrading the firmware
2-1 Mechanical Construction
2-1-1 Paper feed/conveying section
(1) Cassette paper feed section
(2) MP tray paper feed section
(3) Conveying section
2-1-2 Drum section
2-1-3 Developing section
2-1-4 Optical section
(1) Image scanner section
(2) Laser scanner section
2-1-5 Transfer/Separation section
(1) Intermediate transfer unit section
(2) Secondary transfer roller section
2-1-6 Fuser section
2-1-7 Eject/Feedshift section
2-1-8 Duplex conveying section
2-2 Electrical Parts Layout
2-2-1 Electrical parts layout
(1) PWBs
(2) Switches and sensors
(3) Motors
(4) Others
2-3 Operation of the PWBs
2-3-1 Main PWB
2-3-2 Engine PWB
2-3-3 Engine connect PWB
2-3-4 ISC PWB
2-3-5 IH PWB
2-3-6 Operation panel PWB main
2-3-7 Power source PWB

2-4-1 Appendixes
(1) Maintenance kits
(2) Repetitive defects gauge
(3) Firmware environment commands
(4) Chart of image adjustment procedures
(5) Wiring diagram

Installation Guide
DP-770(B) / (Document processor)
DP-772 / (Document processor)
DP-773 (Document processor)
PF-791 (500 x 2 Paper feeder)
PF-810 (3000-sheets deck)
DF-770(D) (Document finisher)
AK-740 (Bridge unit)
PH-7A/C/D (Punch unit)
DT-730(B) (Document tray)
FAX System (W) B

Number of pages: 742.