Xerox Phaser 3052 Phaser 3260 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Xerox Phaser 3052 Phaser 3260;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Xerox.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Xerox Phaser 3052 Phaser 3260 photocopier. You can find easily everything what do you need.
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About This Documentation
How to Use this Manual
Service Safety Summary
Reference Symbology
Voltage Specifications
Health and Safety Incident Reporting
Regulatory Specifications
Translation of Warnings
Tag Usage
Phaser® 3052/3260 Overview

Call Flow
Service Call Overview
Safety Precautions
SCP 01 Introduction to Service Call Procedures
SCP 02 Initial Actions
SCP 03 Corrective Actions
SCP 04 Final Actions

01-100 Front Cover Open Fault
03-410 Paper Mismatch at Tray 1
03-450 Paper Mismatch at Manual Feed Slot
03-900 Main PWB Motor Control Chip Fault
04-500 Main Drive (BLDC) Motor Start Fault
06-100 / 200 Laser Module (LSU) Motor Fault
07-110 Paper Tray 1 Empty Fault
07-130 Paper Jam in Tray 1 Fault
07-500 Manual Feed Slot Paper Empty Fault
07-530 Paper Feed Fault – Manual Feed Slot
08-100 Paper Feed Fault – Tray 1
08-500 Paper Jam in Exit Area Fault
08-700 Output Tray Full Fault
08-600 Paper Jam in Duplex Area Fault
09-100 Toner Cartridge Near End of Life Fault
09-300 Imaging Unit Near End of Life Fault
09-350 Toner Cartridge End of Life Fault
09-400 Imaging Unit End of Life Fault
09-550 Toner Cartridge Undetected Fault
09-800 Incompatible Toner Cartridge Fault
09-900 Imaging Unit Undetected Fault
10-100 Fuser Temperature (Open) Fault
10-200/ 300 Fuser Under/ Over Temperature Fault
17-100 IP Conflict Error Fault
17-310 Communication Error (Main PWB to Wireless PWB) Fault
17-700 / 710 BOOTP Error Fault
17-800 / 810 DHCP Error Fault
17-900 802.1X Network Authentication Error Fault
17-910 Firmware Upgrade Fault

Image Quality Overview
IQ1 Vertical Black Line and Band RAP
IQ2 Vertical White Line and Band RAP
IQ3 Horizontal Black Bands RAP
IQ4 Spots RAP
IQ5 Low Image Density RAP
IQ6 Black or Dark Image RAP
IQ7 Uneven Density RAP
IQ8 Background RAP
IQ9 Residual Image (Ghosting) RAP
IQ10 Side 2 Staining
IQ11 Blank Page RAP
IQ12 Partial Image Deletions RAP

REP 1.1 Front Cover
REP 1.2 Left and Right Side Covers
REP 1.3 Top Cover
REP 1.4 Rear Cover
REP 1.5 Control Panel PWB
REP 1.6 LVPS (Low Voltage Power Supply)
REP 1.7 HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply)
REP 1.8 Main PWB
REP 1.9 Drive Motor
REP 1.10 Main Drive Unit
REP 1.11 LSU and Cables
REP 1.12 Retard Roll
REP 1.13 Feed and Registration Clutches / Paper Feed PWB
REP 1.14 Feed and Registration Sensors PWB and Actuators
REP 1.15 Feed and Forward Roll Assembly
REP 1.16 Transfer Roll
REP 1.17 Fuser Module
REP 1.18 Duplex Assembly
REP 1.19 Exit Sensor
REP 1.20 Output Tray Full Sensor
REP 1.21 WNPC (WiFi) PWB
REP 1.22 Exit Roll and Bushings
REP 1.23 Manual Paper Tray
REP 1.24 Feed Idler Gear
REP 1.25 Paper Drive Roll
REP 1.26 Registration Roll
REP 1.27 Manual Feed Cover

PL 1.1 Main
PL 2.1 Covers
Top Cover
PL 3.1 Top Cover
PL 4.1 Frame
PL 4.2 Duplex Assembly
Exit Frame
PL 4.3 Exit Frame
Paper Path
PL 4.4 Paper Path
Frame Base Pick – Up
PL 4.5 Frame Base Pick – Up
Left Main Frame
PL 4.6 Left Main Frame
Right Main Frame
PL 4.7 Right Main Frame
PL 5.1 Fuser
Lower Fuser
PL 5.2 Lower Fuser
Paper Tray
PL 6.1 Paper Tray
Part Number Index

General Information
General Information
System Overview
Product Specifications
General Procedures
GP 1 Diagnostics Entry and Exit
GP 2 Machine Reports
GP 3 Machine Firmware Version
GP 4 Machine Settings
GP 5 Altitude Adjustment
GP 6 Firmware Upgrade
GP 7 Usage of the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Field Service Kit
GP 8 Software ServiceTools
Diagnostic (EDC) Mode
Machine Reports

Phaser3052 Phaser3260 Phaser-3052 Phaser-3260