DataCard SP55 SP55 Plus SP55k Card Printer Service Manual

Service Manual DataCard SP55 SP55 Plus SP55k Card Printer;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your DataCard.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of DataCard SP55 SP55 Plus SP55k Card Printer. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Intended Audience
Introduction to SP55 Printers
Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge
Symbol Conventions

Printer Components
Functional Block Diagram (SN Under 70,000)
Functional Block Diagram (SN 70,000 and Up)
LCD Menu Diagram
Sequence of Operation
Open Card Printer Differences
Graphics Printing
Printhead Settings
Magnetic Cards
Magnetic Data Principles
Encoding Format
Magnetic Stripe Primary Data Standards
ISO/IEC 7811 (Parts 2 and 6)
Saflok and Ving
Multiple Record Format (SDS)
JIS X 6302 (Type I and Type II Cards)
Magnetic Media Locations
Data Track Locations
Summary of Specifications
Character Encoding
Smart Card Technology
Contact Smart Cards
Non-Contact Smart Cards

Required Tools and Supplies
Routine Maintenance Procedure
Clean the Interior of the Printer
Mechanical Inspection
Run the Cleaning Card
Visual Inspection for Card Quality

General Notes
General Troubleshooting Procedures
Non-Clearing Repetitive Messages
Troubleshooting Sensors
Troubleshooting Motors
Testing General DC Motors
Testing the Ribbon and Pick Motors
Testing the Cam Motor
Testing the Printhead Fan
Testing Transport and Duplex Motors
Troubleshooting Other Devices
Testing the Smart Card Solenoid
Testing the Duplex Clutch
Diagnosing the Duplex Interface Board
Diagnosing the Ribbon RFID Antenna
Performance Problems
Printer Initialization Errors
Card Jams at Card Input
Card Stalls at Output Stacker
Card Jams in Printing Area
Ribbon Break Errors
Error Codes
Error Code Prefixes
General Notes
Driver API (AP)
Printer Driver Errors (DR)
Input Errors (IS)
Duplex Module Errors (DM)
System Errors (SY)
Magnetic Stripe Errors (MS)
Print Errors (PR)
Smart Card Errors (SC)

General Notes
Installing Printer Diagnostics
Using Printer Diagnostics
Parts of the Diagnostics Window
Menu Options
Changing Printer Values
Viewing and Saving Values
Working With Scripts
Setting Printer Value Parameters
Printer ID
Card Registration Offset
Card Strip Offset
Ribbon Type
Ribbon Offset
Vertical Offset
Transport Speed
YMC, K, T, & F Strobe Duty
YMC, K, T, and F Power and Base Power
Duplex Infeed Offset
Duplex Home Offset
Duplex Print Return Offset
Duplex Handoff Offset
Smart Card Registration Offset
Image Clipping Leading and Trailing
Setting Printer Options
Viewing Printer Status
Testing Motors
Testing Motor Functions
Setting Up Step Tests for the Printer
Running a Magnetic Stripe Test Card
Configuring the Magnetic Stripe Module
Configuring Custom Track Formats
Running Magnetic Stripe Diagnostics
Testing the Smart Card Option
Network Option Adjustments
Software Adjustment Procedures
Saving and Restoring a Printer Configuration
Start Sentinel Position
Card Registration Offset Adjustment
Ribbon Offset Adjustment
Updating the Printer Firmware
Duplex Rotational Adjustment

General Notes
Required Tools
Screw Torque Specifications
Front Wire Routing
Duplex and Printhead Wire Routing
Functional Block Diagram (SN Under 70,000)
Functional Block Diagram (SN 70,000 and Greater)
Exterior Components
Swingarm Cover
Main Enclosure
Card Hopper
LCD Display (SP55 and SP55 Plus)
LCD Display (SP55k)
Swingarm Assembly
Printhead Fan
Printhead Spring
Card Input Sensor (Without Clear Card)
Card Input Sensor (With Clear Card)
Swingarm Sensor
Ribbon Motion Sensor
Ribbon Index Sensor
Cam Sensor
Card Hopper Empty Sensor
Transport Motor
Pick Motor
Cam Motor
Ribbon Motor and Gear
Transport Assembly
Transport Assembly (SP55 and SP55 Plus)
Transport Assembly (SP55k)
Main Control Board
Transport Timing Belt
Belt Tensioner Pulley and Tension Spring
Drive and Idler Pulleys
Cleaning Rocker Assembly
Front Rocker Assembly
Rear Rocker Assembly
Ribbon Guide
Pick Roller
Cleaning Drive Roller
Front Drive Roller
Rear Drive Roller
Platen Roller
Printhead Cam
Printhead Lifter
Front Card Guide
Rear Card Guide
Static Brushes on Transport Assembly
RFID Antenna
Power Supply (SP55k Only)
Duplex Module
Duplex Entry Sensor
Duplex Home Sensor (Without Clear Card)
Duplex Home Sensor (With Clear Card)
Duplex Interface Board
Duplex Entry Rocker
Duplex Motor
Magnetic Clutch/Spring Clutch/Duplex Rollers
Rear Output Bezel Assembly
Rear Bezel Sensor
Rear Reject Assembly (SP55k Only)
Static Brush on Rear Reject Assembly
Transport Exit Sensor
Magnetic Stripe Option
Magnetic Stripe Circuit Board
Magnetic Stripe Registration Sensor (Without Clear Card)
Magnetic Stripe Registration Sensor (With Clear Card)
Magnetic Stripe Head
Magnetic Stripe Rocker Assembly
Smart Card Option
Smart Card Interface Board
Solenoid Assembly/Solenoid Link
Smart Card Contact
Contactless Smart Card Coupler

Number of pages: 226.