Oki B721 B731 MPS5501B Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Service Manual and Parts List Manual Oki B721 B731 MPS5501b;
This manual is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your Oki.
You can print, zoom or read any diagram, picture or page from this Service Manual and Parts List Manual. Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Oki B721 B731 MPS5501b. You can find easily everything what do you need.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

1.1 System configuration
1.2 Printer configuration
1.3 Composition of optional items
1.4 Specifications
1.5 Interface specifications
1.5.1 USB interface specifications USB interface overview USB interface connectors and cables USB interface signals
1.5.2 Network interface specifications Network interface overview Network interface connector and cable Network interface signals
1.5.3 USB host interface specifications USB host interface overview USB host interface connector USB host interface signals
1.5.4 Wireless LAN interface specifications (Wireless Model only) Wireless LAN interface overview
1.5.5 Parallel interface specifications (Parallel installed Model only) Parallel interface overview Parallel interface connector and cable Parallel interface signals Parallel interface levels

2.1 Cautions, and do’s and don’ts
2.2 Unpacking procedure
2.3 Printer installation instructions
2.4 List of components and accessories
2.5 Assembly procedure
2.5.1 Assembly of the printer main unit
2.5.2 Connection of the AC cord
2.5.3 Installation and recognition confirmation of options
2.6 Printing of the configuration report
2.7 Connection methods
2.8 Checking of paper used by the user

3.1 Precautions on component replacement
3.2 Method of component replacement
3.2.1 Transfer roller
3.2.2 Fuser unit
3.2.3 Cover-Rear-Blind
3.2.4 Cover side-L
3.2.5 Cover side-R
3.2.6 PU/CU-Board PU/CU-Board How to remove Battery(PU/CU-Board)
3.2.7 Power supply unit
3.2.8 DC motor (hop) / DC motor (ID)
3.2.9 Motor FAN (PSU)
3.2.10 Motor FAN (ID) / Micro switch
3.2.11 HV-Board / Motor-FAN
3.2.12 LED Assy
3.2.13 Plate-Assy-Duct
3.2.14 Frame-Assy-OP-Panel
3.2.15 LCD panel
3.2.16 Cover-Assy-Front
3.2.17 Feeder-Assy-Regist / Clutch
3.2.18 TR-Assy-Front
3.2.19 TR-Assy-Rear
3.2.20 Cover-Assy-Stacker
3.2.21 Eject-Assy
3.2.22 DC motor (fuser)
3.2.23 Paper feed rollers
3.2.24 Paper feed rollers (MP tray)
3.2.25 W-LAN Board (for Wireless model only)
3.2.26 Centro Board (for Centro model only)
3.3 Portions Lubricated

4.1 System maintenance menu (For maintenance personnel)
4.2 Maintenance Utility
4.3 User maintenance menu functions
4.3.1 Maintenance menu (for end-users)
4.3.2 Self-diagnostic mode Operator panel Normal self-diagnostic mode (Level 1) Entering self-diagnostic mode (level 1) Exiting self-diagnostic mode Switch scan test Motor and clutch test Test print Consumable counter display Print counter display Factory-Shipping mode switching Self-diagnostic function setting LED head serial number display Contrast adjustment BUZZER TEST
4.3.3 Printing on stand-alone basis
4.3.4 Functions of buttons when/after power-on
4.4 Setup after part replacement
4.4.1 Notes on PU/CU board replacement
4.5 Manual density adjustment setting
4.6 Boot Menu List

5.1 Cleaning
5.2 LED lens array cleaning
5.3 Paper feed roller cleaning

6.1 Important notes to start the repair work
6.2 Matters to be checked before taking corrective actions against abnormalities
6.3 Precautions when taking corrective actions against abnormalities
6.4 Preparation for troubleshooting
6.5 Troubleshooting methods
6.5.1 LCD message list
6.5.2 Preparation for troubleshooting
6.5.2 (1) LCD display error
6.5.2.(2) Abnormal operations of the printer after the power is turned on
6.5.2.(3) Paper feed jam (Error 391: 1st Tray)
6.5.2.(4) Feed jam (Error 380)
6.5.2.(5) Paper feed jam (Error 390: MP Tray)
6.5.2.(6) Paper running jam (Error 381)
6.5.2.(7) Paper unloading jam (Error 382)
6.5.2.(8) Two-sided printing jam (Errors 370, 371, 372, 373 and 383)
6.5.2.(9) Paper size error (Errors 400 and 401)
6.5.2.(10) Fuser unit error (Errors 167 to 177)
6.5.2.(11) Motor fan error (Errors 122, 127, 128, 918)
6.5.2.(12) Print speed is slow. (Performance is low.)
6.5.2.(13) Option unit cannot be recognized
6.5.2.(14) LED head cannot be recognized.(Errors 134)
6.5.2.(15) Toner cartridge cannot be recognized.(Errors 543)
6.5.2.(16) Fuse cut error (Errors 155)
6.5.2.(17) Humidity sensor error (Error 123)
6.5.2.(18) Wiring diagram
6.5.3 Troubleshooting the abnormal images
6.5.3.(1) Color has faded-out and blurred entirely (Refer to Figure 6-2 A.)
6.5.3.(2) Stain on white print. (Refer to Figure 6-2 B.)
6.5.3.(3) White print (Refer to Figure 6-2 C.)
6.5.3.(4) Black banding/black streaking in vertical direction
6.5.3.(5) Periodic abnormalities (Refer to Figure 6-2 E.)
6.5.3.(6) Solid black printing
6.5.4 Image Quality Issues
6.5.5 Network troubleshooting Connection error occurs with the Web browser Print operation is not possible Cannot create Certificate Installation of Certificate is not possible Other questions Restrictions when using Internet Explore 7
6.5.6 Wireless Troubleshooting
6.6 Paper cassette switches and paper size correlation table

7.1 Resistance value check
7.2 Parts location
7.3 F/W version number
7.3.1 Maintenance board indication stamp

Content for PARTS LIST:
Plate-Assy-Side (L)
Plate-Assy-Side (R)

Number of pages: 241.